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    ST. LOUIS (AP)—St. Louis Rams quarterback Marc Bulger(notes) underwent an MRI exam on his groin and hamstring Monday and was due for a second MRI on a swollen knee in addition to testing for concussion-related symptoms after a physically demanding loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

    Coach Steve Spagnuolo said the first MRI revealed a strain. The second MRI was set for late Monday and Bulger will be tested for a possible concussion Tuesday after taking a blow to the head in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 21-13 loss.
    Spagnuolo wasn’t certain of Bulger’s status for next week’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. He said the injuries apparently occurred at various points in the game, and said Bulger woke up with the swollen knee.
    “Marc Bulger’s pretty banged up,” the coach said. “Marc’s got a few things going on.”
    Linebacker Chris Chamberlain(notes) and offensive tackle Jason Smith(notes) also will be tested for possible concussions on Tuesday.
    Fullback Mike Karney(notes) was to undergo an MRI on his neck. Offensive tackle Alex Barron(notes) (mild ankle sprain) and running back Steven Jackson (lower back strain) had more minor injuries.
    Spagnuolo was hopeful guard Richie Incognito(notes) can return after missing three games plus the bye week with a foot injury.

    Looks like all the Bulger bashers will get their chance to see another QB get beat up, or blown out, next week.

    I was actually very disappointed in the game this Sunday. I thought we got out coached, and out maneuvered at a lot of instances. The Cards did an excellent job of scouting us, and it seemed like for most of the game the Cards had a copy of our playbook and a mike on our play callers. The last 3 plays trying to get into the end zone in the next to last drive was insane. 3 straight passing plays, 2 of which were the same play to the same side against the best corner the Cards have. No attempt to run at all or play action to SJ.

    The O-line really underperformed after having shown so much improvement through the season. The Cards were getting pressure on us with only 3 and 4 man rushes.

    The receivers were constantly running the wrong routes, or giving up on their routes too early. Nearly half of Bulger's incomplete passes seemed to be from receivers not being where they were supposed to be.

    The D-line was getting no consistent pressure on Warner, or Lienart. Yes we knocked Warner out of the game, but that seemed more like a fluke. Not the hit, the injury. But we were not getting to either QB enough. And our run defense packed up and left the building, if it actually ever arrived with the team.

    A team loss no matter what anyone says, and who they like to point fingers at.

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    Re: Team all beat to ....

    I feel bad for Bulger, I really do. Had he not been beaten like a defenseless little boy for all of these years I would make a bet that we'd have a much better record right now.

    Washed up is harsh and it's not the word I'm looking for... He's just too beaten up it seems.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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    • eldfan
      Rams Team Report
      by eldfan
      Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo didn't realize the half of it when he reported Monday that quarterback Marc Bulger was "pretty banged up."
      Spagnuolo went on to describe how Bulger had had an MRI in the morning for a hamstring/groin problem, would have baseline testing Tuesday for a potential concussion and would be having another MRI in late afternoon because of some swelling in his knee.

      That left leg MRI revealed that Bulger had a tibial plateau fracture, and he will miss anywhere from three to six weeks. The previous week, it was reported that Bulger had banged his knees, and since no one is able to pinpoint when the fracture occurred, it's possible it might have happened Nov. 15 against the Saints.

      A tibial plateau fracture occurs on the top surface of the tibia or shin bone where it meets the knee. The injury can be more serious if there is displacement or if it affects the middle of the knee or on the inside because of the weight-bearing nature of the bone. The size of the fracture is also important.

      Spagnuolo described the injury as "a hairline fracture" and said it is likely that the injury is to the lateral or outside part of the knee. It isn't out of the question that Bulger could be OK to play in three weeks.

      It appears the Rams' plan is not to place Bulger on injured reserve, even though the team is currently 1-9. Kyle Boller will start Sunday against Seattle, with rookie sixth-round pick Keith Null the backup.

      For this week, the apparent plan is to go with two quarterbacks. If another quarterback is added after this week, it likely would be Brock Berlin, who was with the team in training camp.

      There are also questions about whether Null will be provided an opportunity to play at some point. Bulger's salary is scheduled to be $8.5 million in 2010, and he would count $10.5 million if there is a salary cap next year.


      —In his third game for the Rams, wide receiver Brandon Gibson was targeted on 17 Marc Bulger passes, catching five for 61 yards. Afterward, the focus was more on the missed connections than the receptions.

      Asked about miscommunication on a couple of plays, Bulger said, "Yeah, there was more than a couple. I think that's going to happen with a young receiver. I'm not going to put it on him. It's just a matter of us working together. The more time we spend together, the more on the same page we will be."

      Gibson agreed, saying, "My biggest thing is not leaving plays on the field, and that's what I did today. I'm frustrated at myself because I know I can play at a high level. I think we've just got to get on the same page, me and Marc.

