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  • Imagine That!

    According to the Rams are ranked 15th against the rush and 13th against the pass. IMO coach is paying his dividends already, just imagine a good year of drafting and FA's.
    Just a little food for thought going into a boring bye week.

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    Re: Imagine That!

    Wow I didn't know we were doing that well statistically! Giv ethis team a couple years tro gain some experiance and better players and we could actually be dangerous.


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      Re: Imagine That!

      Originally posted by Warner4prez
      According to the Rams are ranked 15th against the rush and 13th against the pass. IMO coach is paying his dividends already, just imagine a good year of drafting and FA's.
      Just a little food for thought going into a boring bye week.
      Don't have time to correct, but your statistics are incorrect ...


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        Re: Imagine That!

        Originally posted by RamsInfiniti
        Don't have time to correct, but your statistics are incorrect ...
        damn, Warner4Prez you got me all hyped and excited


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          Re: Imagine That!

          As of today 11/06/09 on we are
          Pass 24th
          Run 28th
          Defense overall 27th
          Rushing 13th
          Passing 24th
          Overall 25th


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            Re: Imagine That!

            According to

            pass def- tied for 30th
            rush def- 28th

            According to

            pass def- 24th
            rush def- 28th

            Rampingmeup beat me to it by a few minutes, but oh well.

            Not really any improvement yet, but i think there still playing better. just my opinion.
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              Re: Imagine That!

              Actually, there has been significant improvement. You just have to take a deeper look at the numbers.

              In 2008, the Rams allowed 4.9 yards per rushing attempt. 2009: 4.2.
              In 2008, the Rams allowed 8.3 yards per passing attempt. 2009: 7.7.
              In 2008, the Rams allowed 6.1 yards per play from scrimmage. 2009: 5.7.

              I you are not impressed by those numbers, here's an interesting qualifier that might cause alter your view.

              In 2008, the Rams had to defend 975 plays from scrimmage. In 2009, projecting the total during the first half of the season, the Rams will have to defend 1,048. There is no question that a defense that is on the field for more plays (as this case this year with the Rams poor showing on offense) is likely to wear down and give up more yards. So, in light of the fact that the team has been on the field more this year, the fact that the averages are down is noteworthy.

              The defense is definitely a work in progress. More than anything, the pass rush needs to improve. Still, I think these numbers show that the D is heading in the right direction.


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                Re: Imagine That!

                Woops, well when I was dinking around this morning, that's what I found, sorry to cause a false alarm. :-(


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                • RamWraith
                  Quotes from the Players
                  by RamWraith
                  CB Tye Hill

                  (On having some time off)

                  “I’m definitely going home. Try and regroup and get ready to come back. I think this bye week couldn’t come at a more perfect time for me. I’m just looking forward to it.”

                  (On this bye week being much different from the bye week in college)

                  “I don’t think there is too much difference between Clemson, because our bye week, sometimes you can…the only good thing about the bye week is that you get to go home, but if you wanted to know when they’re going to stop practice…but here it’s a little different because I think we will practice up until like Thursday. We’ll be in full pads, hitting. The good thing about it is that it does help a lot of people to get healthy. They take it real light on the players that really need to get healthy. For me, if anything, I don’t think it could come at a better time for me.”

                  (On how he feels physically going into the bye week)

                  “I feel like my legs get a little tighter now than in college. When you look at it, we played four preseason games, and then the regular season, so I think we’ve played a total of 10 games already. The bye week really seems like it’s coming at the end of the season. My body is ready for it.”

                  (On learning from DE Anthony Hargrove’s situation)

                  “I really don’t know what to say about the situation. I really don’t know his whole situation, because like you said, we play two totally different positions, and we’re in two different rooms. I really don’t know what his real situation was. I’ve been too busy worrying about how to play. I hate to see him go. It’s a job. You’ve got to take it as so.”

                  (On going into the bye week with a loss)

                  “Losing before the bye, I think it gave us extra motivation to really work hard, and to really sit back and think about thing, and come back next week and just get ready to play. I think losing probably would help us coming off the bye.”

                  (On the pass interference call)

                  “That just goes to show that I’m a rookie. That just goes to show you what kind of season it is so far.”

                  LB Will Witherspoon

                  (On his speed contributing to his skills at the linebacker position)

                  “I think it does a great job utilizing my skills. My skills aren’t worth nothing if I don’t have a great group of guys to work around me. Pisa and Chillar, you know, that defensive front. The DE’s. All of us have to work together to really accomplish something.”

                  (On his job being more difficult if others aren’t doing their job properly)

                  “It makes it a whole lot tougher. That’s really what it comes down to. Knowing that the guys are going to get the job done all around.”

                  -10-17-2006, 04:07 PM
                • Varg6
                  How do the OTHERS think we'll do...
                  by Varg6
                  Ok, I have an interesting question for all the Rams fans out there.

                  Ok, we won against Denver. A team with very high expectations. Jake Plummer, a guy who threw 7 ints last year, and now, already has 3 in his first game.

                  Will this change from no respect, to hmm...maybe the Rams are the real deal after all?

                  Personally, (well, obviously), I think we're the real deal, and this win was HUGE for us, and it was especially a huge win for us because our defense basically won it. Who would've thought, right?

