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    In the summer, it was obvious to everyone that the Offensive Line needed to be fixed. So as soon as free agency kicked off, Billy Devaney went out right away and locked up the guy regarded as the best free agent offensive lineman, Jason Brown, previously of the Ravens.

    Devaney signed him to a five-year, $37.5 million contract that includes $20 million in guarantees, and some people said we overpaid. Brown is set to earn in the region of $24 million in his first two years in St Louis.

    In my opinion, he has been worth the money so far.

    Brown, alongside first round pick Jason Smith and a rejuvenated Alex Barron, has been one of the reasons the Rams have even been able to do anything on offense this season. But no one is really talking about Brown. He makes the calls along the OL, and then gets on with his job.

    It is almost a good thing that we havent heard his name called as much. It means he isnt getting beaten and isnt giving up penalties.

    But the best thing is the amount of push he is getting in the run game. It was a big inside push on the run just before Jackson's TD against Detroit that gave Jackson massive amounts of room to run. However the best moment came on Jackson's long run of 26 yards.

    It was 1st and ten from the St Louis 9 yard line, Jackson runs through a hole created by a good Alex Barron block, gets 10 yards downfield where he runs into the back of... Jason Brown? Brown had pushed his guy a good ten yards downfield.

    Brown has been a good leader on this team, but the best thing is that he has provided stability at the center of the offensive line, something that the Rams have been missing since the days of Andy McCollom being a full time starter at the position.

    Given what he has bought to this team, i dont think we overpaid at all, and i think he has easily been one of the best free agent pickups in the NFL in recent years

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    Re: Jason Brown

    The Center position is normally overlooked when "outsiders" like us evaluate an offensive line, because they are not often singled out in blocking, like Guards or Tackles can be. Most of the time, their job is to help double-up on someone.

    I may be over-reaching here with my limited football knowledge (relative to the NFL), but I'm going off of what I know about the game.

    Last season, Nick Leckey was picked out as a minor problem on the O-line, but I don't think it was understood how drastic the impact a Center can have on the entire line. It's one of the rare positions in the NFL where intelligence often overrides physical talent. At the line of scrimmage, the Center makes the initial read on the defensive front and calls the blocking scheme. As a fellow lineman, you are expected to follow through with the line calls. A bad read from the Center can make you look foolish. This is why continuity and communication is so important among an offensive line... from Center to Guard, Guard to Tackle, Tackle to Tight End. They build trust and confidence over time.

    The first thing I noticed with interviews of Jason Brown as a new Ram was the professionalism and confidence he showed (which is often an echo of intelligence). This thought was validated by the fact that a few Rams commented on him being an immediate presence; a leader. He seems to have the rare size and physical ability as a Center, more importantly combined with intelligence and understanding of his position.

    I didn't expect to post something so long about something as simple as a Center...

    ... but they often say, you build a good team starting with the trenches, so I think it's very important to scrutinize them. As horrid as this team has been in some aspects, I'm proud to say the O-line seems to be getting better and better as the weeks go on.
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      Re: Jason Brown

      Originally posted by evil disco man View Post
      As horrid as this team has been in some aspects, I'm proud to say the O-line seems to be getting better and better as the weeks go on.
      Definitely agree there. And its being shown with both the reduced number of sacks we are giving up combined with the amount of yards we are getting in the run game.


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        Re: Jason Brown

        Originally posted by tomahawk247 View Post
        Definitely agree there. And its being shown with both the reduced number of sacks we are giving up combined with the amount of yards we are getting in the run game.
        Its things like this that can get lost in the context of things. This is all you can expect
        from a young, rebuilding team and what keeps me feeling a bit more positive in these
        early, dark days. I just hope it continues, particurly with Smith. Please NO more draft


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          Re: Jason Brown

          He is who we thought he was!

          Definitely agree. Most of the time, when you don't hear a lineman's name being called out, it means he's doing his job well. Let's hope we continue to not hear his name

          Spags seemed to be focused on getting intelligent, high caliber football players in the leadership positions. He did it with Brown on the line, Laurinaitis on defense, and he already had a guy in Steven Jackson in the backfield.