      "There were just some things that I did, and we just weren't on the same page there on the goal line. That's two plays that stick out in my head, and I've got to do my best to come...
      -11-25-2009, 08:26 AM
    • r8rh8rmike
      Injuries Add Up For Rams
      by r8rh8rmike
      Injuries add up for Rams


      Coach Steve Spagnuolo entered the week hoping for a little luck on the injury front.

      "We do have to get healthy," he said Monday. "We've got some guys that are banged up. We need to get some guys back."

      Instead, things went the other way Wednesday at Rams Park. Both starting wide receivers, Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton, couldn't finish practice because of what Spagnuolo termed sore hamstrings. Backup safety Anthony Smith, who spent most of the San Francisco game with the starting defense following Craig Dahl's concussion, couldn't finish practice because of an Achilles tendon problem.

      All told, the Rams' official injury report had seven players listed as limited participation. Six are potential starters Sunday when the unbeaten Minnesota Vikings visit the Edward Jones Dome.

      "We got a little more dinged today," Spagnuolo said following Wednesday's practice. "It's that time of the year in the NFL. Guys are going to be sore. They've just got to fight through 'em, and our guys are doing that."

      To cut down on wear and tear, the Rams weren't in full pads Wednesday, usually the one day of the week where most teams work in full gear during the regular season.

      Among the walking wounded, cornerback Ron Bartell (thigh) and Dahl appear the most ready to play Sunday ... just in time for Brett Favre.

      "It feels 10 times better — the week off really helped," said Bartell, who missed his first game since high school Sunday against San Francisco because of his thigh injury. "I feel like with the next four or five days, I'll make enough progress to play. I have every intention of playing and starting Sunday, and helping us win. So barring no setbacks, I'll be playing."

      Dahl, the starter at strong safety until James Butler (knee) returns in a week or so, suffered his concussion in the first quarter against the *****. "On a tackle I had made, I got hit in the side of the head by the running back," Dahl said. "I came up fine, but just a little disoriented. Could tell things weren't right. I stayed in the rest of the series and then came out."

      But Dahl passed the "baseline" memory and cognitive skills test Tuesday, a necessary first step for players returning from concussions. If he gets through the practice week without any post-concussion symptoms, he will be back in the lineup against Minnesota.

      Things aren't as clear cut at quarterback, where Marc Bulger is trying to work his way back to game readiness after suffering a bruised rotator cuff Sept. 27 against Green Bay.

      Last week, Bulger had test results sent to noted orthopedic surgeon James Andrews for a second opinion on his injured right shoulder....
      -10-08-2009, 09:05 AM
    • ZiaRam
      Time for Someone to Step Up
      by ZiaRam
      by Howard Balzer

      As coach Steve Spagnuolo read the long list of injuries that had hit the Rams in Sunday's season opener, my mind drifted to a game in San Francisco in 2002 when the Rams were spanked by the *****.

      I recalled an impressive list of inactive players for that game, but, of course, wasn't sure of them all. So, I dug out my gamebooks from that season and sure enough, there it was in black and white.

      Six starters were inactive that day, and they were no slouches: Quarterback Kurt Warner, left tackle Orlando Pace, fullback James Hodgins, cornerbacks Aeneas Williams and Dexter McCleon, and linebacker Tommy Polley.

      The result was a 37-13 loss, as the Rams fell to 0-5 on the season. Warner had injured his hand the previous week against Dallas. In that loss to the *****, quarterback Jamie Martin got banged around, clearing the way for Marc Bulger to make the first start of his career the next week against the undefeated Oakland Raiders.

      It turned out to be the beginning of the end of Warner's career in St. Louis, as Bulger helped the Rams upset the Raiders and get the season back on track.

      That will be the charge of Spagnuolo as he might be spending as much time in the trainer's room this week as in meeting rooms and the practice field.

      As disappointing as injuries can be to all of a coach's best-laid plans, the reality is there are no pity parties in the National Football League. As Spagnuolo said Monday when asked how difficult it might be to lose cornerback Ron Bartell for the season, "You lose anybody for the season, anybody on our 53, certainly in the top 22, it's a blow. But I would venture to guess that if we looked around the league there's other teams going through the same thing. Like I told the team in there, just get a fox-hole mentality, get in there, regroup, get the next guy up and come out of the hole fighting. That's what we'll do."
      That's all they can do.

      While admitting the day-after injury report was the worst of any game since he's been with the Rams, Spagnuolo added, "There's a lot there no question. Like I say, that's why we have 53 guys, guys are going to have to step up there and play. I think you heard a couple of guys make the comments earlier that nobody's going to bury their head in the sand. We're not going away. We have 15 games. This is a marathon, not a sprint. We didn't envision starting like that. We certainly didn't envision losing all these guys, but between the coaching staff, personnel staff, the players just find a way to rally and go play."

