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Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

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  • Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

    I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It may still be a bit dim, but we are heading toward it.

    Jackson running the ball. The passing game piling up yards and scoring TDs. The defense making timely plays. Coming back from 11 down in the 4th to have a chance at the end against an undefeated team. Brandon Gibson.

    These are all positive signs.

    The Rams made a few too many costly errors to beat a tough Saints team today, but if they play as they did this afternoon, they're going to win a few before this year is up.

    What I'm seeing is - unlike the previous 2-3 seasons - a team coming together. A team that believes in its coach and the system being put into place. We still need more talent on the roster, but today... there is hope.

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    Re: Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

    Very proud of the team. I think that many fans don't remember that the Saints are the best in the league.

    We played very well against the best. If we play like this, we can win several more games for the rest of the year.

    I'm proud to be a Rams fan. I won't get too much crap at work tomorrow. haha

    Lets hold on guys! we know it's going to be a process, but for the second week, we have seen mass improvement.


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      Re: Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

      I liked the "holy crap" look on the faces of the Saints players - the score doesn't really show it well, but the Rams made a statement:

      We are on the way back to the top, baby.


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        Re: Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

        "A" for effort, definitely. We took the best team in the NFL down to the wire, and were playing hard the entire game. After watching how well the Rams competed gives me confidence that we CAN beat anyone when we don't beat ourselves.

        With that said though, boy was I yelling "GET THE DAMN BALL SNAPPED" at the top of my lungs there at the end lol.


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          Re: Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

          i agree with all you guys, they are playing so much better,took an undefeated team right down to the wire,so much more good than bad today,alot to build on.


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            Re: Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

            Yeah, alot of positives, and we actually had a chance to win this game. We still have too many stupid errors. When I say stupid, I mean dumb as dirt. Every team makes mistakes, but our team finds a way to screw up the basics. We need more continuity and efficiency. We need to work hard to play hard.

            Take away that kick-off return and this is our game. GoRams.
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              Re: Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

              Complete agreement. I see a team playing tough and trying hard. While I would love to see us running all over any team we play and stacking up wins, I am almost as happy when I at least see my team fighting hard.


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                Re: Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

                I have one complaint. I felt that this was a winnable game at the end, so much so that I could taste it. My complaint is Bulger and Shurmer. that last 2 minutes of the game I couldn't tell if it was the play calling or the way Bulger handled the 2 minute drill. Not to mention the dropped ball by Amendola. Yeah I know I'm being tough on a team who hasn't done too much, but fellas we had this game, until we wasted too much time. Other than that I was very pleased.

                It is obvious to me all though that Bulger is damaged goods,
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                  Re: Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

                  ESPN's Mike Sando agrees:

                  Wrap-up: Saints 28, Rams 23

                  November, 15, 2009 Nov 15
                  PM ET

                  By Mike Sando

                  The Rams have improved to a point where losing in this fashion should anger them even though the Saints brought an 8-0 record into the game.

                  They fared better than expected on both sides of the ball, only to squander first-half momentum by allowing a kickoff return for a touchdown to open the second half. That was an inexcusable lapse following an excellent first half. The Rams had been the ones making plays on special teams lately, notably with Josh Brown's touchdown pass to Daniel Fells on a fake field goal against the Lions in Week 9.

                  Giving the Saints a seven-point jump on the second half proved too much for the Rams to overcome, but they fought admirably and made the Saints sweat out the final minutes.

                  Receivers Donnie Avery and Brandon Gibson gave the Rams badly needed life in the passing game. Steven Jackson reached 100 yards rushing by halftime. Safeties Oshiomogho Atogwe and James Butler picked off passes.

                  The bye week allowed Avery to fight through nagging injuries. Marc Bulger entered the game with three touchdown passes all season. Avery caught two from Bulger against the Saints, showing he has overcome an early-season slump. Receiver Keenan Burton has made strides in recent weeks. Gibson looked good.

                  The Rams are making it clear through their play that they believe in first-year coach Steve Spagnuolo. They looked like a team that could win one of its next two games. Both are at home (against the Cardinals and Seahawks).


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                    Re: Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

                    I too am very proud how this team played today. Things are starting to mesh together.
                    And by the way Jackson is a stud, in my opinion the best back in the league.
                    I know it's only 1 game, but how bout that rookie wr Gibson. Hope we have him for a long time.
                    Loved the OL today they looked like a unit playing together, not perfect but most certainly gelling. & you have to give Karney some love for sure.
                    So yes there is light at the end of the tunnel & it seems to be growing.
                    And O yes I will be in St Louis to cheer on our Rams next week while we clip the Cards


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                      Re: Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

                      Yeah, the mistakes kinda killed us. Thought we came out a little flat after the half and that was the difference in the game. But again, they never gave up. Will proudly wear my Laurinaitis jersey to the bar tonight. (Got the typo fixed for $4)

                      I know moral victories suck, but I hope the team knows that they did a good job overall, but could have beat what is one of the best teams in the league this season.
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                        Re: Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

                        absolutely, i love what gibson did today and think he could be the answer our receiving corps has been looking for. a few too many mistakes, between drops, bad play calls and bad decisions by bulger, but we were in this one all the way through and had a puncher's chance at the end.


