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Bulger shouldn't play for the rest of the year.

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  • Bulger shouldn't play for the rest of the year.

    Guys, we aren't going to the Superbowl.

    This guy has suffered enough, and I really feel for the guy. I think as a well-respected player, he deserves to (at the least, have the option) sit out the rest of the year and get healthy for next year. I have an inkling that we aren't going to be getting rid of him, because regardless of drafting the QB of the future or not, Spags will more than likely want Bulger to mentor him.

    Your thoughts, my brothers and sisters?
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Bulger shouldn't play for the rest of the year.

    I don't think there is any doubt that it will be his option as to whether he plays again this season or not. If he heals completely, gets the medical okay and wants to play, he should play. If he doesn't feel right for the rest of the season, he shouldn't. He has never appeared to me as a guy who liked sitiing out.


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      Re: Bulger shouldn't play for the rest of the year.

      He's out 3-6. If it's 5 or 6 the best case scenario is that he comes back for 1 game. What's the point?

      If he rushes back and plays for 2 weeks, again, what's the point? As long as they aren't playing for the playoffs, I'd rather have the roster spot.


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        Re: Bulger shouldn't play for the rest of the year.

        Yes, I think we should let him rest for the rest of the year. Let him get back in condition. Meanwhile, with Bulger gone, we need to see what we have in Boller and Null. Boller was a bit rusty when he took over several weeks ago. Let's see if he performs any better.


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          Re: Bulger shouldn't play for the rest of the year.

          Do you really think the guy playing on the broken leg is really going to want to sit out if he can go?


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            Re: Bulger shouldn't play for the rest of the year.

            Is 75-80% of Bulger better than 100% of Boller or Null?

            GO RAMS!!


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              Re: Bulger shouldn't play for the rest of the year.

              A fractured tibia means it would be an extreme long shot for him to come back. As r8rh8rmike pointed out, if by chance he's given clearance before then, he should play.

              I cannot see Marc Bulger willingly coming back here next season as a non-starter. Why would he lend himself to that? If it were me and I still fancied myself as a starter, I'd rather look for a team with an unsettled QB situation in the hopes of playing than return to the Rams, mentor some guy through another losing season and spend the remainder of my career sitting on my ass.

              His injury is unfortunate- as any injury is- but with him it is especially so in light of the pounding he's taken over the last few seasons. He deserved a better fate.


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                Re: Bulger shouldn't play for the rest of the year.

                NJ, I figured he'd be the starter for another year while the QB of the future gets groomed and mentored.
                Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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                  Re: Bulger shouldn't play for the rest of the year.

                  Originally posted by Varg6 View Post
                  NJ, I figured he'd be the starter for another year while the QB of the future gets groomed and mentored.

                  Yeah, Varg, I wasn't really directing that comment to you specifically- there have been a few to suggest Bulger should be brought back next year and take a back seat to the guy we draft, which I just don't see happening. If he comes back, it's with the understanding he'd be starting- otherwise I'm sure he'd examine other options.


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                    Re: Bulger shouldn't play for the rest of the year.

                    We all know Bulger, if he can go, you can bet he will have a uniform on and ready to run out on the field.

                    I do agree with your sentiments about letting him rest, but if he can go, he will go.


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                      Re: Bulger shouldn't play for the rest of the year.

                      He shouldn't play, period. He's finished.


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                        Re: Bulger shouldn't play for the rest of the year.

                        Way too early to think about this in my mind. Let the guy heal up and let the medical experts figure out when he could play before spending any time worrying about it. We only have 6 weeks left of this season.


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                          Re: Bulger shouldn't play for the rest of the year.

                          Originally posted by RamsInfiniti View Post
                          Do you really think the guy playing on the broken leg is really going to want to sit out if he can go?
                          RI, I understand wanting to play & being the warrior when half the dome is calling you out, but sometimes you have to protect the player from himself.
                          I say he sits for the balance of the season.


