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  • RamsFan16's thoughts on the game.

    Hello ClanRam family! I just wanted to congradulate the Rams on an absolutely great effort today on the Gridiron Battlefield. It's the first time in a long time that I was absolutely proud to be a Rams fan ( I always am proud, but even though we lost, I feel like we won ). We didn't get the win, but we got the next best thing... A chance to take down the best team in the NFC and possibly the NFL and came up a pass short. Anyways, let's get this ball rollin'!

    - Steven Jackson, the guy is an obvious beast, wants to win and just dominates. Fans who always questioned his heart are currently feasting on crow week in, and week out ( Hopefully they don't grab the Swine Flu ). The best thing about this, is that he doesn't want to leave St. Louis, he sees what is going to be in St. Louis and that's great football, great RAMS FOOTBALL. He wants to be here when it happens and retire as a Ram, he wants to be a part of something special.

    - The Offensive Line as a whole, they first half they did a great job, and the second half they did well too. They're really starting to gel and that's without Richie Incognito. I'm skeptical about bringing him back into the lineup, is that going to ruin chemistery? I don't know. But they're opening holes for Jackson and starting to protect Bulger really well.

    - Mike Karney, the guys having a Pro Bowl season. Unfortunately he isn't the type of Fullback to get Touchdowns, receptions and yards. He's the type to knock you right in the mouth. He's blocking great for Jackson. The seal he had on Steven Jacksons touchdown was brilliant!

    - Chris Long, the kids coming a long. A lot of second year NFL Players hit a slump, for whatever reason, I don't know why, but they do. He had another sack today on a great play where he got lower than the lineman, bullrushed and took down Brees. That's two games in a row with sacks. He did good in run support too. I know many will jump to conclusions, but many of the Saints long gains came on the right side of the Offensive Line, not Longs side. They Rams Run Defense was fairly stout on Long's side. He's going to be fine, he's having a good year.

    - Brandon Gibson/Donnie Avery. Two young wide receivers, Gibson a rookie and Avery a second year guy battling injury. Gibson had 90 yards receiving today at his NFL Debut, making some damn nice grabs and making guys miss, and running superb routes. If he keeps that up... He's going to be "potentially" dangerous. Avery hauled in two touchdown passes by two beautifully ( yes, beautifully ) thrown passes by Marc Bulger. He's coming a long, I believe he'll finish the season strong.

    - OJ Atogwe and James Butler, finally these guys make some plays. Two interceptions between them both and some nice plays and Touchdown saving plays. Great job boys!

    - Marc Bulger, he did a damn nice job today. Made some nice plays, even scrambled for a first down! :O He had some great throws too. Finished with some nice stats.

    - Jason Smith, he had another damn good game against a good defensive line. He was a grader in the running game and stout in pass protection. I love his demenor and personality. I also love the fact that he's always rushing to pick up Jackson after every run, it shows a lot for a rookie. The kids going to be a Pro Bowler.

    - Defense, this was expected facing the #1 offense in the league, they had a field day running the ball and were almost perfect on 3rd Down. Little more help on the defense and it's going to be much improved next year!

    - Marc Bulger ( yes, I have him on both ), that interception in the endzone hurt, you overthrowing Brandon Gibson on the right side of the field who was wideopen and had a clear shot to the endzone hurt, and then then on the left side when it would have a big first down. Also, please don't throw the ball into the middle of the field with 0 timeouts remaining and 15 seconds left int he game.

    - 3rd Quarter Offensive Playcalling, come on Shurmur! You almost had a great game of playcalling! I cannot lie though, he did much better this game!

    - Special Teams, not much room for returns and we give up a Kickoff for a Touchdown, that hurts right about now. But what would have happened if that didn't happened? Something we'll never know, better luck next time!

    Overall, great game by our Rams. This past offseason we had a huge roster turnover, a huge Front Office turnover and a huge coaching turnover. It seems as if now that we're finally starting to gel and become a decent team. I expect more improvement from here on out!

    Also, this game was trully special to watch. I felt something special watching this game, I had a great feeling. The way we fought the first half, the way we fought the second half. This team is definitely moving in the right direction and in the future we're going to be a tough team to play. I absolutely believe in Billy Deavaney and Steve Spagnuolo.

    Go Rams!

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    Re: RamsFan16's thoughts on the game.

    What I'm eager to see is how this team handles themselves against Arizona. Does it come back with another hard effort next week? Or does this close loss to such a great team demoralize them? This is going to test the resiliency and heart of the football team, which is something that was seriously lacking under Linehan. Can't wait to see how they play next week against a divisonal opponent.


