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Can I just say that that fake FG touchdown...

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  • Can I just say that that fake FG touchdown... the most excited I've been while watching the Rams in a long time

    It may only have been a little thing in the grand scheme of everything else - and I know there's a long road ahead - but it was great invention and had me up off the seat cheering in a way I've certainly not done all season (and for a fair while before that too).

    So while people are (and rightly) urging caution and reminding each other that we still suck and we've played a lot of garbage this year, sometimes it's nice to revel in the 'moments' that make sport so awesome in the first place.

    Great playcalling and execution. Right down to the way we played them with the fake initial setup and timeout.

    People can write reams about the rest of the season (both played and yet to come), or even on the game itself, but that 15 seconds or so was pure footballing joy.
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    Re: Can I just say that that fake FG touchdown...

    agreed. If I wasn't watching the game on my laptop, which was in my lap at the time, I would have been almost certainly up out of my seat as well.

    excellent post.

    Oh, and welcome to the clan!


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      Re: Can I just say that that fake FG touchdown...

      Thanks shower beers.

      Lucky for me the laptop was sat far enough away that it didn't go flying!

      Easy to lose sight of the little moments, when the game's so long and the season even longer. Just thought it was worth savouring because it's things like that - the invention, the spontaneity, the way those plays make you's all that which makes the rest of it so worthwhile.

      Glad to be here


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        Re: Can I just say that that fake FG touchdown...

        It was a good moment. They had us hook, line and sinker.

        Going for it on 4th down, maybe not, can Josh kick one that far???? the questions echoing .....but never a thought of a fake field goal.

        What a nice surprise...


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        • Nick
          Post-Game Quotes from Spags & Players
          by Nick
          Rams at Seahawks Postgame Quotes - Rams Coach/Players
          Posted 02 January 2011


          徹bviously disappointed. I値l start out by saying, win or lose, I think God always has his hand on this football team. I知 always going to say that and I知 grateful for that. I値l credit Seattle and wish them luck next week. They played better. They won and we lost. A lot of things we certainly could have done better. I am proud of the football team for what they accomplished. That might make a little more sense tomorrow. The disappointment is all we feel right now. Probably got to get a good night sleep somehow and then reflect back on some of the things we might have done really good. I think injury-wise we got through okay. The only guy at the end there, Reggie said something might have been Chris Long痴 hand. I don稚 really have any idea what it is but we値l take a look at it. With that, I値l open it up.

          (On why he thinks they weren稚 able to move the ball)
          添eah. Field position was an issue. I can稚 remember on all the swings of series but it seemed like a lot of them we were always coming out of our own end zone, you know, inside the 20. Even the drive we had for a field goal was an 80 yard drive, or 80-something. I know it was a long drive. I don稚 know Field position, maybe they punted it real well. We must have been giving up a little yardage defensively to have them move but field position was an issue, especially in the second half when I recall.

          (On Steven Jackson only having about 10 carries)
          的 would have to look at it. We池e not counting them and all that as we go. I壇 have to go back to down and distance situations and then you池e not gonna bang your head against the wall but do what we had to do to try to move the ball.

          (On if it was busted coverage on the deep completion to Ruvell Martin on Seattle痴 first drive)
          的t wasn稚 a busted coverage. I think we got a little over-aggressive on the he pumped it to the little flair route or the bubble screen, and then held onto it a little bit and then found him (Martin). That hurt us early because it gave them field position and they ended up with a touchdown on I think that drive.

          (On what he tells the players after the game)
          展ell, I told them there痴 not a lot to say neatly after the game. We値l get together tomorrow. Certainly, we池e all disappointed. I did tell them that I appreciated their efforts this year from the bottom of my heart because I thought the work ethic and what they did, hanging together and enjoying each other and some of the things we did along the way, I was very appreciative of that. Other than that, to stand in front of the team as disappointed as they are right now I don稚 spend a lot of time; I値l do that tomorrow.

          (On the play that was called incomplete when Bradford threw to the sideline near the goal line...
          -01-03-2011, 11:22 AM
        • Fat Pang
          The first ten minutes.
          by Fat Pang
          I really wasn't sure which forum to put this post in. It's about football, but it's not about the Rams or the NFL. It's also very personal, or at least it's very personal in the sense that it's purely about my sensory perceptions of the first ten minutes of a football game from a players point of view. So, I plumped for the the default choice of the lounge, on the basis that in the unlikely event that I offended anyone with my musings, not very many people would see it.

          As I think we can all agree, whether Ram fans or not, (and there are some who grace our forums who add to this site and aren't) the start of the football season is something to be savoured and anticipated. We start thinking about the future as soon as our teams last snap is concluded. Whether we were happy with the achievments of our chosen team or not,the future provides the panacea for all ills. Anything is possible in the virtual nirvana that is the future. Worst to first in one season is possible, we all know it, so what's to stop us from dreaming?

          It's one of the best features of the human condition, a natural optimism, that, guided by the love of the sport, finds itself a comfortable chair, a jaundiced view and dreams of glories to come. I've already discussed this somewhere else of course, and informed you all of my intention to look for the best this season. I'm sincere in that and hope that I'm pleasantly surprised, but I realised this morning that as I did so, I was talking from a fans point of view.

          This is natural of course because I am an armchair fan, but I was also a player for nearly eight years, and so realised that there are other points of view to explore. Player and fan aren't necessarily related either. At college, I knew guys who loved playing the game and were very good at it but who hated watching it and regarded the three hours spent doing so as a complete waste of time. Happy to have their own bones broken, but not too interested in seeing others break theirs.

          So there is a difference that we often ignore when it comes to being passionate about the result of a football game and the outcome of a season and the vantage point from which you view it.