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            Re: Jason Brown

            This is what I think Spags and Devaney and us fans need and want to see in general. Every week, regardless of a win or loss (preferably a win obviously), we see improvement. We are a better Week 8 team than Week 1.

            Keep in mind, some of these guys are young. We don't know what they are capable of yet. It's going to get interesting...and certainly in a good way
            Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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            • RockinRam
              Jason Brown
              by RockinRam
              I remember last year Jason Brown was having a very solid year in St. Louis, giving us fans hope that we finally have a mauler in the middle to help Jackson out, unlike the past journeymen we had at center (Leckey, Romberg). We finally had faith that we found a center who could handle bigger tackles like Kris Jenkins and Haynesworth, unlike Mr. 270lb Nick Leckey.

              However, is it just me or is he regressing? I understand he gets little help from his guards, especially right guard Adam "Why am I still starting" Goldberg, which might be putting some pressure on him. However, he still contributes to a part of our interior line woes, especially when run blocking. I don't see our interior line getting any push, and when I go back and watch Brown, he really isn't getting much push either....

              In my opinion, he's having an off year. We draft or sign a big mauler and insert him at RG, and Brown and the interior suddenly becomes much better.

              Discuss. :ram:
              -12-20-2010, 10:26 PM
            • r8rh8rmike
              Brown Embraces Role As Man In The Middle
              by r8rh8rmike
              Brown Embraces Role as Man in the Middle
              Wednesday, November 18, 2009

              By Nick Wagoner
              Senior Writer

              Whether it’s a regular practice repetition during the week or an important play late in a crucial game, Jason Brown’s booming voice can often be heard barking at whoever it is that has the unfortunate job of spotting the football before a play.

              “I yell this out a lot and everybody looks at me like I am crazy but I do it to set the tempo,” Brown said. “We have to have an attitude in attacking every play with a passion. So one thing I do whenever we start a drill, one of our equipment guys, Matt, that lays the balls down for us, I yell at him ‘PUT THAT BALL DOWN’ and I repeat it and everybody is like ‘Yeah, where is the ball?’ Let’s get in the huddle and get fired up. Sometimes I do that in game situations as well and it’s funny because the ref is supposed to hurry up, spot the ball and get out of the way. I will yell at him too.”

              Don’t worry; Brown isn’t going to draw a flag for any of his pre snap antics. While he says it mostly in joking terms, Brown isn’t trying to make anyone laugh and he certainly isn’t trying to antagonize anyone.

              Instead, Brown is doing what he believes is an important part of one of the most responsibility-laden positions on the field. He’s setting the pace and the tone. He’s attacking the game with the verve and zest that comes with being with one of the league’s best centers and one of the Rams’ most respected leaders.

              Brown’s yelling about the ball is just one of many small things he can do to lead his teammates and establish a pace that he believes can translate into offensive success.

              “There are a lot of things I try to bring no matter how little they seem or how funny they seem,” Brown said.


              Since the departure of fan favorite Andy McCollum a few years ago, the Rams have found themselves in search of a center capable of bringing stability to the position.

              In the past few years, the center position has become one of the most important on the field. Offensively, only a quarterback has more responsibilities and needs to know more than the center.

              Like the evolution of the left tackle back in the 1980s when Lawrence Taylor and a new breed of pass rushers were wreaking havoc on quarterbacks all over the league, the center has become the new vogue position on the offensive line.

              So when the Rams hit the free agent market back in March, they quickly identified Brown as target No. 1 for their rebuilding offensive line.

              “You really want to be strong up the middle and he has brought stability to our offensive line,” offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said. “He has done a nice job with the calls and the quarterback, the center, the tailback, those are important, key pieces to an offense...
              -11-19-2009, 12:11 PM
            • Nick
              Brown Hopes to be the Right Choice at Tackle
              by Nick
              Brown Hopes to be the Right Choice at Tackle
              Friday, April 15, 2005
              By Nick Wagoner
              Staff Writer

              Jammal Brown always knew that one day he would be lining up in the trenches in the NFL. According to Brown, it was predestined that one day he would be going head to head with someone about his size on Sundays.