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                          • Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                            Bral Backing Bulger...
                            by Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                            I believe Bulger can still contribute and will at the very least be back next year (hopefully with a renegotiated contract). I think, with the right chips in place, he can lead us to a .500 record next year.

                            Bulger's faults is his lack of mobility and improvisation skills at this point in his career. He seems to lack the ability to be elusive in the pocket and goes down once penetration is achieved. He has never been mobile, but in recent years he just hasn't been able to make things happen in the passing game, especially on the run. Every time he's taken off Ive literally held my breathe and felt my palms get sweaty.

                            I think this season, his worse to date, has humbled him. Hopefully he can use this as fuel to fire himself up to be that player he once was. Mid 30 resurgences are very possible as we have seen with Favre, Warner, Moon, etc. He can turn it around if hope is restored in his mind and he believes we can make some noise, as we've seen, he has the tools.

                            Ive also come to this decision of keeping Bulger because of lack of depth and options. Keith Null is not ready from what we've seen his first year, Boller better not even be in camp, and who is Mike Reilly? I think Bulger is better than any guy that we can get in FA barring the Eagles releasing Mcnabb. Let Bulger remain as that vaunted stop gap option i keep hearing about and lets play ball. West Coast offenses demand accuracy. Bulger was the most accurate passer in football at one point. We focus on the run, once we get that second change of pace back to compliment steven jackson, we could run a three headed monster with the likes of Ogbonnaya as well.

                            All that being said, give Bulger another year and take the BPA in round 1.
                            -02-01-2010, 07:57 PM
                          • RamsFan16
                            Why are people so sure Bulger is set in stone as starter?
                            by RamsFan16
                            I for one do not believe that Bulger is set in stone as starter. Could he start for us next season? Obviously, but do any of us really know that? Boller was brought in, he's a younger QB with a rifle arm, good mobility and only average accuracy. As Bernie pointed out in his bits, during the time that Brian Billick was in Baltimore, they went through a lot of Quarterbacks, and all put up the same numbers and Boller never really had a good supporting cast outside of Lewis (for about a season), Odgen and Heap.

                            Boller never had that go to guy, or that supporting cast that a rookie needs to have to succeed and progress in this league. And some still feel that he could become a decent Quarterback if he is given the chance in new scenery. Bulger has been known to be fragile and injury prone, and he does take a lot of hits as well. And I feel that if given the chance, Boller could succeed with us. He's still got some untapped talent, he was as you know, drafted high in the draft so there are certain aspects of his game that he can still be coached to use well.

                            But not back to the post title, why do some of you folks feel as if Bulger is set in stone as the starter? If he was set in stone, and the staff was comfortable with him, why would there be speculation that we could draft a QB at #2, or even bring in a young Quarterback who has had some success, and that can still improve his game and become a good Quarterback?

                            Also, Spagnuolo has stated that if a player comes in and doesn't play well, or play with a good attitude that he'll sub in the spot, Bulger hasn't ever played with a great attitude and the past few seasons hasn't played well. I for one, do not believe Bulger is set in stone at Quarterback, and come training and mini camp, we could have a camp Quarterback battle. Bulger was extended before Spagnuolo got here, so I'd think Spagnuolo would put contract sizes aside and play whoever practices the best and grasps the offense better. Which, Boller came from a run heavy offense as well in Baltimore.
                            -04-05-2009, 07:02 PM
                          • jjigga3000
                            Bulger is Not the Problem...
                            by jjigga3000
                            Boller had a way worse game than Bulger ever had. This offense has never looked this bad with Bulger at the helm. Yes Boller can make plays with his legs, but we need plays with his arm. That being said, and I'm a strong Bulger supporter, it's time to give the rookie a chance and see what we have in him, see if he's the QB of the future this season is over unless we bring Jeff Garcia in.
                            -10-04-2009, 06:29 PM
                          • dgr828
                            Is this the beginning of the end for Marc Bulger?
                            by dgr828
                            "Heaven can wait!" but not the majority of Rams fans who have become increasingly dissatisfied with the sub-par play coming from the Rams quarterback position.