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      Re: RamsFan16's thoughts on the game.

      You have come a long way here 16. Very nice post. Great to see that you are developing as a good writer and football analyzer.

      Lots of players stepping up. I had to break out my rams program from earlier this year to get some names. So many player changes make it hard to keep up.

      I don't think this loss will demoralize them. I think they should be proud that they were playing good football against a good team.


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        Re: RamsFan16's thoughts on the game.

        I dont' think it's going to demoralize them. I think they're going to crank up intensity know that we were one pass away from beating the best team in the NFL. They're hungry for wins and are sick of losing. I think we'll be fine next weekend and I feel pretty confident.


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          Re: RamsFan16's thoughts on the game.

          The Rams are a good team. Jackson is a beast and y'all have some good potential at wr. I was at the local sports garden here in San Antonio and all the Cowboy fans were trying to clown us Saints fans, by saying we should be blowing y'all out, it's the 1 win Rams, etc (I did hang around for Green Bay to whoop those tricks). Your team is alot better than it's record and gave us all we could handle, good luck the rest of the season.


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            Re: RamsFan16's thoughts on the game.

            Originally posted by Big_L
            The Rams are a good team. Jackson is a beast and y'all have some good potential at wr. I was at the local sports garden here in San Antonio and all the Cowboy fans were trying to clown us Saints fans, by saying we should be blowing y'all out, it's the 1 win Rams, etc (I did hang around for Green Bay to whoop those tricks). Your team is alot better than it's record and gave us all we could handle, good luck the rest of the season.
            I saw the end of that Cowboys game and I was hoping they would get shut out. So close.....

            Thanks Big L. We are a lot better than our record. Good luck to the Saints. I like the Saints better than a lot of the other big names out there. I hope you guys go far this year.


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              Re: RamsFan16's thoughts on the game.

              Nice to see Gibson have a big game. He did a good job making nice catches and getting yards after the catch. Also loved to see him fighting for the first down. The Saints were hurt in the secondary, but hopefully he can keep it up.

              I hated seeing James Butler laying down in the middle of the field after the interception. At 1-7 with a chance to beat an undefeated team, I want to see some fight. He's done well at safety, but he has made some boneheaded plays.


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              • rammiser
                Monday morning hangover...long
                by rammiser
                Going from the high of a new to season to the absolute let down by my Rams has left me feeling woozy. I had hope and dreams of an improved football team that would play hard for four quarters. I saw some flashes as I did last year. Then again we only decided to play 2 quarters again.

                The walking penalty box that is Incognito has got to go. He isnt all that great in the first place and constantly costs us 15 yds when he feels the need to punch guys in the chest or hit guys late. He's a mess and embarassing if you ask me. He was cheap shotting guys the whole game but was only caught twice. It's hard not to like him for his fire,i do like him. Unfortunately he isnt talented enough and neither is this team to keep putting up with his stupid mistakes.

                We shelled out tons of cash for Bartell, yet Wade looked like the best corner on the field yesterday. Bartell was getting beaten on everything thrown his way. I thought for sure hed get a pi call against him on a fade route but he managed to flail his arms up just at the right time to hit the ball. If Bulger takes all the flak for being paid huge jack and not performing than Bartell should be getting killed today.

                Atogwe is just flat out awesome. He is a bigtime playmaker and needs to be locked down with a huge contract. Nice job by the front office to wait so long to pay the guy that he may be a top 2 safety by the time they decide to pay him instead of a relatively good but unknown player around the NFL. Butler was a great aquisition and has raised the level of play of Atogwe. Now OJ isnt by himself back there anymore.

                Finally we have a middle linebacker. Laurinitis is going to be really good. Heck he was really good yesterday. He made some mistakes but hes a rookie and was always around the ball. He absolutely did not look like a rookie. Witherspoon on the other hand seems to vanish into thin air during games anymore. I remember when we used to hear his name mentioned four or five times for big plays in games. Now I only hear his name for missing tackles and gettig hurt. Vabora had a decent game, seeing how he was a 7th round pick and is playing some half way decent football is a tribute to him as a hard worker. It is fair to say however that we may need two olb's after this year.

