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The Watercooler: What Are The Keys To Victory Sunday?

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  • The Watercooler: What Are The Keys To Victory Sunday?

    10.28.2009 12:45 pm
    Keys to the Rams picking up their first win
    By Roger Hensley


    QUESTION: Many feel this Sundayís game vs. Detroit is the Rams best chance of a victory this season. That said, if the Rams are to win, what are the keys to victory Sunday?

    The Lions have one of the worst pass defenses known to man. Some way, some how, the Ramsí receiver corps ó yes, the Ramsí receiver corps ó must exploit this weakness. Mr. Avery, hereís your chance for a breakout Sunday.

    If Calvin Johnson is in the lineup, the Lions are dangerous in the passing game. So, itís essential that the Rams find a way to get some pressure on the quarterback. Offensively, the Rams should be able to move the ball against a medicore defense. They need to finish drives in the end zone instead of settling for field goals or, even worse, committing critical turnovers.

    Even with the loss of cornerback Bradley Fletcher, the Rams have enough defense to win this game. But . . . the Rams absolutely, positively have to ATTACK THE LIONS DOWN THE FIELD. If they come out firing and keep firing, they can create room for Steven Jackson. And they will actually score touchdowns! Of course, Marc Bulger canít throw pick sixes while attacking the Lions. That would not be good.

    The passing game needs to get going. Donnie Avery needs to shake off his injury assortment and catch a couple passes. Marc Bulger needs to regain his accuracy. A better passing game should open up the running game for Steven Jackson. On defense, someone needs a game-changing takeaway. The defense needs to muster more effective pressure on the QB. Chris Long would quiet his critics by doing the big, visible, obvious things in a big, visible, obvious way. Maybe a sack or two.