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  • Did anybody else notice...?

    Did anybody else notice during the game this past weekend when the commentators said that they talked with Jim Caldwell, the head coach of the Colts, after they played the Rams, and Caldwell said that he thought the Rams had the best interior offensive linemen in the league. That is Bell, Brown, and Incognito. I was definitely surprised to hear this. I trust somebody who knows football as well as Caldwell, since his knowledge is far superior to mine, but then what is the explanation for our O-line being so terrible at times? The tackles? I just wasn't sure what to make of this.


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    Re: Did anybody else notice...?

    Yes I heard it. AV had a thread about this earlier in the season, if the o-line is so horrible, how do you explain Jackson's great stats? Maybe the o-line isn't as horrible as people are want to believe.


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      Re: Did anybody else notice...?

      It's definitely not one of our glaring weaknesses anymore, to be sure. We're getting there, and I think it can soon become one of our strengths.


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        Re: Did anybody else notice...?

        Its amazing how much better an o-line can get when you dont go through 14 different starting combinations like we did in 07. When a line plays together for awhile they gel and compliment each other. Just look at the indy o-line they all have been their atleast something like 6 years. Peyton has had the same center for 11 years, that leads to alot of trust on the o-line and alot of good work by the o-line.


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          Re: Did anybody else notice...?

          what is the explanation for our O-line being so terrible at times?
          I think this phenomenon can best be explained by the fact that (and this is going to be a hard pill for some to swallow) we fans usually don't know what the flip we're talking about.
          The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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            Re: Did anybody else notice...?

            Originally posted by HUbison View Post
            I think this phenomenon can best be explained by the fact that (and this is going to be a hard pill for some to swallow) we fans usually don't know what the flip we're talking about.
            That is ridiculous, everyone knows that fans know the most about their favorite franchise. Fans obviously know how to asses talent and call plays better then qualified professionals(this doesnt count shumur's play calling as there is always an exception to the rule ).


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              Re: Did anybody else notice...?

              exactly, our o line is only bad when we flip flop players on the line, all teams o line would be bad. i think us fans belive our o line is bad beacuse buldger gets so many sacks. Often times it is marc's fault for getting sacked beacuse he cant break a tackle or step up in the pocket. Also our starting offensive line is fairly young so this could be a great stregth for us for years to come, and thats maybe why jackson doesnt want to leave.


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                Re: Did anybody else notice...?

                Just to clarify, Caldwell said the Rams had the best interior line they'd faced this season... not the best in the league. Still a high compliment.

                I don't think the run-blocking has been the problem and they've improved drastically on pass-blocking recently. This O-line deserves major kudos and, like others have mentioned, continuity is a huge factor in how the line performs.


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                  Re: Did anybody else notice...?

                  Praise indeed and judging by Jackson's stats, Caldwell may have a point. Granted it was Detroit last week but some of those holes were so big I think even I could have gotten through them before they closed.

                  Our issues on offense would seem to lie in our lack of depth/talent at WR, the drop-off at TE and some questionable play-calling/scheming from an inexperienced OC at times.

                  And then there's Bulger of course, who's play has picked up statistically but who still isn't the man he was in 2006. I'd never identify Bulger as the problem, I don't think he is the problem but I'm not sure he's playing well enough at the moment to get our ineperienced receivers to play above themselves.

                  So on offense I think we're a little snake bitten, that we come out second best in the big moments, that we're inexperienced in a couple of areas and that Bulger is solid enough but not quite providing that spark.


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                    Coming out of this bye I actually feel confident. We can get caught up on things and fix up the CB situation a bit.
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                    Our last 5 games of the season were all losses but I'm not so sure it was the O-Lines fault.
                    Although there doesn't seem to be an exact science on how to grade the O-Line. I thought the following stats were interesting.

                    Stats for the last 5 games:

                    Rushing Attempts: 162
                    Rushing Yards: 676
                    Average Yards per Rush: 4.2

                    Drop backs by the QB: 180 (passing plays)
                    Quarterback sacked: 8

                    Just how desperately we do need O-Line hope for 2009????
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