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  • WzzzUp Rams Fans

    I expect your best shot come Sunday now that you guys have been preparing for us for a few weeks coming off the bye. I am looking for an exciting game and a Saints win ofcourse but I am not underestimating your Rams, especially Steven Jackson since we have struggled to stop the run the last few weeks. I look forward to chatting with you guys through out the week.

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    Re: WzzzUp Rams Fans


    Do you know if Sedrick Ellis will be back in the lineup for you guys? His absence will certainly help out Jackson, and it looks like you guys really need him back in there anyway(see: DeAngelo Williams)


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      Re: WzzzUp Rams Fans

      I don't think he will be back this week. But it takes more then just running well alone, it takes balance and the Panthers had none neither di they put enough points on the board when they had momentum. Jackson is going to get his I ain't worried about that, I just want to keep Bulger, Avery and co. in check.


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        Re: WzzzUp Rams Fans

        Originally posted by shower beers View Post

        Do you know if Sedrick Ellis will be back in the lineup for you guys? His absence will certainly help out Jackson, and it looks like you guys really need him back in there anyway(see: DeAngelo Williams)
        The first report after the injury from Payton was 2-4 weeks. Someone at SI/NFLN/ESPN reported 4-6, but I think that was inaccurate.

        If I had to put money on it, I don't think you'll see Sed Ellis until the Pats game.


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          Re: WzzzUp Rams Fans

          Originally posted by SaintManJ83 View Post
          I just want to keep Bulger, Avery and co. in check.
          Trust me it's not gonna be hard, if any receiver were to be threatening i would think burton


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            Re: WzzzUp Rams Fans

            Good to see more classy fans coming to our boards! Your stay is always welcomed post Sunday also.

            I hope its a good game!


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              Re: WzzzUp Rams Fans

              Upset of the week!!!!! Rams 27 Saints 24. With the Saints down by 14 at the half and the come back falls short!!


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                Re: WzzzUp Rams Fans

                keep our receivers in's funny. Obviously has not watched many rams games this year.

                welcome to the clan saints fans.....we are riding high off a big win against the Lions and a bye week to celebrate and prepare.

                Hopefully we will have a good game on Sunday. It would be nice if the Rams can remember how to score more than 17 points in one game. The Saints always seem to have lots of points on the board.


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                  Re: WzzzUp Rams Fans

                  Like I said , the Rams get the lead, they won't fold like everyone else. They will go for the JUGLER!!!


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                    Re: WzzzUp Rams Fans

                    Love the Rams and I also love seeing the Saints do well this year. Drew Brees is the man.

                    Still want to see the Rams win though =).
                    "I've been saving the Universe for over a thousand years. I figure it owes me just this once."


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                      Re: WzzzUp Rams Fans

                      If jaxx doesn't touch the ball at least 25 times were gonna get whooped. If we have to rely on bulger to win this game for us were screwed..........


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                        Re: WzzzUp Rams Fans

                        Ya not too much of a hater on any team except for the pats i seriously cannot stand to see them. i like the saints and drew brees but they have to lose at least once and hopefully my rams can pull off an upset led by Steven Jackson!!!! :helmet:


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                          Re: WzzzUp Rams Fans

                          I am a Rams fan first and foremost, but after being at the Saints game the night they reopened the Superdome, I've followed the Saints.

                          Welcome to the board. After this week, I'll be rooting for you again.


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                            Re: WzzzUp Rams Fans

                            I see that the Eagles have been getting their money's worth with their trade for Will Witherspoon, Does anyone know the status of Brandon Gibson and Ruvell Martin. I've read that Gibson has some bloodlines to the NFL in that his Uncle Vaughn Williams was a defensive back for the Colts and the Fortywiners. I don't know much about Ruvell Martin except because I have a brother-inlaw who's a cheesehead told me that he kept getting resigned as a free agent and only saw him in 8 or 9 games with his 3 yrs with the Packers. Doesn't sound like a great signing if you're trying to get Bulger help!


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                              Re: WzzzUp Rams Fans

                              Writing this stuff is the easy part. Killing the clock with jax taking it to the house on long drives and creating turnovers is the only way to have a chance. Hopefully we can step up the pressure and rattle Breez.


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                                By Jim Thomas
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                Steven Jackson has fresh legs and a fresh contract. Now, he wants a fresh start with Rams fans in St. Louis.

