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I am a proud to be a Rams Fan

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  • I am a proud to be a Rams Fan

    Not that I was not always but extra special today. Compared to the first 8 Games I saw countless number of improvements in our team.

    Granted I felt like crap because we could have won that game in those last two minutes! especially the third to last play where bulger went deep. However the slot receiver was open on a streak and if he hit him it would have been a TD. Not to mention the nonchalant shovel pass after that. It has been a while since I felt that bad about our rams losing a game. Watching the whole game I wanted the victory so bad.

    Other than that.

    -Defense only gave up 21 Points, Special Teams 7.
    -We are now getting some turnovers
    -Brandon Gibson can be for real
    -The O-line is gelling together better.

    I had an arguement with my friends that the Rams will stink next year (of course thats what they say). But I see this team turning it up. I dont know and I dont care if we draft a QB.

    But lets go after Kampan, Willie Parker, Kevin Walter this offseason and let the draft plug up the rest of the holes.

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    Re: I am a proud to be a Rams Fan

    Looks like this team is only a few players away from coming back to a position of strength again and being a force to contend with. It seems that with your new staff especially getting rid of Hasslet who screwed things up in New O. you are on your way. Brees threw two interceptions to your team and I think your defensive line crushed our running game pretty well except for Bush. If I was your making the calls for this team I would look for a big time receiver and more pass rush specialist to lite up the quarterback. Do us a favor in N.O. and scramble up the playoff picture.


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      Re: I am a proud to be a Rams Fan

      I loved that game, it signalled we aren't far from being truly competitive, next season cannot start quickly enough.


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        Re: I am a proud to be a Rams Fan

        I did not get to see the game, although from the highlights and stats, we looked pretty good. I'm predicting that we will win a few more games before this season is over. It seems that the future looks rosey as the players going on IR, now Burton, too will lay the foundation for solid depth with back-ups in the years to come. We will hopefully have a good off-season with sold FA pick-ups and a good draft.

        Go Rams!


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          Re: I am a proud to be a Rams Fan

          Yeah, the Bears look to be a winner. That's about it.


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            Re: I am a proud to be a Rams Fan

            I agree with the Rams progress this season. I know we're not talking about playoffs, but this time next year, we might be. A lot of improvement in this team, and yet plenty of work remaining to put it all together. I hope that we draft some of the speedy players, and get the veterens into a "We're Back" mode.

            I am excited about this team's potential !!!


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              Re: I am a proud to be a Rams Fan

              I am very proud of our team even though we lost. We gave the Saints everything we had. We were 15 point underdogs.. and we fought for four quarters. We actually made the Saints nervous in the final two minutes..


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              • AvengerRam_old
                This is the most difficult season (as a fan) since 2002.
                by AvengerRam_old
                As a long time Rams fan, I've endured bad seasons. Its never fun. But this one is more painful than most. In fact, I recently found myself wondering how long its been since I've been this disappointed at the start of a season. The answer I came up with is 2002.

                In the Line#@& years, I didn't expect much, and I didn't get much. So, as painful as a 1-15 season was a few years back, it didn't hit me as hard as the start of this season has.

                The difference, of course, is that this year I had hope. Heck, I fully expected the Rams to win their division (a proposition that seems like a pipe dream now).

                In 2002, we were coming off a great season that had a bad ending. Still, we had a talented team that looked poised to return and contend again. Unfortunately, a combination of injuries and the mythical "Super Bowl hangover" lead to an 0-5 start on the way to a 7-9 season that effectively ended the GSOT era.

                This time around, it seems like the Rams are the victim of a "perfect storm." The strong points from last year (O line, improving defense) now look like flukes. The weaknesses that remained (WRs, OLBs) have become more pronounced. And, on top of it all, the decimation of the Rams CB corps has turned a potential strength area into a huge hole.

                I think this team CAN be fixed relatively quickly, but I don't see it happening this year.

                As was the case in 2002, the destruction of hope is a bitter pill. I, for one, am still trying to swallow it.
                -10-06-2011, 06:14 AM
              • acer1240
                Seahawk fan here
                by acer1240
                For starters, I am not a flamer or here to talk trash. I will not get into the Bulger vs Hass types of debates (although it was kinda cool to see that they are good friends during the qb challenge).
                The reason that I am here is that I am in a debate with a rams fan over the state of the team for the upcoming season. He stated that not only is everything alive and well, but the team will be even better than it was last year. Here is the way I see it as an outsider and run me out if I am way off base

                12-4 is pretty damn tough to duplicate in todays NFL. As a whole, I dont think the division got much better, the Green hire in AZ makes the fall of the 9ers a wash. The common opponents for the division are much more difficult unless the pats, etc... pull a Tampa/Raider like collapse this year.

                As I am not a fan of the team, I tend to look more at the losses rather than the draft of the FA signings the team has made. I've looked through the board and there seems to be almost an even split on the value of Warner? No matter what you think of the guy he was a team leader and an mvp carries an aura about him. Wistrom was overpaid to come to Sea, but again, the motor, heart, and leadership is again, tough to replace.

                The team may no longer have a QB issue, but Little did his best to make sure it had another one. This is not a TEAM issue, but things like this seem to effect the team anyway (see r.moss).

                For what it is worth, I see the rams going 10-6 this year, but was kinda wondering what you all thought how your team compares to last years squad.

                Cheers and good luck against all except Sea
                -07-20-2004, 12:18 AM
              • RamOfDenmark
                Anyone seriously thought about switching teams?
                by RamOfDenmark
                Alright, this is going to be a touchy subject obviously. Many or most of us aren't from the St. Louis area so we don't have that geographical connection to the team to keep us loyal. Even for those from the St. Louis area maybe the geographical factor is not as large as you'd think. The Rams have only been in town since '95 it's not like it's a long tradition that goes back generations in each family in the area with season tickets being inherited as it is in many other cities. It also looks increasingly likely that the team will soon move on to greener pastures, it has worn out its welcome years ago and at some point management is going to want a fresh start in a new market.

