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  • Spags

    How about this guy! Late in the game he's not standing on the sidelines with a clipboard in his hands, he's over by the defense giving them praise for stopping the Saints and giving the ball back to the offense. This guy has heart like we haven't had in a coach since Vermeil was here. The team wants to play well for this guy and he wants them to succeed in the worst way. Spags has injected his heart into this team and it shows, they don't quit and have a never say die attitude and what a refreshing change from last year.

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    Re: Spags

    I agree. I absolutely love Steve Spagnuolo and think he's doing a great job! He's the guy I wanted in the worst way, and in the mean time... Rex Ryan is in New York with a team with greater talent than ours and is struggling now, the same goes to Mike Singletary.


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    • FestusRam
      Spags worst trait...
      by FestusRam
      Its how he reacts after losses...

      I've watched many of the post-game press conferences, and never do i see or hear a sense of urgency from him. I just watched the ***** post game and all he had to say was how the defense played well for awhile. It's just unacceptable.

      I don't know how he thinks the "Mr. Positive" attitude going to turn this team around. I understand the fact that he doesn't like to call players out in public, but he needs to be real and explain to us how terrible these team really is.

      After yesterdays game, I expected a very ticked off or stressed out Spags. Instead he seemed content and never pointed out any of the many negative points of the game. I used to be pulling for Spags only a few games ago, that has all changed now. At 2-10, you got to light a fire under these players butts.

      Look at Miama. Sparano did a complete 180 with his coaching style and they're making a great run. Spags demeanor hasn't changed all season. He just seems much to content with how the teams UNDERperforming.

      If you look at all the great teams such as the Pats, Steelers, Saints etc., the coaches hold their team accountable when they play poorly. They hold themselves accountable when they're out coached. Spags does none of this. I'm over it.
      -12-05-2011, 01:00 PM
    • dgr828
      SPAGS may be in over his head
      by dgr828
      There are millions of excuses for the Rams woes, but the head coach must be held accountable. Even Jim Zorn has the Redskins playing inspired ball!
      Spagnuolo has done nothing to show that this team is responding to him. More often than not his Rams tend to quit on him before the end of ballgames.

      Has Spags lost this team already?

      Could the Rams have made a better choice for HC?

      Spags must be thinking "What have I gotten myself into!"

      Should Spags be placed offically on the HOTSEAT?

      It might be TIME!
      -11-29-2009, 01:26 PM
    • RamingtoLA
      Why all the hate for Spags?
      by RamingtoLA
      Did Spags coaching cost the rams some games? Yes but the Rams still wouldn't have made the playoffs with all the injuries. By Spags costing the Rams a few games they will get the 2 pick in the draft. If anything you should be mad they beat the saints or the browns that cost the Rams the number 1 pick over all. Give Spags a break.
      -01-01-2012, 10:28 PM
    • laram0
      by laram0
      Now DC for the New Orleans Aints. Not only are the Aints 0-4 they have arguably the worst defense in the NFL. What the heck were we thinking hiring this clown?!
      -10-02-2012, 06:20 PM
    • NJ Ramsfan1
      The Final Nail in Spags' Coffin...
      by NJ Ramsfan1
      ...will be allowing Mike Shurmur and the Browns to beat them next week. If he isn't officially on the hot seat yet in the eyes of management, he surely will be then. 9-31 record. We fix one problem, another one appears. We improve in one area, another falters. Conservative, unimaginitive playcalling. Poor execution. Mistakes at the worst possible time. An inability to make adjustments and hold a lead after halftime. It's just not working. I was behind Spags' hiring, but it is looking more and more like it is one big mistake and a bad fit.
      -11-06-2011, 06:49 PM