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Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

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  • Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

    The Rams finally won a game! I don't know about you, but I feel good about that. In fact, it really made my Sunday.

    Not surprisingly, though, on this message board and others, there are plenty of "yeah, but..." posts. You know the kind.

    "I'm glad the Rams won but, Bulger still sucks/the offensive coordinator still needs to go/the WRs are terrible/the Lions are a bad team/we still are bad/blah blah blah blah blah."

    I'm not going to debate whether these criticisms are valid. Many of them have validity. That's not the point.

    The point is... just enjoy the win. We all know this team has a lot of problems and will likely have some very tough weeks during the second half of the season.

    But for today, let's just enjoy the fact that the team was able to get a much-needed victory. There will be plenty of time during the bye week to discuss all the problems.

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    Re: Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

    Steven Jackson said it himself, "there are no ugly wins in the NFL"

    Simply put, a win is a win. Let's enjoy it. It's a much deserved win and I absolutely love the fact that we have a bye. They get some time off with positive feelings.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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      Re: Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

      I know I feel a little better today for this win. We are playing more like a team, and our extremely young players are making fewer errors. Oh yeah, SJ owned. GoRams!
      A defeated look of consternation, dissappointment, or even pain. The name derives from the look one often gets when challenged by a large BM.


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        Re: Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

        I was happy for the win, distracted since I was entertaining, and probably missed some things in the game. At this point, I can only focus on the positive and a win is great!!!!

        Thank you Rams!!!!


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          Re: Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

          RAMS win and the ***** lose.

          All is right with the world.
          Always a Rams Fan............

          Rex Allen Markel


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            Re: Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

            The yeah but crowd are those type of people that want it all now, and can't acknowledge anything positive while rebuilding. If we aren't immediately back to being the "Greatest Show On Turf" they are just going to continue to pout. A lot of the posts I have seen lately made me convinced that most of those people have not been watching the games and just listening to the commentators and reading game recaps. I have been watching every game this year and each game I am seeing improvement, and seeing a team fight. Not like last year when the team seemed to just be going through the motions.

            Little playing with strep throat, and getting an interception run back for a touch down.

            Jackson playing like he was a battering ram blasting into defenders and carrying people along for the ride.

            Even Incognito seems to have managed to calm his ***** down and stop making so many false starts and personal fouls. (Granted he did not play this weekend, but he has played better since Spags benched him for part of a game)

            And as much as some people here like to bash Bulger, isn't it amazing how much better we do when receivers CATCH the ball when it hits them in the HANDS, rather than dropping it? There were still a few dropped balls yesterday, but in general the concentration seemed better.

            A win is a win is a win. There is no such thing as an ugly win. Only a win. And you can lose without being beaten. Being beaten means giving up. Losing is when you keep fighting until the game is over and the other team has a higher score.

            So let's enjoy the win and enjoy watching our team fight!


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              Re: Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

              I love the bashers, they know everything about football and coaching. Without them, how would our front office know which moves are the best for the team.

              (For those who cannot tell, that was sarcasm.)


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                Re: Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

                What a relief... Now we don't have to hear that "worst team in history talk" and start concentrating on winning more games..


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                  Re: Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

                  Yea nothing.

                  Glad we won


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                    Re: Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

                    Well ... yes ... we won ... BUT ... it was while wearing that horrible uniform!


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                      Re: Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

                      Great game, I was on the edge of my seat the whole fourth quarter. I know a couple of Lions fans and they didn't want anything to do with the game. I wish I would have called them out on their absence of heart.


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                        Re: Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

                        I told you guys already. It's a win, but it doesn't count because Linehan is their OC!


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                          Re: Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

                          If we win another 5 games. Then i will be exited. for the future that is.;)


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                            Re: Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd

                            Aristotle would have had you for breakfast.


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                            • AvengerRam_old
                              I have not lowered my standards... Have you?
                              by AvengerRam_old
                              Woo-hoo!!! The Rams won again!!!

                              I mean... sure... it was a skin-of-the-teeth win against a really bad team, but hey...

                              A win's a win!!!!


                              Sorry, but mark me down as "unimpressed." I didn't see a team rising up from the depths of an abysmal start. What I saw this week was a team making the same mistakes, missing the same opportunities, and failing to adjust. Yes, the game ended with a game winning interception, but be honest. How many, when the ball left Dilfer's hand, feared (or even expected) that the game would instead be lost on that play?

                              Its not that I don't get that any win, even an ugly one, beats a loss. I do.