              Of course, Brown always thought he would be doing his business on the defensive side of the ball. Coming out of McArthur High in Lawton, Okla., Brown was one of the top defensive tackles in the nation. After committing to the home-state Sooners, Brown arrived ready to put pressure on the quarterback.

              When Oklahoma asked him to protect the signal-caller instead, Brown thought about transferring. All he ever wanted was to play defense and nearly moved to Miami to become a Hurricane.

              Four years later, here Brown sits as one of the top offensive tackles awaiting his fate in the April 23 NFL Draft. Standing 6-feet-6 and 313 pounds, Brown possesses excellent quickness and burst off the ball. But it is his mean, nasty streak that sets him apart from other tackles.

              In his final two years at Oklahoma, Brown allowed just one sack, a testament to his spiteful disposition on the football field.

              “I just know that I was always taught to not let anybody get near your quarterback, so that’s what I did,” Brown said. “It’s a personal thing because you don’t want those guys just to beat you and all of the fingers will be pointing at you. So, I just make sure that no one comes close to him.”

              Brown’s quarterback, Jason White, was so well protected that he won the Heisman Trophy two seasons ago and finished in the top five last year. In fact, Brown and the rest of the offensive line were so dominant this past season that running back Adrian Peterson was also a Heisman finalist. Brown earned the Outland Trophy as the nation’s top interior lineman for his efforts in 2004.

              Things haven’t been easy for Brown throughout his college career, though. He suffered a serious knee sprain in fall camp before the 2000 season. He missed the entire year. Then, in his final college game, against USC in the Orange Bowl, Brown suffered a left shoulder strain. The injury wasn’t serious, but also came in the middle of a shellacking by the Trojans adding insult to injury.

              Since that final game, Brown has done nothing to hurt his draft stock. He is clearly one of the three best tackles in the draft after having an impressive pro day at Oklahoma and running a solid 5.01 in the 40-yard dash at the combine.

              One thing Brown has going for him is the fact that he is pretty much built to play right tackle because of his run blocking ability. He will probably be the second offensive tackle off the board after Florida State’s Alex Barron. One team that could have its eyes on Brown is St. Louis.

              In need of a right...
              -04-18-2005, 03:41 AM
            • r8rh8rmike
              Thomas: Rams Bench Center Jason Brown
              by r8rh8rmike
              Rams bench center Jason Brown

              BY JIM THOMAS
              Wednesday, November 9, 2011

              Center Jason Brown's streak of 84 consecutive starts ends this Sunday in Cleveland, but not by design. Brown, a seventh-year pro in his third season with the Rams, has been benched. He will be replaced in the starting lineup by Tony Wragge in Sunday's noon kickoff (St. Louis time) at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

              As a unit, the entire offensive line has struggled at times this season, particularly when it comes to pass blocking. But most of the problems with pass blocking have come at the tackle position, particularly the left tackle spot manned by Rodger Saffold who is struggling after a strong rookie season in 2010.

              Brown has consistently graded out among the team's highest offensive linemen game-by-game this season, and graded out second best among Rams blockers in last week's 19-13 overtime loss against Arizona according to team sources. Among current NFL centers, only Kansas City's Casey Wiegman (167) and Baltimore's Matt Birk (88) have longer starting streaks that Brown, who was signed by the Rams as an unrestricted free-agent prior to the 2009 season.

              Wragge, signed Sept. 5 following his release by San Francisco, will make his first start with the Rams. Wragge has appeared in six games this season, primarily on special teams.
              -11-09-2011, 07:34 PM
            • hawaiianpunch
              Can Brown go to town?
              by hawaiianpunch
              I never really got to watch jason brown, can he be effective for the rams? anyone?
              Hes alright, over hyped.
              Brown Is one of the most underrated centers, he will clear the way
              He just sucks
              -05-28-2009, 03:40 PM