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    Jackson out now, too?

    Already facing the prospects of having Kyle Boller under the center for the remainder of the season, depending on how Marc Bulger's recovery goes, the St. Louis Rams may be without their best offensive weapon this Sunday. The Belleville News-Democrat has word that Jackson did not participate in practice on Wednesday to rest his back.

    If we had to carry an entire franchise on our shoulders, we're sure our back would be messed up as well. Jackson himself seems pretty sure he'll play on Sunday, though. "We're just hoping that it allows me to play. I am expecting to play Sunday. If that answers any questions, I am expecting to play."


    Hopefully it's nothing serious. I know it's just ESPN's Rumor Central, but just seeing "Jackson out?" made my heart skip a beat. At the same time though, on a 1-9 team, if there's any uncertainty regarding Jackson's health, I'd sit him this Sunday.
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    Re: Horrible News...

    I don't mind if he sits against the seahags. Our season is over, might as well keep one of our only good players fresh.


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      Re: Horrible News...

      You're right. If he is hurt, he's gotta rest. I know he wants to go, but we cant let HIM go.


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        Re: Horrible News...

        I would really like for him to be able to play against the Hawks. IMO, this is the only game left where I feel like we have a great chance to win. With Jackson out, that great chance goes down to an above slim chance.


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          Re: Horrible News...

          Here's the latest...

          Rams optimistic on Jackson, less so Smith
          November, 26, 2009
          By Mike Sando

          Running back Steven Jackson continues to miss practice time while resting a sore back, but the Rams expect him to play against the Seahawks in Week 12.

          "Yeah, Steven's a warrior," coach Steve Spagnuolo told reporters Thursday. "Now, he's not there yet and there's still a little bit of spasm there. We don’t want to take any chances, so he hasn’t practiced. I guess it could go either way. But I guess I'm thinking positive because of who he is and the way he's been."

          Right tackle Jason Smith, meanwhile, remains sidelined by a concussion. Coach Steve Spagnuolo told reporters Thursday Smith still has lingering symptoms. At this point, missed reps in practice could also sideline Smith even if the Rams cleared him medically before kickoff Sunday, Spagnuolo suggested.


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            Re: Horrible News...

            Did the Cardinals just take baseball bats to our players or what?
            "I've been saving the Universe for over a thousand years. I figure it owes me just this once."


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              Re: Horrible News...

              Did I hear that 2 linemen had concussions in the cardinals game? how does that happen? Does anyone know the details?

              I hope that Steven Jackson's back chills out soon. Who would be our backup RB at this point?


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                Re: Horrible News...

                It would probably be Gado, but I WANT SOME DARBY BABY!!!!!!!!


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                  Re: Horrible News...

                  Well Rams need to look forward to 2010! Without Bulger, season looks doomed.
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                    Re: Horrible News...

                    Originally posted by Alec22
                    It would probably be Gado, but I WANT SOME DARBY BABY!!!!!!!!
                    Oh lord, I really hope your kidding.


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                      Re: Horrible News...

                      It's all a smokescreen, "Back Spasms",BLAH!!!, Bottom line its about this time that the Rams and Steven Jackson start preparing and look towards the futre. Which in turn means Jackson's value greatly depends on the status of his health.
                      In the meantime, the Rams and JAX will go through this charade of if hes good or not good to go for ballgames.

                      Wasn't Steven fine after Sundays game against Arizona? I know people get hurt but something smells fishy when one finds out, on Thanksgiving, that Steven Jackson, out of the blue, is not sure if he can give it a go, because his team is going nowhere, his QB has gone nowhere, so why jepordize the future? Both parties (Rams and Jackson) are starting shut down mode to hold on to the value that still remains, as in bargining chip....IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!


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                        Re: Horrible News...

                        Here's more on Jackson and the OL guys:

                        11.26.2009 8:02 pm
                        Still no Jackson on practice field at Rams Park
                        By Jim Thomas
                        St. Louis Post-Dispatch

                        For the second day in a row, running back Steven Jackson did not participate in practice Thursday at Rams Park as he continues to get treatment for back spasms.

