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  • Got me a new toy!

    I found at a local Sports Collectibles shop a Rams diecast Hummer H4. Very cool. Here's what it looks like:

    Looks great next to my Ram 18 Wheeler on my window sill in my office!
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    Re: Got me a new toy!

    Looks great Av


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      Re: Got me a new toy!

      That's pretty cool.


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        Re: Got me a new toy!

        But it must be hard getting the family in to that thing! How's the mpg??


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          I need to get a new car, this weekend most likely. My Jeep is a 93 Grand Cherokee and it is pushed my limits lately. It got new exhaust and a new radiator. The new radiator was defective and the transmition fluid mixed with the anti-freeze. Not so good for the transmition. I put another radiator in it, but now I am getting a bad feeling that tells me it probably has a head gasket leak. I hear gurgling. Oh yeah and a couple of weeks ago on a start of a trip down to NC, one of the calipers locked up. New rotors, and new calipers required. Money pit.
          :tut poor jeep

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          Bet you can't guess what color I am painting it. Metallic Rams blue!!

          I'm pumped! Heading out now for a ride around the lake.

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          Check it out!

          -07-08-2005, 07:47 PM
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          Alright, it's my girlfriends and mine, but today she went to pick it out, and bought it. I haven't seen it yet not until Saturday ( I'm at my parents ) but i'm way to excited to see it!

          We named him "Apollo"

          Just a little husky!...
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