      There were those that wondered if the lockout might be contributing to injuries. Said Spagnuolo, "That's hard for me. I can't go there on that. I don't know." He then added, "When you really look at it, I thought the coaches, I thought the way we structured the practices, I thought that Reggie (trainer Reggie...
      -09-13-2011, 01:44 PM
    • eldfan
      Bulger throws Monday, will try again Wednesday
      by eldfan
      Bulger throws Monday, will try again Wednesday
      By Kathleen Nelson
      St. Louis Post-Dispatch
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      Rams quarterback Marc Bulger engaged in what probably was the football equivalent of soft toss Monday briefly at Rams Park.

      “He was OK,” Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo, “didn’t throw it very far, but he’s trying to oil it up.”

      Spagnuolo guessed that Bulger would be listed as questionable on an injury report but was encouraged by the session.

      “That’s a long way away from a week ago, when he really couldn’t throw at all,” he said. “But that’s a tough call. We’ve got a whole day tomorrow. I think we’ll rest it and then see what he can do on Wedsenday.”

      Spagnuolo couldn’t estimate the intensity of the workout because he didn’t attend but added that Bulger had tested his right shoulder briefly before the 35-0 loss to San Francisco. Bulger was listed as the Rams’ third quarterback Sunday.

      “He did it to see if we got in the situation where we had to go to the third and he couldn’t hand off, could he dump it to the fullback. We needed to know that going in, in case we had that situation. Thank God we didn’t.”

      The rest of the Rams injury report:

      WR Danny Amendola suffered cramps in the game but should be OK.
      DB Ron Bartel (thigh) is still listed as day to day.
      OG Jacob Bell suffered back spasms but should be ready to practice.
      S James Butler (knee) will be monitored day to day but would be listed as doubtful.
      S Craig Dahl suffered a concussion and will be evaluated Tuesday.
      DT LaJuan Ramsey tweaked an ankle but should be ready to practice Wednesday.
      OT Jason Smith (knee) is day to day. “We should know more Wednesday,” Spagnuolo said.
      -10-05-2009, 06:50 PM
    • eldfan
      Rams Team Report
      by eldfan

      It's difficult to find silver linings in a season that has deteriorated with a 2-10 record and coming off a 26-0 loss to San Francisco that clinched the NFC West for the *****.
      However, a defense that has been gashed numerous times this season and has experienced a total decimation of its cornerback group, battled the ***** Sunday despite being on the field for 36:04 during the entire game and 21:36 in the first half.

      As the offense totaled only 19 plays in the first half, the defense did enough to keep the score only 9-0 at halftime. Four times in the game and three times in the first half, San Francisco reached the red zone, but they were held to field goals each time.

      The most impressive was in the second quarter after quarterback A.J. Feeley lost the ball attempting to pass and the ***** gained control at the Rams' 6-yard line. On third-and-goal from the 1, running back Frank Gore was stopped for no gain and David Akers kicked a 19-yard field goal.

      All told, on 10 red-zone plays, the ***** had a net of four yards.

      Said defensive end Chris Long, who had two sacks in the game, including one on first-and-goal from the 10-yard line, "I was proud of the way we stepped up when we had a short field. The offense will make mistakes, that's part of football. San Francisco has certainly been a ball-hawking team winning the turnover battle and we knew that they might get one today. I thought we did a good job of stepping up on goal line and some guys made some nice plays."

      In addition, a team with numerous injuries had players continuing to fight and play with injuries. Long has played the last two games on a bad ankle, and didn't practice Thursday and Friday after being very limited on Wednesday,

      Said coach Steve Spagnuolo, "That's what I believe our football team is about. Now, it still doesn't change the win loss column, I understand that but anytime guys do that and Chris is one of them. He didn't practice all week. That thing was sore, now. He finds a way to tough it out in the game."

      The Rams also did a good job on ***** running back Frank Gore. While the total of 144 rushing yards seems poor, 55 yards came on three runs by wide receivers Ted Ginn Jr. and Kyle Williams, and tight end Delanie Walker.

      Except for one 20-yard run, Gore was throttled, gaining just 73 yards on 21 attempts.

      Said safety Craig Dahl, "Our defensive coordinator (Ken Flajole) gave us a great scheme this week. Like I said before, that is their style of offense. Pound, pound, pound and then take a couple deep shots. Unfortunately we gave up two deep passes, and that is not something we are proud of. We have to continue to work on it. It is something we have struggled with in the past, we have to address those issues and get them corrected so we don't fall short on them again."
      -12-05-2011, 08:28 PM