                Our d-line is dreadful. The Seachickens had two starters out on the o-line and i'm not sure we knocked Hasselcrack over once. When we blitz it get picked up easily. Not too mention that he would take a three step drop and have 3 wide open wr's to throw to. We got no pressure and were getting gashed for four or five yds almost everytime a guy would run the ball. They did do a nice job on the goal line untill play action and of course wide open in the back of the endzone was Jay Novacek err i mean Carlson. Chris Long hustles but most of his plays are made five yds down field, I want to see him making some behind the line of...
                -09-14-2009, 07:18 AM
              • 39thebeast
                This isn't horseshoes, but....
                by 39thebeast
                First and foremost Bulger had a good game under constant pressure. Last year Avery won us this game this year he lost us this game to out it bluntly.

                Avery should be carrying a ball all day around the facility and everyone from the players to the janiotors should try to strip it all day until he learns some ball security. The only time he shouldn't have a ball in his hands is when he is trying to catch full speed passes from a jug machine or marc Bulger. also he needs to work on blocking since every big run we've had this year Avery has been called for a penalty. 2 horrible games in a row I'm not giving up on him, but he's definately demoted to number 2.

                We still need better pass protection, and better play from guys not named Robinson and Jackson. We definately need to get more consistent pressure, QBs have way to much time against us. If we got more pressure our defense would really take it to the next level IMO.

                On the bright side. Play calling much better this week. We used alot more Karney and we used S-Jax in vairety of ways and he was great. We gave up alot to the TE early then we locked up on him. Excellent day for the defense. It was alot of ben don't break, but they definately made plays when we needed them most. They are gonna need some help from the offense if we want to take this thing to the next level. S-jax excellent we got him the ball. Robinson by far number 1 reciever everyone else needs to step it up. O-line much better run blocking especially cogs who I shreded last week.

                All in all huge week to week improvement IMO. Saw somethings i really liked
                -09-20-2009, 01:19 PM
              • RamWraith
                Post-game quotes
                by RamWraith
                Head Coach Jim Haslett

                (On injuries)
                “The only injury we had was G Richie Incognito, he got light headed right before the half and the doctors wouldn’t clear him to go back in. We moved T John Greco over and went with John the rest of the way.”

                (On the game)
                “Obviously, this was not the result we wanted, so I am disappointed from the standpoint. I felt we played hard. I appreciate those guys like RB Steven Jackson going out there and giving everything he had, T Orlando Pace who really had a two to four week injury and DL Adam Carriker. We have a bunch of guys who are beat up with nicks and bruises. You can hang your hat on one thing, those guys went out and competed and fought through all of the adversary and injuries that they had.”

                (On RB Steven Jackson having only one touch during the fourth quarter)
                “He was gassed and his leg started to bother him, so we told him before the game to go as far as you could go and then we will play the other guys.

                I appreciate Steven getting out there under the conditions; he hasn’t done much in the past month. To go out there and carry the ball in which I thought he was very effective in running the ball, but in a game like situation he just hasn’t had anything for a while.”

                (On Jackson’s play shows he is a “difference maker”)
                “It is a big reminder. We have said it before; during some games if we had him we might have won the game. He is a heck of a football player, when you loose a guy like him it is hard to replace him.”

                (On LB David Vobora)
                “It is hard to tell, but I think he did ok. He had good instincts and good position and he is a good leader. There are a couple of plays that I can pick out that he did very well with. I am sure that if I look at the film I will find something. For a guy in his first start and a seventh-round draft pick I thought he did fairly well. “

                (On interceptions)
                “The picks didn’t really hurt us, defense did a great job. After the first pick they got nothing, after the second pick they got a field goal, and the third pick was at the end of the game. Obviously, three interceptions is three interceptions. Our problem is that we have to score touchdowns, as an offense we haven’t scored any touchdowns. We didn’t score this week, we didn’t score last week and it has been that way all year in the red zone. We just are just not getting the job done. I am not sure what the answer is, we will keep researching and trying to get it done. We are not really good right now in the red zone. You are not going to win kicking field goals in this league, you have to score touchdowns.

                QB Marc Bulger

                (On the loss)
                “We find ways to lose. We hung in there the first half. We got that corrected, which is good. We played good in all phases at some points, but we struggled at others.”

                (On RB Steven Jackson being...
                -11-30-2008, 06:48 PM
              • Nick
                Thoughts from Section 113
                by Nick
                So I'm back from the Ed, flew back home this afternoon. Talk about an amazing game! Kind of strange that the last game I attended was Martz's final game coaching the Rams against Seattle, and here I am back to see his return. Anyways, some thought from Section 113...