                              But I refuse to lower my standards so much that I will get overly excited about a poorly played game in a lost season, even if it ends with a win. I expect more. In another thread, someone suggested (though it seemed more of an accusation) that I still think this is a good team. I can't say that. Right now, the Rams are not a good team. But I also don't think they are this bad. I think that, even with the guys now playing, this team can be better than what we're seeing on the field.

                              I'm not going to play the blame game here. I've done that enough. I simply am saying that I'll never be content with a win that comes only because the other team played even worse than the Rams. I want to see quality play. I want to see progress. I want to see something that will give me hope for the future.

                              I didn't see that yesterday.

                              So, yes, I'm happy the Rams won. But I really don't feel any better about the team.

                              Do you?...
                              -11-19-2007, 07:11 PM
                            • RamsFanSam
                              I am so tired of this.
                              by RamsFanSam
                              Every game this season, the Rams have looked a little bit better. Our offense looked the best it has all year, Bulger led a two-minute offense that was reminiscent of days past, Amendola is giving our return game something it has been missing for years, and our defense is stepping it up, somewhat inconsistently, but still better than it has in the past two seasons.

                              We went into Jacksonville today with a desire to come out with a win. It came down to the last 7 seconds before we ended up going for a tie instead of a win. Spags played it safe for a chance to win instead of gambling and possibly losing. The decision to go for three may have been the wrong one (remember Carolina in the playoffs a few years ago?) but it gave our guys something they haven't had in a long time - hope.

                              So what am I tired of? I'm tired of the fans who are too busy whining about Bulger (who did a great job today), fans who are complaining about our defense (who actually did a decent job) to notice that we are getting better.

                              Yeah, let's trade our best player. That way, we can get a RB who runs like crap - because that's all that's left in free agency. Let's bench our QB - the one who knows the plays and is really showing that he can execute once again. That way, we can start someone who can't be consistent at throwing either completions or interceptions. Let's trash the whole team - after all, it's only been six weeks, and if they haven't won us a super bowl by now, they never will.

                              I'm not looking at the team through rose colored glasses. I'm being realistic. The Rams are bad - no doubt about it. But the Rams of week six are far better than the Rams of week one. I didn't expect a quick turnaround. Even Spags said it will take time. Anyone who thought we'd be an NFL powerhouse by now should at least try to be realistic.

                              Most of us on here thought we should have won today. I'm one of them. Anyone who is whining about the effort put forth by anyone on the team today needs to watch the game again, because the game I watched showed a Rams team that fought hard for a win. Had we won the coin toss in OT...we would have had that elusive "W".

                              For those of you who think whining about things will make you a good fan, or will change the team, I've got news for you.

                              It makes you look like a fair-weather fan, and the team isn't going to change the road they are on just because you think you know the way to go.
                              -10-18-2009, 06:41 PM
                            • thoey
                              Seriously, who expected SF to win this game?
                              by thoey
                              Without the spread, I did. Great defense, really good running game, offense that manages the game really well, and on their home turf. That against the youngest team in the NFL, with a shaky offensive line, and learning WR's. Not to mention the bone headed players sat due to being stupid.

                              Yes, I am frustrated at one that got away, and got away multiple times. But, we were supposed to get our asses handed to us. And we tied. Last year, we wouldn't have even shown up.

                              Learning and growing. That's what the Rams are doing. While they didn't learn to win, they learned not to lose...

                              Still thinking a tie is like kissing your sister...

                              -11-11-2012, 11:13 PM
                            • AvengerRam_old
                              Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.
                              by AvengerRam_old
                              I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It may still be a bit dim, but we are heading toward it.

                              Jackson running the ball. The passing game piling up yards and scoring TDs. The defense making timely plays. Coming back from 11 down in the 4th to have a chance at the end against an undefeated team. Brandon Gibson.

                              These are all positive signs.

                              The Rams made a few too many costly errors to beat a tough Saints team today, but if they play as they did this afternoon, they're going to win a few before this year is up.

                              What I'm seeing is - unlike the previous 2-3 seasons - a team coming together. A team that believes in its coach and the system being put into place. We still need more talent on the roster, but today... there is hope.
                              -11-15-2009, 01:16 PM
                            • 1980RAMS
                              I Don't Think We Win A Game.....
                              by 1980RAMS
                              It is very sad to say. But there a a great possibility that we lose every game. Now I know Hope super-cedes logic. We all want a win so bad that we think every week we have a good chance. Thats just not reality. I just wonder what we will do with a number 1 pick.

                              Also this offense is by far the worst in the last 10 years. The defense could use alot of improvement as well but they are the ones who are even keeping us in the game.

                              Anyhow.go rams... ummm..ya...
                              -10-23-2011, 05:35 PM