                  So...Are we finally going to get some respect from others after being a team that basically everyone said we'd get annihilated by?
                  -09-11-2006, 05:31 PM
                • ZiaRam
                  Rams Have Bye Week to Put an End to Bad Football
                  by ZiaRam
                  by Howard Balzer

                  The Rams won't be changing their schemes during their bye week. They won't be making any drastic changes.
                  What they will be doing is examining closely what they are at this point. Many teams around the NFL are trying to figure that out right now, while establishing a personality.
                  Aside from playing bad football, this Rams team doesn't have an identity.

                  From an explosive beginning when running back Steven Jackson scored on a 47-yard run on the first offensive play of the season, the offense has quickly degenerated into a dysfunctional mess that has was fueled by the injury Jackson suffered on that run and the loss of wide receiver Danny Amendola, quarterback Sam Bradford's security blanket, also in that first game.

                  The coaching staff wasted no time Monday beginning the self-scouting process that could also include some soul-searching. Players will practice Tuesday and Wednesday, but most of the coach's time will be spent being realistic assessing the talent on hand and figuring out the best way of utilizing it when the season resumes with an Oct. 16 game in Green Bay.

                  As coach Steve Spagnuolo said Monday, "You never know when you get the schedule at the beginning of the year if the bye week comes at a good time. In this particular case I think it does."
                  It wasn't difficult for Spagnuolo to list what will be scrutinized closely.

                  "Certainly protections, certainly third down on both sides, certainly the run fronts on offense. These are the things that just stick out. You guys can probably list another five or six of them, but we'll look at them all. And the thing you do have to be careful with, with that, and I've learned this over the years, is you can't go searching for things that are not there.
                  "And you can't knee-jerk react to things that you find, because in a lot of instances it just comes back to fundamentals. I know that's not the glorious answer that you want, but a lot of times that's what it comes down to."
                  Ah, fundamentals. Like catching the ball. Like blocking somebody. Like lining up correctly or not starting too soon.

                  Games can change when a team is simply opportunistic and fundamentally sound.
                  "I think some of that is we're living through some growing pains there," he said. "We've got guys out there for the first time in NFL games. I know it's the fourth game and I'm not trying to make excuses, but if you don't catch the football ... both sides of the ball; if you don't catch the football, come up with it when it's on the ground it makes it hard to win. It changes everything when you get the turnovers on defense and when you catch those particular balls on offense. The whole thing changes."

                  When asked about changing schemes (something that would be unrealistic anyway during a season), Spagnuolo said, "Both schemes offensively and defensively,...
                  -10-04-2011, 10:19 PM
                • RamWraith
                  Vitt comments and others
                  by RamWraith
                  Coach Joe Vitt

                  Monday, November 07, 2005

                  (Opening statement)

                  “We had a good practice and that was a good first day. We worked on some of the things, self-scout-wise, that we had done as coaches last week. And the guys came back with a great attitude.”

                  (On whether he was able to take a break during the bye week)

                  “Not really. Not really, but that’s okay. I’m having fun.”

                  (On WR Isaac Bruce’s status)

                  “Well, he was out there today, and he did some real positive things. It’s going to be an ongoing process. We’re just going to wait and see how it goes.”

                  (On how WR Torry Holt is doing)

                  “Same thing. He did some good things today.”

                  (On QB Marc Bulger’s guarantee that he will be back this week)

                  “Right, right. I thought he threw the ball well today. He’s excited, so he’ll be ready to go full slate on Wednesday.”

                  (On the status of other players who were injured last game)

                  “Chris is fine. Fish is fine. Leonard came back and had a heck of a day for us. So we’re probably about as healthy right now as we have been all year long.”

                  (On whether G Claude Terrell is better)

                  “Yeah, went full slate today.”

                  (On the conditioning that was done after practice today)

                  “Yeah, just to break a sweat and get the rust off, and ready to go to work.”

                  (On whether the players have more energy after the bye week)

                  “Yeah. They have fresh legs, so yeah, I really do. I think they are excited about the prospects.”

                  (On what it will mean to have DE Leonard Little back)

                  “What do you think? They guy is a playmaker. He presents problems for anybody’s pass protection. They have to account for him every time. He’s great in pursuing the run. So it’s huge.”

                  (On how he is doing mentally)

                  “He’s great. He’s great.”

                  (On why RB Marshall Faulk was not at practice today)

                  “Marshall has been excused since August. No really. He had an appointment that he had to have today, and he’s been excused. He called me up and said, ‘Do you want me back there?’ I said absolutely not. I know exactly where he’s at and what he’s had done.”

                  ( (On DeJuan Groce having his arm wrapped)

                  “He had that all last week. It’s been ongoing with him.”

                  CB Chris Johnson

                  Monday, November 07, 2005

                  (On how tough it was to miss a game)

                  “A little bit. I was just trying to make sure that the back was good to go this week. The week off really...
                  -11-07-2005, 04:06 PM
                • 9ers4life
                  by 9ers4life
                  Really this game should've been like 31-13 but whatever. Lambs still suck and we will sweep you fools again this year. You guys have no pass rush. Your Oline sucks, We got 6 sacks! Also Frank Gore>Stephen Jackson.
                  -09-17-2006, 06:50 PM