                -Got to the Dome around 1pm CST. Stood along the gated walkway at the Drury to see if anyone would come out. Sure enough, just like my first visit to St. Louis, Torry Holt comes strolling out to loud cheers from the fans. He waves to the fans and has his normal big grin. As he approaches the Dome he spots a woman with a poster board sign with Big Game comments on it. Torry takes a moment to take a photo with her, and signs for a few kids before heading in. Great guy, really upbeat and fan friendly, and what a great way to start off the day.

                -That's it. I don't want to hear about it any more. Marc Bulger came through for the second week in a row with an excellent outting and shows he has what it takes to excel without Martz pulling the strings. Neither Detroit nor Arizona are powerhouse defenses, but you'd expect good quarterbacks to have great days against these kind of units, and he did. I hope the people calling for the Rams to move him or bench him step up to the table and eat their plate of humble pie. Like any other QB, Marc will have his bad days. But he's shown he can play. The least he deserves now is our support.

                -Steven Jackson had a solid game, especially as a receiver. I can't tell you how pumped his hurdle over one of the Lions defenders got the crowd, which for the Dome I thought was fairly spirited. However, earlier in the game, Jackson had me pretty disappointed. First and goal from the one, and the Rams can't punch it in. Same on second down. Jackson seemed more interested in walking into the endzone than lowering his shoulder and powering it in. It's nice to be able to get those walk-ins like the one he had later in the game, but sometimes you've just got to get low and pound someone.

                -The receivers were for the large part on the money this game. I think I saw maybe one or two passes that Bulger threw where either Holt or Bruce didn't realize the ball was coming. But for the vast majority of the game, these guys were on top of things. Holt made an amazing catch and run across the middle of the field, dodging and weaving between defenders. So much for catching it and just going down, eh? These guys are still one of the best duos in the league, and Curtis was spot on when his number was called as well.

                -How pumped am I that I got to see my boy Joe Klopfenstein's first career touchdown pass? What a great play. The middle of the field was wide open for a perfect strike from Marc to Joe. That's the kind of play we need to see more of in the red zone, especially from 10-20 yards out where there's still room to kind of stretch the field and find some solid holes.

                -Even without Pace,...
                -10-02-2006, 06:13 PM
              • RamWraith
                Coach Scott Linehan September 22
                by RamWraith
                Head Coach Scott Linehan

                September 22, 2008

                (Opening remarks)

                “Just one injury update, (RB) Antonio Pittman has a small crack in his fibula bone by his knee. He suffered it on a special teams play early in the game. It wasn’t a contact thing; it looked like he just twisted it. But it does look like he will be out for a bit, Dr. (Matt) Matara is thinking 4-6 weeks right now, so he will miss this week and the bye week and counting 4-6 weeks, there is probably some more games in there before he will be ready. We have a couple more guys that were out that hopefully will get back this week.”

                (On the status of (T) Orlando Pace)

                “He had a mild strain to his groin so we will see on Wednesday. I don’t think it will limit him, he said he felt pretty good today.”

                (On who he expects will be ready to play after missing the game because of injuries)

                “(G) Jacob Bell was close last week, he did more but it was still tight. We were hoping that he did not take a step back, he would be good to go. We are hopeful with (DE) Leonard Little, he made progress last week as well but that is it. None of the other guys like (WR) Drew (Bennett) or (WR) Keenan Burton, those other guys who had injuries that put them out for awhile, will be available.”

                (On the status of (G) Richie Incognito)

                “(G) (Richie) Incognito really strained his knee but everything looked good on the MRI today. He looked like he was moving around pretty good last night and I know he is a little sore today but everything looked good. It doesn’t look like it will affect his status.”

                (On who will back up RB Steven Jackson)

                “(RB) Brian Leonard really was two/three right there anyway. He took reps in that spot during the week and will now be the No. 2 and will factor into a lot more things. Now it is good to have the depth, it was a problem not to have him up but it is a no-brainer now. He is close to a 100-percent right now.”

                (On the offensive progress in the game against the Seahawks)

                “You still have to score but there were positives in the game and something that, a year ago, we had some real problems on the road against a team that had just sacked the previous opponent eight times. To get through the game with one sack, although it was a crucial one and it was early, was a positive and it really didn’t factor into the O-line. I think the O-line, as a group, performed very well against a good defensive front. The bottom line is, you have to score and you have to out score your opponent. You can’t go into any road game in the National Football League or any league and spot the team 17, 24, or 27 points in the first half and expect to win the game. I don’t know who, in this league, that is equipped to come from behind those...
                -09-22-2008, 03:39 PM