                            Every excuse in the world has been made to explain all of the failings Marc Bulger has experienced, the past three miserable seasons in Saint Louis.

                            One glaring stats that stands out and seems to be a major problem for Bulger is "Red Zone efficiency". Any Fantasy player will tell you, the most important thing for QB is getting the ball in the endzone, for the score.

                            Even against the Jets friday night, Bulger looks pretty good between the 20s, but in the 1st half of that game the Rams can only come up with FGs.

                            There's even whisperings that Kyle Boller had a better showing and had more "pep in his step" than Bulger, in the game against the Jets.
                            The one TD thrown in that game was by 4th string rookie Keith Null, who was pretty impressive in the limited time given.

                            The so called "Bulger Bashers" along with "Bulger Apologists" are waiting with baited breathe in anticipation to see if the Rams QB can at least string two good offensive series together, let along two good games.

                            Marc Bulger is a player with good character, but what he lacks is a little cockiness or that chip on the shoulders attitude needed to keep opposing defenses in check.

                            How long are we going give excuses such as a poor O Line, inexperienced receivers or a broken down running game for Bulgers' ineffectiveness. Although these are contributing factors, Bulger has no one else to blame but himself for the lack of leadership needed, from the QB, in order for the Saint Louis Rams to have success.

                            AS MARC BULGER GOES, SO GOES THE RAMS......And the last few years have seen them both go to Hell in a Hand Basket!!!

                            I'm afraid, My CLAN Bretheren, This the beginning of the end for Marc Bulger!

                            ~WHAT A LOOOOONG ~STRANGE TRIP ITS BEEN!!! ~
                            -08-16-2009, 09:14 PM
                          • Guest's Avatar
                            Bulger or Bust?
                            by Guest
                            Let me start off from a quote from VegasRam which is truely factual:

                            "We yap and yap and yap about all our other problems, and while that's valid, it's amazing how a good QB reduces their significance. Look at the Packers the other nite. Played like crap, (175 yards in penalties alone), but won with what I consider an excellent QB, against a good D.

                            I like Bulger a lot, and think he's a good QB. Make that was. He flat doesn't have it anymore for whatever reason - mental and/or physical.

                            The Colts floundered for years, until guess what? Same with Dallas. Same with Arizona. Same with Pittsburgh. Same with the Saints. Same with the Giants. Same with the Chargers. Same with Seattle. Same with the Pats. Same with Denver in reverse.

                            It starts and ends with the QB, and we need one NOW!"

                            Now i know some of you are absolute Bulger fans and would love to sniff his Jock if he gave you the chance (not naming any names ;-) But it seems like some of you are so blindly following him that it doesn't matter how or what he does you support him and anybody else who doesn't support him you get mad at them and have a two year old fit. Others of you will say this topic has been beat to death, thanks for your opinion then don't comment on this thread there are others who want our voices heard....

                            This is exactly how I feel about Bulger which is a good quote "I think Bulger is a good guy and he puts up a lot of effort and he plays hurt, but he also misses easy throws and does not seem motivated to move the chains at times. I like seeing other QBs in there right now, just for a change."

                            I like Bulger personally and he had some great seasons with us but whether it is Physical or Mental/Confidence problems he has now I don't think he can get the job done for us anymore as a starter.He has taking a hell of a beating the last couple of years from our crappy line and He's kinda like a boxer who gets knocked out and rocked for the first time and is never the same again like he was in his prime. We have about one more yea rleft maybe with Bulger as our QB and I'd like to see him mentor a QB we get in the draft for a year before he leaves and I don't think it makes much sense to get rid of him after this season with all the dead money that will be involved of just letting him go after the saeson but who knows..... ownership has gotten rid of all veterens on the team and he may be next...
                            -12-09-2009, 08:48 PM