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  • The way we play

    Coming into the season this is the type of Ram Football I expected. If you told me Chris Long was going to get a sack, OJ was going to force 2 turnovers, S-Jax was going rush for over 125 and a TD, Avery was going to catch 2 TDs, Bartell is going to shutdown the other Team's number 1 receiver, the 0-line gives up 2 coverage sacks,and Bulger was going to throw for nearly 300 yards and 2 tds. Im expecting a win 97% of the time. Sadly this was in the 3 percent, but IMO everyone we need to play their best in order to win did just that and played their best.

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    Re: The way we play

    I think this was the week we saw our true identity. Even our win over Detroit was iffy. If we can play like this, every week, we can probably win every game left on the schedule.


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      Re: The way we play

      Originally posted by Mooselini View Post
      I think this was the week we saw our true identity. Even our win over Detroit was iffy. If we can play like this, every week, we can probably win every game left on the schedule.
      I think if we play like we did today a 5 win season isn't out of the question.


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        Re: The way we play

        yea there were significant imporvements in every area of the team. special team coverage let us done today, but they have been pretty good all year. we just lost to the best team in the NFC on the last play what a great game the rams played


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          Re: The way we play

          This is RAMS FOOTBALL.

          Deavaney and Spagnuolo's dream?

          A) Power Offense. CHECK!
          B) Physical Defense. CHECK!
          C) Team Intensity. CHECK!
          D) Team Dicipline. CHECK!

          Now only if we can get that to happen every game.

          I can't wait until a full offseason with this coaching staff and Front Office, I'm excited!


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            Re: The way we play

            I think this team is developing team chemistry. It takes some time, but slowly but surely we are getting there. I'm so damn proud of these guys despite the loss. They played really really well today. I know it's hard to swallow another loss, but I think they should be proud of the way they played. If they play like this every Sunday, I have no doubt in my mind that we could win against anyone.
            Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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              Re: The way we play

              If it isn't the Saints, the 3% doesn't make a difference. The Saints are one of the best teams in the NFL, you can't make any mistakes when you go against guys like that. If the Rams played like that against the rest of the NFC West each week, they win the division. Zero doubt.


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                Re: The way we play

                Bye week did wonders offensively and defensively. Offensively you get Avery healthy and give Gibson another week in the system to learn the plays and develop some chemistry.

                To me the defensive coaching experience really shows. Spags and Flajole game plan brilliantly. They wanted to take away the best receiving core in the NFL and they did that. They wanted to contain Manning so they put Dahl in there as an LB for better coverage the only game Manning didn't throw for 300. It is crazy to imagine what these guys could do with even more talent


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                  Re: The way we play

                  Of the 3 WRs on the team at the half, none of them was active during preseason and most of camp. Gibson and Amendola were added after and Avery was injured most of camp. That's pretty wild.


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                    Re: The way we play

                    If we take a team that has scored 426 points in 9 games, that is undefeated and scored over 40 points to teams like the giants, jets and Philadelphia (1,3,and 9 defenses) never won by less than 7 points ... before facing the Rams I would say that you have to be a very solid team to perform the way we performed against them.
                    YES is true, we did have 2 weeks to prepare for this game, but is also true that we only face this kind of teams once a season. Does anybody have any doubt that if this Rams team would have showed up against washington, jacksonville or even green bay the outcome would have been much more different?
                    I'm sure the team is gelling and hopefully, if they keep focused many more W will come.
                    The picture of the game I have in my mind is Karney celebrating with Smith after opening a hole for #39 on 3rd and 3 or 4 in the second quarter. I mean, when was the last time we saw something like this?


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                    • PARamfan
                      Did we turn the corner today?
                      by PARamfan
                      I would like to believe with the young team we have a win against a quality opponent (we are talking the reigning world champions) will be the kick in the pants we need to FINISH strong the rest of the season seeing as FINISH is the difference in us having a winning record thus far. They finished this one albeit as scary as it can get, can we start to make the finishes look easier????
                      -10-19-2014, 01:28 PM
                    • RamWraith
                      Rams quotes
                      by RamWraith
                      WR Dante Hall

                      (On the muffed punt)
                      “It was a total decision making play. I should have fair caught it and given it back to the offense.”

                      (On how much of the loss he blames on himself)
                      “You know the old cliché, one play doesn’t lose a game…five minutes left to go in the game, all I have to do is fair catch and give it back to the offense. Worst case scenario, we kick it, pin them deep and put the game back into our defense’s hands – they were doing a great job.”

                      (On when he usually decides to call for a fair catch)
                      “I knew they were coming down on me, it was just a bone-head play. I have no excuse. That’s a routine play for me – fair catch it…it’s frustrating, trying to make a play and I should have just fair caught it.”

                      (On if an 0-2 start means the season is close to out of control)
                      “Not at all. I think we went 4-1 last year and didn’t make the playoffs, so it’s not in any way a season -ending loss for us. You can’t lose games like this when you have so many opportunities to get a win at home and in your division. It hurts, but in no way, shape, form or fashion is this season over with based on today.”

                      K Jeff Wilkins

                      (On his last field goal attempt)
                      “…when it comes down to something like that, there was no other decision that could have been made. We had to try it and that’s usually where I rely on adrenaline maybe to give me a couple more yards. Like I said, I hit it. I don’t now what it would have been good from, but it was pretty much what I had.”

                      (On if missing the last kick makes the loss any harder to take)
                      “Any time you don’t do your job it stinks. It didn’t go through, so it stinks.”

                      (On starting the season 0-2)
                      “It’s a hole, but it’s a long season. We’ve all seen teams take off from here, we just have to get it turned around, get that victory and hopefully it’s next week on a game winner. Then we start rolling from there and see what happens.”

