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  • Hey thought about reply

    I've been a Rams fan since 1968. I've lived in the southern area 40 plus years . The age of 9-10 I played baseball and my team was the Los Angeles Dodgers NOT the atl. braves. I got into football aprox. same time,I liked the defense colors and logo< so I picked to follow the Rams. My dad was an old redskins fan I grew up with the "Over the Hill Gang" Kilmer Taylor Jorgeson etc. So later I took up playing basketball and didnt like the Celtics so I stayed within the city limits so to speak LOL Hence my user name LAFAN1968 !!!!!!!! So when they start losing years

    from now I will still be there,and from the sound of it NOT the only one! Fellow Rams fans!

    See ya,

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  • LAFAN1968
    Wanted to say something
    by LAFAN1968
    OK thats it. I read things listen to what peeps have to say and its seems most times its standard fan support. Which is fine bandwagon , winning team, and or go w/ the group fan but as a Rams fan from LA to St Louis the qb switching yrs Tommy Prorthro yrs Dickerson yrs &last but not least the 49er yrs . We are not "the same old sorry ass Rams " (HBO Inside the NFL show few yrs back ) WE are somebody to contend w/ and they tasted it once & they're back so when say we are going to beat the Rams on Sunday Remember the Rams that play the games will get it done barring injuries so Fins are coming Sunday and the players have yet to make a statement on the field on why we are "not the same old sorry ass Rams anymore so bring on the smack but this [email protected] belives now just as I did each year after year that the RAMS are for real now and later.

    See ya'll,
    -09-27-2001, 03:56 PM
  • Servox28
    die-hard rams fan is back
    by Servox28
    hey guys whats up.cant believe i just found this forum lol,but ya im 19 and ive bin a HUGE rams fan sense 1998, kinda dropped off a lil bit about 3 years ago but finally decided to rejoin my good ol rams! and i figured id pop in an say wats up an go RAMS! :helmet: if any of u guys have xbl add my gamertag Zyosx81

    how long do u guys think its going to take beafore we get another one of these?

    -06-05-2010, 03:29 AM
  • DualHazzarD
    DualHazzarD here, a Pure NFL Fan
    by DualHazzarD
    Hey guys, Im DualHazzarD, I am a giant fan of the NFL, and have been since 2003. My favorite Team is the Green Bay Packers, as I live in Wisconsin. But I myself, love every team of the NFL, and the Rams are one of my higher likings. They are a well established team, and Marshall Faulk was one of my favorites to watch play the game, who is now gone... But yet, the Rams being 0-7 as of right now, Seems to surprise me. Their team looks well balanced, and they have an offense to die for, and a big defense, but I dont see why they arent winning any games... and have an 11.3 scoring avg. per game. Well hey, It's my first day here, and I'd like to say hi to all you guys, and let you know that im here to have a good time, not start any trouble, and contribute my knowledge and have great discussions around this forum!

    -10-23-2007, 08:59 PM
  • Blankman17
    Good To See You All Again
    by Blankman17
    Hey there folks,

    Well, there's plenty of people who I do recall and plenty of people I don't, so I figured a get-to-know-who-this-Blankman-joker-is thread may be of some use.

    I've known Dez since I was about 17 years old. I'll be 23 in January. In fact, Dez gave me one of my first shots at professional writing when Gridiron Gateway opened and I did a little NFL summary there called The Roving Ram.

    I went to a tech school and have a degree in CNS (Computer Networking Systems) and, after a misguided year spent in IT, will be beginning progress on my degree in the field of my one true gift and talent: Journalism and writing at the Unviersity of Nebraska at Omaha.

    I spent 14 months covering University of Nebraska recruiting with and decided to take a leave to study the craft along with some potential business opportunities coming my way.

    I became a fan of the Rams about the same time I became a fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, 1994 when I was about 11. My reasoning? What else? Uniforms and I've been a sucker for them ever since.

    Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to see a full Rams game this year as my job kept me glued to darn near every collegiate game and come Sunday, I had to call recruits left and right, but I managed to sneak a peek here and there, so if I seem REALLY behind on what's going down? It's because I am.

    Anyhow, I'm glad to be back and it's nice to be able to be amongst others who share a passion for the finest organization in the National Football League.
    -12-27-2005, 07:40 PM
  • company dog
    Hey here
    by company dog
    Just wanted to say hello, 10 year Rams Fan from SE Missouri, I look forward to
    interesting debates this year....

    Warner Fan, Bulger Fan, but overall Rams Fan :ramlogo:
    -06-15-2004, 06:59 AM