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How many yrs are left on jacksons deal??

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  • How many yrs are left on jacksons deal??

    How many yrs are left on his deal. We better lock him up quick.
    What you guys think of the Rams possible move? :helmet:

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    Re: How many yrs are left on jacksons deal??

    Uhh, Jackson just signed an extension last August that runs through 2013.

    He'd have to average 1200 rushing yards and 400 receiving yards from 2008-2011 in order to void the final two years, if he wants.


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    • clarasDK
      Rams Tweak SJax Contract (Still must work out deal for 2013)
      by clarasDK

      The St Louis Rams previously restructured Steven Jackson‘s contract back in September, which included a clause that would void Jackson’s current deal if he was on their roster as of the fifth day following the upcoming Super Bowl.
      Howard Balzer reports that the Rams have once again made some adjustments to Jackson’s contract.

      According to Balzer, St Louis reworked Jackson’s deal so that his 2013 prorated signing bonus will now be reflected upon their current cap instead of next year’s. This also removed the roster requirement that would have voided Jackson’s deal in the coming months.
      Balzer adds that this move will not save the Rams any money in terms of their cap next season.

      Jackson is still set to make $7 million in base salary next season, but has said that we would like to get a long-term agreement in place that would allow him to finish his career with the Rams. St Louis appears to be interested in the idea as well, so there’s a pretty decent chance that they’ll come to an agreement before the start of free agency.

      For the time being, we have Jackson listed as the No. 14 best available player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.
      -01-08-2013, 11:22 AM
    • AvengerRam_old
      SJax Is Making It Tough To Say Good-Bye
      by AvengerRam_old
      A few weeks ago, we learned that the Rams and Steven Jackson had made a deal that will allow SJax to opt out of his contract and become a FA at the end of the season. After this was revealed, there was a lot of speculation about a possible trade to a contender, though a deal never materialized (and, perhaps, was not even seriously discussed).

      Throughout all of this, the general sentiment of Rams' fans was best characterized as a general acceptance of the inevitable. SJax was a nearly 30 year old RB who was trudging through a mediocre season (403 yards, 3.7 ypc in 8 games).

      Then... after the bye week, a funny thing happened to our workhorse on the way to the glue factory.

      In the last three weeks, Steven Jackson has come alive. In three games, he has 66 carries for 321 yards (4.9 ypc). He'd likely have significantly more yards if the Rams had not inexplicably handed him the ball only 13 times against the Jets. He also has scored a TD (only his second of the season) and caught 4 passes for 31 yards over this three game stretch.

      So what does this mean?

      Is this merely SJax going out in a blaze of glory before moving on to a new city in 2013?

      Or, perhaps, could the news of SJax's demise in St. Louis be greatly exaggerated?

      There is certainly a scenario in which bringing back SJax in 2013 makes a lot of sense. If he is willing to sign a deal that (1) lowers his cap number to around $4M, and (2) does not lock him or the Rams in for an extended period (perhaps a 1 year contract with options for additional years), I'd say its time for Rams' fans to chant "ONE MORE YEAR!"

      Remember, in addition to being a still productive runner, SJax does not fumble, is a good receiver, and is above average in picking up the blitz. Even if the Rams move towards more of a "RB by committee" approach, he would have great value as part of the platoon.

      So, perhaps, its not time to box up those #39 jerseys.

      Perhaps, SJax will be around long enough to help the Rams take the next step towards being a contender.

      As Rams fans, we should hope that is how his final chapter is written.
      -11-26-2012, 09:06 AM
    • r8rh8rmike
      Thomas: Jackson Closing In On 1,000 Yards Again
      by r8rh8rmike
      Jackson closing in on 1,000 yards again

      Friday, December 16, 2011

      With 105 yards rushing Sunday against visiting Cincinnati, Steven Jackson would reach 1,000 yards for the season. At first, Jackson tried to downplay the feat at his regular Thursday media session.

      "It'll be nice to eclipse that," Jackson said. "But first things first. We've got to make sure that we execute the offense and get us in the flow of things. I'm pretty sure they'll be determined to stop the run."

      But reaching 1,000 yards in 2011 isn't really the story of what Jackson could accomplish against the Bengals. It's the fact that it would make it seven consecutive 1,000 yard seasons for Jackson. When that milestone was mentioned, Jackson went from somewhat disinterested to NFL historian.

      "Only five others have done it," Jackson volunteered, with a measure of pride.

      Close, but actually it's six other players who have seven or more consecutive seasons with 1,000 yards rushing. And what a list it is: Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas, and Eric Dickerson are all in the Hall of Fame; Curtis Martin is retired and became Hall of Fame eligible last year; LaDainian Tomlinson is still playing but is all but a Hall of Fame lock.

      "It's a special group to be a part of," Jackson said. "I think it shows that not only are you productive but you can sustain it season after season. I'm pretty sure those guys have played through injuries. It just marks that you're a tough guy, a gritty guy that a franchise can hang their hat on."

      So on a Sunday when former Rams great Marshall Faulk will be honored for his Hall of Fame induction and will be added to the Ring of Honor at the Edward Jones Dome, Jackson could achieve an impressive career milestone.

      Getting to 105 yards rushing Sunday won't be easy for Jackson, because the Bengals have a fast, snarling defense. Although they've struggled some lately, the Bengals still rank seventh in the league in run defense.

      "Very aggressive — that's what sticks out," Jackson said. "They have multiple looks where their secondary will be blitzing from different depths. And their linebackers are downhill and play with intimidation."

      No doubt Jackson would trade yards for more victories. As he completes his eighth season in the NFL — all spent with the Rams — Jackson has never experienced a winning season. The best he has done is 8-8 in 2004 and 2006. The only playoff games for him came as a rookie in '04, when he shared time with Faulk in the backfield and the Rams squeaked into the postseason as a wildcard.

      As his career has unfolded, surely Jackson has asked himself: Why did I have to be here at this time, with all this losing?

      "That was a question I asked myself maybe...
      -12-16-2011, 02:03 PM
    • schut39
      Will Jackson Break 1,000 Yards?
      by schut39
      Do you guys think that Steven can break the 1,000 yard rushing mark for the 4th straight season? He currently has 525 rushing yards. So he has 5 games to get 475 more yards. That is an average of 95 yards per game. It could be hard for him because our o-line isn't exactly perfect. Our remaining opponents are currently ranked 9th, 8th, 22nd, 14th, and 21st against the run. So what do you think?
      -11-28-2008, 09:25 AM
    • Rampingitup
      Jackson needs just 15 yards
      by Rampingitup
      15 more yards to have his 6th consecutive 1000 yard season. How awesome is that for being on our team for the last couple of years?
      -12-05-2010, 10:33 PM