                      (On if he thought the last field goal attempt was good)
                      “When I hit it I thought there was a shot. I knew I was at my farthest. Pregame I think I was feeling good at 54, 53 (yards), so when I hit it, I thought there was a shot, but that one I hit the best I could.”

                      QB Marc Bulger

                      (On the loss to San Francisco)
                      “If you don’t do the little things and finish games and make good plays when you have to, then you’re not going to win. They played well like Carolina did, but we should have won.”

                      (On his confidence level on the final drive)
                      “They kicked the ball out of bounds, which was a mistake by them. They were doing a lot of different things on defense to try to get pressure and they were getting there. We were moving it – I would have liked to get five or six more yards for (Jeff Wilkins), but it’s risky there if we didn’t kick the field goal on fourth...
                      -09-16-2007, 05:09 PM
                    • RamWraith
                      SOme Bronco qoutes post game
                      by RamWraith
                      CB Champ Bailey

                      (On the game)
                      “We didn’t win. It’s like if you have a great season and you go to the Pro Bowl, but your team doesn’t win the Super Bowl. It doesn’t matter. You have to win. It is all about winning.”

                      (On if this game reminds him of the opening game last season)
                      “The only similarity is that it is opening day. We have time to bounce back. We have another game next week. We just have to go back and correct our mistakes and look forward to the best.”

                      (On the defense keeping the team in the game)
                      “Yeah, keep us in the game but it is a team thing. It is not a win. I don’t care how good we played. We still lost the game. We had plays in there that we need to get better at. We could have made some turnovers and kept it a little closer.”

                      (On the offense)
                      “We have a lot of talent on offense, and they will bounce back. I am not worried about that. We just have to keep playing good resistance

                      RB Tatum Bell

                      (On the game)
                      “It felt good to get my second career start. It was a loss, and we have to bounce back next week. We ran the ball well. When it came down to the end, we lost. Turnovers were a factor and I had one myself. I am going to learn from it and work on it.“

                      (On the turnovers)
                      “It seemed like every time the defense stopped them, we had a turnover or went three and out. We have to eliminate that. We know that this offense is capable. We just have to go out and do it. It was no like us. We don’t turn the ball over. It was shocking to have five, and when you lose the turnover battle it is hard to win games.”

                      (On being in the game on the final drive)
                      “We weren’t surprised at all. I felt like we were in position to win. I thought we were going to get a touchdown on the last drive. We just have to keep on pushing.”

                      QB Jake Plummer

                      (On the frustration of losing the first game)
                      “Yeah, it is frustrating. It is reminiscent of how we started last year. The difference now is to see how we respond. We have a lot of guys that will respond the right way, but that is not the way you want to start a season.”

                      (On the offensive line performance)
                      “A couple of times I was hurried. The guys gave some good protection and did a good job of giving me some time. As it went, we had some opportunities to win the ball game. When you don’t capitalize, that is when it hurts.”

                      (On the Rams defense)
                      “They played really fast. The first interception was a bad read. The other one was a jump ball and we didn’t come down with it. The last one, I think may be a little of interference, but we can‘t rely on those calls. We have to tip our hats to them, they play fast.”

                      (On the Rams early pressure)
                      “It affected us a little bit. We had some things designed to combat that, but playing in a loud stadium they will...
                      -09-10-2006, 05:11 PM
                    • general counsel
                      the turnovers plus the three plays we didnt make
                      by general counsel
                      Obviously, the turnovers killed us. You arent going to beat a team as good as kc, home or road, with a minus three differential very often if at all. Throw in a complete inability to stop the run, consecutive moronic false starts on barron and one terrible terrible INT call on ike that cost us a legit shot to win and you have another loss to a quality team. As many of us feared, the 4-1 was largely an illusion, built on the backs of close wins against three of the worst teams in the nfl./

                      What i want to focus on is the three plays we DIDNT make that dont really show up in the box score. The ball that hit coakley in the numbers that he couldnt catch, costing us 60 yards in field position. The non sack by fisher who whiffed and tripped over his own feet which led to a td rather than a sack right before half and our inability to fall on LJ's fumble despite the fact that we had two guys right on top of the ball.

                      Playoff caliber teams make plays, .500 teams talk about what ifs. We beat ourselves today both with our own failure to execute and our inability to make plays when we had the chance.

                      We just arent a playoff team guys. I wont give up, but reality is reality. Our best shot at this point is a win next week and a collapse by seattle which somehow enables us to sneak into the west title, but given our incompetent defense, i just dont see it happening.

                      Bulger is an all pro. Little is a guy we need to have back. Steven jackson is outstanding. I think OJ stinks. I think he is weak in run support, his coverage is lousy and his ball awareness is beyond awful.

                      Not much else to say at this point, i could go on indefinitely about 40 yard runs on third and 8 from the goal line, crappy tackling etc, but at this point, i am too disappointed to do so. We didnt give ourselves a chance to win this game, we just didnt make the plays and didnt capitalize when we had a chance.

                      It really was a terrible call on the ike interference, i do think that we were going in for the tying td and i think we had a great shot to win the game, but you cant say we lost on that call with all the other terrible mistakes we made all day long.

                      Ramming speed to all

                      general counsel
                      -11-05-2006, 01:31 PM
                    • 1980RAMS
                      I Don't Think We Win A Game.....
                      by 1980RAMS
                      It is very sad to say. But there a a great possibility that we lose every game. Now I know Hope super-cedes logic. We all want a win so bad that we think every week we have a good chance. Thats just not reality. I just wonder what we will do with a number 1 pick.

                      Also this offense is by far the worst in the last 10 years. The defense could use alot of improvement as well but they are the ones who are even keeping us in the game.

                      Anyhow.go rams... ummm..ya...
                      -10-23-2011, 05:35 PM