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  • 2nd half performance

    I know we lost. I did not see the game. I hear that Warner came out of the game and that has an impact on how Arizona performed in the 2nd half.

    A positive point that I feel good about at the moment is the 2nd half. Earlier in the year we were playing pretty good in the first half and falling apart in the second half. The last three games we have played better in the second half and we have been competitive, in the games, with a chance of winning them. That in my mind is a huge change.

    I don't know if the coaches are making adjustments, or if the players are motivated and hungry, but I like seeing a 2nd half team developing.

    I feel like the defense is coming together and holding good teams to reasonable scores. If we can get the O line in order and get some chemistry going between the WRs and Bulger, we could be a good team. I think it is coming.

    I hope the fans were cheering and supporting the team. Last year I was at the Arizonia game in the dome and it got really quiet in the 2nd half.

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  • BigGameMN
    What's really troubling is our 2nd half performances
    by BigGameMN
    9 points in the 2nd half this year. 9 points. When teams get outplayed like that in the 2nd half it means your getting outcoached. It happened last year too. In particular the first Seattle game. It seems we simply cannot make 2nd half adjustments while all the other coaches key in to exactly what we are doing and shut us down. To me that is directly on the coaches.
    -09-23-2007, 02:41 PM
  • Guam rammer
    1st half momentum!!!
    by Guam rammer
    With our performance in the 1st half.... WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED IN THE 2ND? This is supposed to be a game of emotion and somehow it just didnt carry over...we let this one slip away.
    -10-15-2006, 01:48 PM
  • HUbison
    1st half vs. 2nd half: Quantifying what we already know.
    by HUbison
    In the first half....we have actually outscored our opponents, 144-132 for a record of 6-7-1.
    In the second half....we have been outscored, 76-217 for a record of 2-12.

    In the first half....we've posted double digit scores, 9 times.
    In the second half.....3 times.

    In the first half.....we've held our opponents to single digits, 7 times.
    In the second half.....3 times.

    In the first half....we've had 16 TDs.
    In the second half....6 TDs.

    In the first half.....we've given up 15 TDs.
    In the second half....25 TDs.

    In only 4 of our 13 games, the 2nd half scoring defense was better than the 1st half.
    In only 5 of our 13 games, the 2nd half scoring offense was better than the 1st half.
    -12-17-2007, 09:10 AM
  • rammiser
    Another second half letdown.
    by rammiser
    What is going on with this team in the second half? Seems like almost every game we play good in the first half and stink up the joint in the second half. Is it the coaching staff, the players, fatigue, i just have no idea. We beat teams we shouldnt beat and lose to teams we should beat go figure. This team coaching staff included needs to learn how to finish games. They let Tampa linger around after they had their heart in hand at halftime. Instead of squashing it we carefully placed it back in their chest and supercharged it with lackluster effort in the second half. Something must change in these games we get leads in and then go super conservative with our prevent offense.
    -10-24-2010, 02:15 PM
  • BigGameMN
    Halftime Adjustments
    by BigGameMN
    Is it just me or does it seem we completely fail in making the right halftime adjustments? Look at tonight, we played the run pretty well in the 1st half, then boom, the Bears run at will on us in the 2nd half. Also, look at the Seattle game when were up 21-7(I think) at halftime then Seattle comes out and owns us in the 2nd half. It just seems to me that we come out with a good gameplan, but can't adjust at halftime.
    -12-11-2006, 11:59 PM