          We're all guilty of it too. How often have we screamed at the television, berating those players who are on the wrong end of a caning for not caring quite as much as we do? How often have we held them culpable for dashing our dreams? How often have we accused them of being paycheque(paycheck) players with all that is implied in that statement?

          I know that I felt that I had cause to do all those things for virtually the entire 90's.:x

          However at work this morning, whilst writing a lesson plan that would teach chinese children whose native language is Cantonese, to write Japanese Haiku poetry in English, (Not as hard as it sounds) I thought about this very pertinent fact, something I was surprised I hadn't considered...
          -09-06-2006, 06:36 AM
        • RamDez
          G Tom Ntten Q and A
          by RamDez
          G Tom Ntten Q and A
          Friday, August 20, 2004

          (On if his return happened quick)
          添eah, I would say so. I知 still having a hard time believing that I知 here. I have a long way to go, but I made the commitment. I do believe that it痴 doable, and I知 here to help in any way I can.

          (On when the Rams contacted him)
          哲ot too long ago. I think it was Wednesday late afternoon. Then it happened very quickly. With my history, they needed to do a couple of medical checkups, which apparently I passed. Then there were a couple of official things that we needed to take care of. I came prepared. If it was going to be a go, I wanted to be ready to stay and here I am. I apologize to the kids who signed up to my football camp. That was the biggest decision I had to make, with the commitment (of his football camp in Germany) I had over there. But this was an opportunity, for me personally, that doesn稚 come around too often. Hypothetically, people always ask 層hat would you do if a team calls you and wants you to come out of retirement? I always say, 選 don稚 know. Knowing that it痴 a long shot that a team calls you anyway, especially an old team. If it would have been any other team, it would have been an easy answer, 鮮o, no thank you. It was a hard decision. The hardest part was overcoming my commitment I had in Europe, but it痴 an opportunity I didn稚 want to slip away. And again, I apologize to the kids and hopefully I can make it up to them in some way.

          (On how he feels after the year off)
          的t痴 been a while since I pushed people around, so not doing that for a while helps the body. I trimmed down a little bit. There was no need for me to stay at (his playing weight), back then fighting weight. I try to stay in shape in a certain way, obviously not football condition. But it will definitely take a couple of day, if not a couple of weeks, to get back into the shape I like to be in. I told the Rams, that my goals are the highest goals set and it will be hard for me to reach those. I have memories of 1999 to 2001 that a level I remember playing at. That is what I would like to get back to. Will I be able to do that? I don稚 know. All I know is that I will give 100 percent to get to that point.

          (On if he followed the Rams and if he was aware of the offensive line injuries)
          鏑imited. I am somewhat computer literate, enough to get on the internet. I see ESPN and other media, so I was able to keep up. I didn稚 really know to what affect (the injuries) were. I didn稚 get to see the game against the Bears. I had an idea, and I was crossing my fingers that they were going to find somebody. I didn稚 think they were going to call me.

          (On if he wants to gain weight now that he痴 back)
          添eah, that痴 definitely one of my goals. Quick weight gains, strength gain, and conditioning, all of the things that the off season is there
          -08-20-2004, 11:18 PM
        • sbramfan
          End of the Game Play Call
          by sbramfan
          OK, I know there are bigger fish to fry today and unfortunately Mike Martz is "damned if he does, damned if he doesn't" on this one, but......

          When the Rams got the ball with <1:00 to play and then there was an offsides call, which put the ball from the 38 to like the 33 (I think), was anyone here thinking that maybe they should try to pound up a few more yards into solid field goal territory, and then take a few pops into the end zone?

          FYI, I actually was one of those people who was OK with taking the FG in the Carolina playoff game, because when you somehow find yourself in a position to tie a game that you haven't been in for the other entire 59 minutes of the game, I would think you would want to at least tie it up.

          Realizing that football wouldn't be fun to me if the Rams and Mike Martz weren't a go for it type of team, but somehow I was stoked that they were almost in FG territory after that punt and remember thinking that bad things could happen if you try to force this into a TD, when a FG would tie it up. It's not like the defense was getting completely ripped if they had to risk the coin toss.

          Anyway, as for that INT, good teams seem to get luck, and lately the Rams don't seem to get the bounces like they used to, so I'm thinking that says something right there?
          -09-11-2005, 11:26 PM
        • RamWraith
          Million things to say
          by RamWraith
          Where to start....MAN!

          On the officiating in which I don't normally complain about. Those of you that taped the game go back and watch the last drive. There is a play that they stopped the clock when it should have keep running the receiver caught the ball in bounds and hit the turf and rolled out...ALA 15 seconds...the no call on the intentional grounding was bush plan and simple. There was 3 seconds left on the clock at the end of the game the vanished.

          As far as the lose goes...I hope this burns DEEP into this team, I hope Marz walks away learning a little something from this game, that no matter the game players still need leaders. A person that will not let egos get to high and a person that can harness the emotion needed to match that of your opponent, that my friends is what a head coach does. Players need to realize that they are person or team is perfect. It takes EVERYONE playing to MAX Q.

          I have no regrets from this season...I love the Rams win or lose. This team has brought as much joy to me over the last few season then I have ever felt. I HATE to lose, but I need to remember that I do not control this team or have ANY effect on its outcome and the truly important things in life I still have and that is my family and my health (and my Pagers).

          When feeling down about the game...try to remember the magic of the '99 season...the Pats and their fans get to feel that feeling we got to feel, how special was that. Try to remember all the FUN times you have had on Sundays the last 3 years compared to the 10 before that. Our team is special it is now and ALWAYS will be and will always be remembered.


          Jason-Heart Broken
          -02-04-2002, 07:26 AM