                                "I do understand everyone has their own opinion," Jackson said Thursday. "But I think if I can continue to play in the manner that I have in the (previous) four years, and stay healthy on the field, I think all will be forgiven.

                                "A lot of time, we're hard on our loved ones, and I consider my fans my loved ones. So some things I should take back. And I do apologize for my statements for being a little critical of them."

                                Then, he added with a laugh, "But I do want them to be in the (stands), too."
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                                My World: Five Stages of Rams' Fans' Grief
                                by ZiaRam
                                by Patty Hsieh

                                Yes, it's another week without a win.

                                Yes, the Washington Redskins delivered the Rams yet another painful loss on Sunday.

                                And yes, that keeps the Rams winless. We can all wishfully think the numbers were somehow reversed, but the fact of the matter is the Rams are 0-4.

                                We have to come to grips with that reality, do we not?

                                If I were a therapist or psychiatrist I'd ask, "But how does that make you feel?"

                                Well, let's go through the progression of emotions Rams fans are experiencing, shall we?

                                Stage One: Denial
                      's definition of denial: "An assertion that something said, believed, alleged, etc., is false."

                                "I can't believe the Rams are 0-4!"

                                Some fans are in a state of shock and not understanding what happened. Things just don't make any sense.

                                Didn't the Rams go undefeated in the preseason? The pundits say the preseason doesn't mean anything and the record should be ignored. I agreed with them but many went ahead and drank the Kool-Aid anyway.

                                It wasn't pretty at times, but they at least moved the ball down the field and put up 10 total touchdowns and six field goals. Those four wins did happen, right? Or was all that just an aberration?

                                Fans aren't the only ones in denial though. When asked if he's noticed any bad body language from quarterback Sam Bradford, head coach Steve Spagnuolo replied, "Did I see any? I have not."

                                Just go back to Sunday's game. It's written all over Bradford's face and the way he's gimping to the sideline. He's had more than just the proverbial wind knocked out of him. Even after the game Bradford admits the losses are getting to him: "A little bit. Yeah, I'm not going to lie. It is getting frustrating."

                                Spags might not be able or want to see it, but the fans do. We see it.
                                Stage Two: Anger

                                "A strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath; ire."
                                You would not believe some of the hate tweets Rams players received after the game on Sunday. Fans have the right to express their feelings. I'm not denying that, but you can't cross the line between the player and the plays they make (or not make in these cases).

                                I can't share the worst of them here, but I was in shock at how low supposed fans went to vent their anger. Too bad some of them don't use proper grammar or spelling (we cleaned it up here so as not to embarrass anyone). That would make their point come across more civilized, right?

                                For example,

                                "NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!"

                                "That's great you can be so happy after a shameful display on Sunday. You're a good example of why we lose. #ramswhodontcare"

                                "Hey @Austin_Pettis are you too retarded too call Fair Catch?...
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                              • AvengerRam_old
                                Brace yourselves, Rams fans... they're coming.
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                As most of you know, we eliminated the "smack boards" at ClanRam years ago, as we prefer to keep the discourse at a higher level.

                                Nonetheless, from time to time, we've had fans of opposing teams come here and try to get a "smack war" going.

                                Now that the Rams are improving and winning games against division rivals, I suspect the frequency of these visits will increase. Truth is, when your team is 2-14, most people won't bother to make the effort to register on your site just to talk smack. No fun kicking people when they're down.

                                Now, however... we're becoming a threat. Opposing fans are sensing what we are sensing...the Rams are on the rise. We already have a tough defense, and with the extra first round picks and cap room we'll have in the next two years, we should be able to fill many of the remaining holes.

                                The smackers will likely take notice, and try to get their licks in now, before the Rams fully develop.

                                My advice on how to handle smack talkers... just laugh at them. Its a pretty silly endeavor, if you think about it, to go to someone else's house and tell the residents that everything they like is garbage.

                                If they get out of hand, your friendly neighborhod mods will lower the boom, so you need not engage these yokels. Just point out how absurd they are and move on (or, if you prefer, use the ever-popular "don't feed the trolls" feature, a/k/a ignore them).

                                Opposing fans who wish to come here to talk football are always welcome.

                                Those who come with a purpose to disrupt won't last.
                                -10-05-2012, 03:18 PM