                So how did we end up Rams fans then? Personally I really liked what I was seeing from Vermiel, Martz, Warner, Faulk, Bruce and so on. I joined the ranks of Rams fans partially based on us winning a lot of games, but also based on the way we were playing. Gung-ho offense a never-give-up attitude and unflinching belief that even if our D sucked and we were down 20 points we could still put up 3 fast TD's and steal the game. That's the way it was, it was exciting even when we lost. As long as we were playing exciting football, competing and leaving it all in the ring I was a happy fan even if we sometimes lost games we shouldn't.

                But today that's different. It's not just about us being a losing team. We've been a bad team for a few years now and I think we can all handle that (otherwise we'd have jumped ship years ago when the GSOT faded). Where it gets more serious is when it comes to ownership and management. As I said I think we can all accept to have a team that sometimes loses more than it wins, we can accept bad players, they can be replaced, there's always next year's draft right? A bad coach can be replaced quickly, as we'll soon see. But at least to me it's much harder to accept that we have an owner who doesn't give a crap and a completely incompetent set of managers in charge of the organisation. Lawyers and accountants making football decisions, friends hiring friends, no accountability at the top.

                Players and coaches come and go, but owners and management can stay for decades and decades, and if they're as bad as ours they can almost assure that we will be, on average, among the bottom teams in the league and continue to make mind-boggingly stupid decisions. Sure sometimes everything comes together as it did in '99, but I'm increasingly realising what a crazy fluke that was. Ownership and management are incompetent, there is no nice way to say it but it's true. Our brief taste of success for a few seasons between the debacle of the 90's and our current situation really was a case of the blind chicken stumbling upon a corn by pure accident.

                Contrast that with other succesful teams where ownership and management are working together with a strong coach and ensures success year after year, of course there are...
                -09-17-2008, 06:54 AM
              • benton45
                Niner fan here. Let's talk shop.
                by benton45
                Hey guys.

                I am a regular poster on forums.*****.com under the name benton45, and thought I would swing by to say a few things.

                First of all, here is to an injury free game, and a good contest.

                I am not here to talk crap, let me clarify that from the start.

                I grew up about an hour from Candlestick and am now in Phoenix, and suffice it to say the Cardinals fans seem to forget that their ****, in fact, does stink. It can get frustrating.

                My uncle John has been a Rams fan since the 50's and we love the matchups. Every year we bet on the games and watch them together. It is a fun time.

                I do not know much about your team this year. Not to sound rude, but they were not a team that I felt it necessary to familiarize myself with. With the rebuild I see you guys going through personnel just like any rebuilding team does.

                The Niners are playing some tough ball this year. I have been proud and fairly surprised at the level of intensity of which they play.

                With that being said, we are still one step from being a force in the league as far as I am concerned. This game is very big one for the Niners IMO, because it will show how they handle a tough loss..and a victory would make us 3-0 in the division through week 1. A loss, however, would be demoralizing as it would be 2 in a row..and (no offense) against an inferior squad.

                I heard that one of your starting receivers broke his leg.. Sorry to hear. I never like to see a guy get seriously hurt. I also know Bulger got hurt, but am not sure of his status. Is he playing? If not, how has Boller looked?

                We dont have Gore, as I am sure you know, which could really hurt us.

                Anyways. I am sorry for being so long winded. Hopefully we can have some good chat before, during and after the game.

                I promise, as a sportsman, if you guys beat us on sunday I will be here shortly after the game to pay my penence.
                -10-02-2009, 01:54 AM
              • supachump
                100% Support from this FAN
                by supachump
                I debated with myself if I should post this. Surely some of the so called "fans" that have given up on the Rams will have some sort of witty reply. However, I've felt an overwhelming urge to post something.

                The Rams are in a sorry state right now. The front office is making bad decisions, the coach doesn't seem up to the job, our defense is unable to hold it together for an entire game, and our front line isn't protecting the Q-Back making him nervous and unable to find a rhythm.

                A lot is wrong. But what is right is that the Rams are my team, and for a lot of you on this board, your team as well. Fans have the right to complain and want something better, but a fan should also stick with them and look at the positives no matter how few there seem to be at this particular moment. Contrary to a lot of you, based on the posts I've been reading, I could reluctantly accept another terrible season and another after that and another after that. No, I don't like the abuse and I do want something more, but I stick by my team no matter the outcome.

                I don't expect everyone to feel the same way and I know that everyone reacts differently. But what I see, as bad as things seem, is a slight improvement from week 1 to week 2. This is what keeps me going. And I do think the team looked slightly better this week. Even if they play even worse next week, I'll still be here and still be a fan, because there is always hope. And when a team is down, this is what makes a fan. And the true test of a fan at that.

                People with different opinions are welcome on this board is far as I'm concerned. That is what sparks good debate and what could help me something that I wouldn't see otherwise. But when someone becomes so negative that the only thing that comes out of their mouth (fingers?) is down right hatred and they are only sticking around here to spread that hatred. And by their own admission, are no longer a fan and unwilling to follow the team. Well, that's your decision and I support it, but why do you stick around here and continue posting such garbage? Do you feel a need to try and convince more people to join your Anti-Rams social club?

                I applaud the fans that are sticking behind their team in these bad times. I even applaud the unhappy ones that are overwhelmed with anger, but still hold out a glimmer of hope and remain a fan.

                Even more so, to the Rams themselves (not that they are listening), but I support you 100%, even in this bad time. You are my team and I stand behind you, just as I would a member of my family. Good times and bad.
                -09-15-2008, 08:58 AM