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                          Re: Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

                          I hate when the Rams don't get credit for playing toe to toe with the undefeated Saints. I was watching the postgame show on CBS and all they did was give excuses why the game was so close.


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                            Re: Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

                            Bulger did mess up with some management, but Fells catches that 2 point conversion instead of letting it go to his chest we could have been looking at OT. Mcmichael doesn't drop a ball inside the 15 we could e looking at 7 instead of 3. The drops killed us, At least Avery more than made up for his drops with 2 TDs, but the TEs drops killer McMichael stinks.


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                              Re: Wanted the win, of course, but I'm proud of my team today.

                              you take Gibson and Robinson when he comes back next season,Avery and Burton continue to improve which they are and this will be a pretty nice group of receivers next season.


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                              • thermobee
                                With a win today...
                                by thermobee
                                and a loss of the Seahags we would be only 1 game behind the division leader. This season is nowhere near over for us.
                                -10-04-2009, 11:07 AM
                              • PARamfan
                                Did we turn the corner today?
                                by PARamfan
                                I would like to believe with the young team we have a win against a quality opponent (we are talking the reigning world champions) will be the kick in the pants we need to FINISH strong the rest of the season seeing as FINISH is the difference in us having a winning record thus far. They finished this one albeit as scary as it can get, can we start to make the finishes look easier????
                                -10-19-2014, 01:28 PM
                              • RamsFanSam
                                I am so tired of this.
                                by RamsFanSam
                                Every game this season, the Rams have looked a little bit better. Our offense looked the best it has all year, Bulger led a two-minute offense that was reminiscent of days past, Amendola is giving our return game something it has been missing for years, and our defense is stepping it up, somewhat inconsistently, but still better than it has in the past two seasons.

                                We went into Jacksonville today with a desire to come out with a win. It came down to the last 7 seconds before we ended up going for a tie instead of a win. Spags played it safe for a chance to win instead of gambling and possibly losing. The decision to go for three may have been the wrong one (remember Carolina in the playoffs a few years ago?) but it gave our guys something they haven't had in a long time - hope.

                                So what am I tired of? I'm tired of the fans who are too busy whining about Bulger (who did a great job today), fans who are complaining about our defense (who actually did a decent job) to notice that we are getting better.

                                Yeah, let's trade our best player. That way, we can get a RB who runs like crap - because that's all that's left in free agency. Let's bench our QB - the one who knows the plays and is really showing that he can execute once again. That way, we can start someone who can't be consistent at throwing either completions or interceptions. Let's trash the whole team - after all, it's only been six weeks, and if they haven't won us a super bowl by now, they never will.

                                I'm not looking at the team through rose colored glasses. I'm being realistic. The Rams are bad - no doubt about it. But the Rams of week six are far better than the Rams of week one. I didn't expect a quick turnaround. Even Spags said it will take time. Anyone who thought we'd be an NFL powerhouse by now should at least try to be realistic.

                                Most of us on here thought we should have won today. I'm one of them. Anyone who is whining about the effort put forth by anyone on the team today needs to watch the game again, because the game I watched showed a Rams team that fought hard for a win. Had we won the coin toss in OT...we would have had that elusive "W".

                                For those of you who think whining about things will make you a good fan, or will change the team, I've got news for you.

                                It makes you look like a fair-weather fan, and the team isn't going to change the road they are on just because you think you know the way to go.
                                -10-18-2009, 06:41 PM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                Gotta love the "yeah, but..." crowd
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                The Rams finally won a game! I don't know about you, but I feel good about that. In fact, it really made my Sunday.

                                Not surprisingly, though, on this message board and others, there are plenty of "yeah, but..." posts. You know the kind.

                                "I'm glad the Rams won but, Bulger still sucks/the offensive coordinator still needs to go/the WRs are terrible/the Lions are a bad team/we still are bad/blah blah blah blah blah."

                                I'm not going to debate whether these criticisms are valid. Many of them have validity. That's not the point.

                                The point is... just enjoy the win. We all know this team has a lot of problems and will likely have some very tough weeks during the second half of the season.

                                But for today, let's just enjoy the fact that the team was able to get a much-needed victory. There will be plenty of time during the bye week to discuss all the problems.
                                -11-02-2009, 05:36 AM
                              • r8rh8rmike
                                THAT Was A Satisfying Win
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                Today felt really good. Despite some adversity and a slow start, there was no panic, just some really good adjustments, and some really great play making. The team pulled together, on both sides of the ball, and made a tight contest, a blowout. Houston isn't the best team, but what happened today was very satisfying for me. Another great win, and another step to being a legitimate playoff contender. We're now going to see what this team is REALLY made of, as Minnesota, New Orleans, Philly, Seattle, and Tennessee all loom on the horizon. I think this team is up for the challenge....
                                -11-12-2017, 04:39 PM