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Fouts on Warner, from ESPN

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  • Fouts on Warner, from ESPN

    Nice article on the best QB in Pro football by one of the all-time great ones.

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    Good reading...

    Thanks Pkchop! I enjoyed reading that article on a great QB from a great QB. Good specifics (No. 13 still averaging 300+ yds./game after last night's win over Lions), good predictions for Warner's 2001 season -- and beyond.

    Not sure why Fouts thinks Unitas' record of most games with a TD is that difficult to be broken, especially when you have a pace-setting Kurt Warner. ;) I mean the Kurt Warner!

    Go Kurt!... GO RAMS!!!


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      That is what I call a NFL Quarterback
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      Yesterday i had a discussion with a friend who is a huge Dan Marino's fan. He said that Dan's records will never nbe broken and that our Kurt Warner should be renamed Kurt "one-year-wonder" Warner, because he'll not be able to repeat 1999 and 2000 numbers.
      I think Kurt has all the skills to reach and surpass most of the Marino achievements, and i'm realy convinced that without the injury, a lot of Marino's record would have already be broken last season.

      And... Kurt has one thing marino will never have: a ring :cool: :cool: :cool:
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