                        Coach Steve Spagnuolo normally doesnít use players on Sunday if they canít practice during the week. With just one full-blown practice left this week, Jackson is running out of time. Then again, if thereís one player Spagnuolo might make an exception for, itís Jackson.

                        Spagnuolo said Jackson was feeling better Thursday.

                        * Right tackle Jason Smith (concussion) also was held out of practice. He is still experiencing post-concussion symptoms and wonít be cleared to play until he has passed a neurological exam. If Smith canít go on Sunday against Seattle, Adam Goldberg will start at right tackle and Mark Setterstrom at right guard.

                        * Richie Incognito (foot) is increasing his drill work, but has yet to practice and appears at least a week away from returning. He will miss his fourth straight game Sunday.

                        * Fullback Mike Karney (neck) has yet to practice this week and looks doubtful for Seattle. TE Eric Butler, promoted from the practice squad Wednesday, has been working strictly at fullback this week, although itís uncertain that he will have the new position down in time to be active Sunday.

                        * Spagnuolo altered the teamís usual schedule Thursday. There were no post-practice meetings, allowing the players to get home a few hours earlier for Thanksgiving.


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                          Re: Horrible News...

                          Great, now our BEST player is hurt. Now all we need is for our economy to tank...wait, that already happened or is in the process of.


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                            Re: Horrible News...

                            It's back spasms. For anyone that's had them, it's a *****. you can get them from bending over to tie your shoe.

                            Drugs and rest are about all he can do. Personally, I doubt he'll be a go come Sunday.

                            With Boller and Gado in there, or Darby, count this as loss number whatever.... :|


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                              Re: Horrible News...

                              If you carry a team on your back the whole season sooner or later it's going to give you problems.


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                                **Breaking News** Jackson out atleast TWO weeks.
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                                Not sure if this was posted, or if you knoew but on Pro Football Weekly on FSN they said that Steven Jackson was out atleast 2 weeks.

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                                breaking news! jackson will play!
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                                Rams' Jackson says he's ready to return after one game absence


                                After a one-game absence, St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson says he's ready to return.
                                Jackson announced on his personal Web site on Saturday he will play against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday after missing last week's game with a thigh injury. He was officially listed as "questionable" on Friday's final injury report after being limited in practice during the week.
                                "I want to let you all know that the leg is feeling good enough for me to go on Sunday," Jackson wrote. "This is a big game for us against Arizona, and Iím going to give everything Iíve got to get us a win."
                                "So to be clear: I am playing. Be ready."
                                Rams coach Jim Haslett had desribed Jackson as a game-time decision on Friday.
                                Defensive end Leonard Little (hamstring), defensive tackle Adam Carriker (ankle) and cornerback Tye Hill (knee) were also listed as questionable for the Rams.
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                              • schut39
                                There is some good news....
                                by schut39
                                No, I didn't just save a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico. It's Steven Jackson. So far he has been looking really good. He is averaging 96 rushing yards a game. If he keeps that up for the rest of the season, then he is setting himself up to have his best year yet with 1536 yards rushing. All he has to do now is put points on the board. He still has 0 touchdowns, but I am thinking that is going to change very quickly. I can't wait to see how he does this season.
                                -09-27-2009, 03:05 PM
                              • Wolf
                                When do you think we'll have jackson signed?
                                by Wolf
                                I honestly hope soon, maybe before the second pre-season game...because this sucks. Especially when it's at a stalemate like it is. didn't the Rams front office say they were going to deal with this after the draft?

                                psh...look where we're at now.
                                -08-08-2008, 08:18 AM
                              • MOM
                                Breaking news!!!!!
                                by MOM
                                For all of you Bulger bashers out there, I wouldn't wanna be y'all right now!

                                Sam just received a text with the results on Marc's MRI.....he has a freakin' broken tibia! He is to be out 3-6 weeks! He played through that, and all y'all can do is say he sucks. Looks to me he is tougher than a lot of people think. More info as it develops.

                                The text message was from the Rams text alerts.
                                -11-23-2009, 03:55 PM