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Bulger Getting too Much Blame

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  • Bulger Getting too Much Blame

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Marc Bulger is a pro bowler anymore, and I'm not saying he still the long term solution for the Rams, but it seems to be that the St. Louis Rams fans and the media are using the age old scapegoat of throwing the QB under the bus.

    Fact of the matter is, Bulger is not the biggest problem on the team and I feel that it would be a mistake for the Rams to use what will likely be a top 3 draft pick on a QB.

    The offense needs help, period, and Bulger is not the biggest issue here. Lets face it, who does he really have to throw to? Donnie Avery? Brandon Gibson? Danny Amendola? Come on...outside of Favre, Manning, or Brees and maybe a few others, who could succeed with these receivers. he has a diminishing tight end with Randy McMichael, problems on the o-line despite the additions of Smith, Brown, and Bell. Alex Barron is becoming more and more mediocre with his non caring attitude.

    Here is what I think personally...The O-Line and WR's are young and should be in STL for awhile. Make this your base and keep building up that O-Line! The great thing about drafting offensive linemen is that they are such safe picks. The skill set isn't that different from college to the pros and within 1-2 years they quickly become studs liek they were in college. QBs on the other hand are busts out of the first round more than 50% of the time (see Alex Smith, JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, David Carr, Kyle Boller, etc etc etc...) Outside of Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco, can you truly remember a stud (and by stud I mean a franchise QB, which is what you expect from that early of a pick) first rounder since Manning?

    Brandon LaFell is probably the only potential first rounder WR and he isn't worthy of a top 5 pick, but the draft is rich in offensive linemen and it's also rich in quarterbacks that the Rams could grab in the 2nd or 3rd round to allow them to learn the system which helps to evade busts.

    Bulger has proven that with some protection and a weapon or 2, he can succeed. All he has had in his career was Torry Holt and for a couple years he had Isaac Bruce who was nearing the decline of his career as well as Marshall Faulk and a solid line. In those years he put up the numbers that fans consider for a franchise QB and he made the pro bowl. Quarterbacks can deal with losing a couple weapons, but they have literally overhauled the offense and had 3 coaches during the Bulger era, that is simply hard for any quarterback to deal with. Manning has had Harrison and/or Wayne as well as Dungy every year except this one, Favre had Holmgren and a solid O-Line (he is special and can make any reciever good). Marc Bulger was stripped of Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce and given Donnie Avery and Brandon Gibson. His offensive line was taken over and replaced with guys who let him get hit an astonomical amount of times (leading to his injury-proneness).

    Like I said, he isn't the long term option, but he is also not worth cutting so that the Rams can waste their extremely valuable top 5 pick on a QB when so many other holes need to be filled. Draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd and sit them behind Bulger for a year or 2 and then let him take over knowing the system and confident to play at this level. Or get crazy and see if we found anything in Keith Null!

    I would think that Bulger would be willing to restructure knowing that if he wants to start anywhere, he needs to take the pay cut with the Rams.

    What happens happens, and we will see what the future brings!

    Go RAMS! :helmet: