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  • Monday's Game-ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Hmm, who predicted a snoozer? LOL, just kidding. It had its interesting moments.

    Let's start with the shut out. A thing of beauty, even if it was just the Lions. I think they said we hadn't had one since 1994? Five touchdowns, no wasting time with field goal attempts, didn't need them. Gotta love that! Wilkens got enough of a workout on KOs and extra points.

    They miked up Faulk! If was great fun listening to how he talks during a game. Very upbeat! My favorite quote from him as spoken to Dre' Bly after his interception return for a TD (one of the games best highlights), "Special people make special plays on special days!" You bet!

    Of course, one interesting play that we were robbed of was Grant Wistrom's fumble recovery for a TD. Interesting that his teammates had to drag him to his feet and propell him on his way, he usually assumes it's his to take in. How sad that a lack of understanding about what was happening on the field and the offense jumping the gun onto the field like that robbed him of it. Somebody just doesn't want Wistrom adding a TD to his stats. But, hey, he recovered the fumble, Rams ball!

    A point of interest we should cherish even though it was a negative one: Faulk fumbled! I say "cherish" more for our opponents' sake. They should cherish it because it's not likely to happen again. Still, one more element of the game that kept it from being a total snoozefest.

    I noticed later in game, the Lions' fans in stands (the ones that bothered to stick around) were wearing bags on their heads with frowny faces on them. I'd like to denote them as "Bags of Shame", as that's exactly what they were.

    My other favorite quote of the game was made by Martz after the game was over. When asked why they threw so much, he answered, "It's fun!"

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    I watched the game twice. (Taped it). Although the Lions were really hurting, the mistakes that the Rams made really didn’t turn on them this time. Marshall’s fumble was pretty upsetting, and seeing Bruce drop those two passes was really out of character. The defense keeps getting better - but the team needs to TACKLE the running back! With the Giants coming up they really need to work on this. They tried to arm tackle and missed a couple of times.
    All in all – to see the RAMS shut out anybody is a great sight!

    GO RAMS!!!!

    ‘The only undefeated team in the NFL’

    Always a Rams Fan............

    Rex Allen Markel


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      One more thing - Coach Martz is sure looking comfortable in front of the mike!:p
      Always a Rams Fan............

      Rex Allen Markel


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        Wistrom's IQ = Max Q

        On the nullified DTD by Grant Wistrom, yes too bad. Another one of those "silly little" team mistakes that clearly equals six, seven points.

        What I liked about it though, was the fact that Grant FIRST made SURE he had fully recovered the fumble by keeping it well secured and tucked away. Too many times you see a defensive player start running the opposite way b-e-f-o-r-e making sure he's got the ball under control, often resulting in a crazy pigskin squirting here and there and, alas, back into possesion of the opponents!

        It's a fundamental football fumble technique yet it happens all the time -- someone, too excited to make a play gets too eager over the heat of the moment and fails to recover an important fumble. Aaargh!

        Amazingly, however, the Lions didn't make much of an effort to fight for it and that's what caused the sudden double hesitation, I think.

        1) Grant, expecting the Lions to pounce all over him, rightly protected the ball until two other defenders [who were they?], standing right by him gave him the "GO!" signal to return it for the TD --a great TD! ...Excelent!

        2) Rams offense players, feeling those long two, two and-a-half seconds of a Lions siesta, assume play is over, don't wait for the whistle, and want to take over the field. DTD is called back. :mad:

        Rams will get to MAX Q their game (what an awesome sight that will be)! Right now though, players like Wistrom are placing the necessary IQ foundation to make it happen.

        GO DEEEEEE!! GO RAMS!!!


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          I agree Jorge, the falling on the ball FIRST by Wistrom was a fundamental gem. I tell you what, Leonard Little had a great game. Showed a burst of speed off the snap that was beautiful.


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            Coming up...


            For the up coming --I mean, Giants-going-down game-- do you know if Zgonina and/or Williams will be starting due to injuries? Looks like the Rams are r-e-a-l-l-y going to be hot for this one, both O AND D!

            Ram stampede on scrambling little G-men! GO RAMS!


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              Lions fans attitude

              It was the first time for me to see the RAMS inside the US (saw them once in Berlin, Germany at a preseason game). I`ve been impressed by the massive support by all the RAMS fans. We´ve been really happy to sit with all the other RAMS fans because some of the Lions fans showed a really strange behaviour.

              There were so many fights going on in the stands. Fortunately all fights we saw where between Lions fans.

              Late in the game they started to shout for the Red Wings. I understand that it´s frustating to see see your team losing that high and even without a score. But such behaviour destroys all that HOME-GAME-Feeling for a team. I saw the Lions the week before in Jacksonville and they played pretty well.

              Do you see other fans in other stadiums also behave that way?
              I´ve been to Foxboro, Tampa and Jax before and there was a pretty nice atmosphere even after a home team loss. Only Cleveland was also a little bit strange (and cold).

              Go RAMS



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              • RAMble On
                "You're about to be pissed"
                by RAMble On
                On HBO tonight they showed highlights of the Rams / Lions game. When Wistrom ran the fumble into the endzone, Marshal Faulk told Martz "You're about to be pissed, they ran onto the field". I thought it was funny.

                Also, Ronnie Lott used to call a massive hit in the middle a "Woo Hit" because it makes the crowd go "Woo". I'm looking for AA to deliver a Woo Hit to the Giants on Sunday.
                -10-11-2001, 09:49 PM
              • Barry Waller
                Win Over Lions Commentary
                by Barry Waller
                In reality, the biggest thing about the Rams 41-34 win over the visiting Detroit Lions was simply that it took Scott Linehan's club to a 3-1 record, and a tie for the division lead.

                However, the circumstances of the game itself, and of the people involved in playing and coaching in it gave this particular Rams victory very special meaning for Rams nation that takes it beyond the league standings.

                Any game that sees an incredible six lead changes, five in the second half, the last in the final two minutes, and an outcome in doubt until the last two seconds tends to live long in the minds of fans and those involved in the game. This particular shootout happened inside the Edward Jones Dome, against an offense coached by Mike Martz, and a squad full of ex-Rams, which makes it one for the ages. There was little doubt that losing to Martz new club was something the fans in the dome were not ready to accept gracefully.

                The emotions in the stands boiled over several times during the roller-coaster contest that seemed to go on forever, no doubt the last of the afternoon games to finish by far, as police and security personnel were kept busy protecting the few overly vociferous Lions fans in the crowd.

                The crowd was at an absolute fever pitch by the time Isaac Bruce put the Rams ahead to stay with a classic short TD pass just over the goalline near the right sideline. Then Bruce caught a two point conversion toss over the middle from Marc Bulger, who enjoyed a breakout game, as the fans finally were able to exhale, knowing that the worst that could happen the last two
                minutes of the game would be a tie.

                The way Martz' Detroit crew, featuring ex-Rams Mike Furrey, who caught two touchdown, passes and Az-Zahir Hakim, had moved the ball throughout the game, helped by great kickoff returns by the Lions Eddie Drummond, there was no way anyone in the dome thought it was over after Bruce scored. Even after the defense got the ball right back on an interception by
                Jerome Carter, no one was happily lighting any victory cigars.

                In the end , that was probably logical, seeing as how a rare Jeff Wilkins miss that would have iced the game caused one last heart attack for Rams fans. It looked like the Lions would receive a miracle similar to the one the Rams received a week earlier in Arizona, as pass interference was called on Tye Hill covering Hakim in the end zone with just ten seconds left.

                As had happened seemingly too many times on this afternoon, it took a few minutes of officiating discussion to finally determine the outcome of the play. In the end, it was only the fingertip of MLB Will WItherspoon that saved the day for the Rams, as he tipped the hail mary pass from Jon Kitna just before it reached Hakim, nullifying the flag, and leaving the Lions one last shot on fourth down. That pass went too far for the dangerous Roy Williams,
                -10-02-2006, 06:43 PM
              • ramhard
                Perspective from Live at the Lions Game
                by ramhard
                Stream of consciousness from game:

                How in the heck could the Lions have given Matt Millen a contract extension as GM? The team has stunk and continues to stink, yet they extend his contract. Using his first round pick on Mike Williams? A good player, but they already had players like him on the squad, they had many other needs. Think they could use DeMarcus Ware, Shawn Merrimen, Derrick Johnson, or Thomas Davis? With all the Martz bashing, Mariucci has done nothing with the Lions.

                Ok, to the game. Since the TV would be showing all the skill positions I focused on the big boys mostly, and other stuff that would be out of the frame.

                Views of the OL. Played well, but surprisingly Pace got beaten a couple of times on the rush. RT’s played fine, mostly hold your position type of play, I think it was mainly Tucker at RT. Lot’s of chipping with the TE. The line gets in trouble when they try to use the inside guys to do a lot of pulling and trapping. Our current OG’s just aren’t that athletic. When it works, can spring a big game, but saw lots of penetration on those plays. Barron sure does look the part. He and Pace look like big and little brother. Barron also is amazingly fast for a lineman. When he drops back to past protect he gets back much faster than anyone else, including Pace – nice feet. I don’t think his problem will be outside speed rushers. However, he got beat twice on inside moves where the guy swims under him. This is where his lack of strength hurts, and how they use his speed against him (get him going back and duck underneath). He is not ready, and is not a force on run offense (kinda a lean into him blocker right now), but you can see the gifts. He was also very attentive even when he wasn’t playing. Listening in huddles, watching the play, I was impressed by he and Terrell.

                Speaking of Terrell, I never thought I would say this about a man, but he has an amazing backside! He looks like a traffic cone with legs.

                Other O thoughts. I can’t see Collins being more than a practice player this year. He looked tentative and lost on O, and just okay on special teams. Maybe its the new position, but no instinctive moves or spark. Seemed to be a concentrated goal to use the TE more in the game. TE’s were open all day, even when they weren’t thrown the ball. BM had a couple of good plays in the pass game and a couple of lost opportunities. If he can become even somewhat consistent he will have a huge year. That is the position that defenses are giving up to cover the WR's plus Faulk.

                Some D thoughts. Green may have started but Hargrove got most of the first half play. So much so that I wondered whether Brandon had gotten hurt. Hargrove still has one move – the bull rush, but if you give him time, he will beat you. He was the most animated guy pregame and on the sidelines. Hargrove isn’t an around the edge speed rusher...
                -08-30-2005, 11:28 AM
              • Nick
                Rams in high gear in 37-13 win over Lions
                by Nick
                Rams in high gear in 37-13 win over Lions

       wire reports

                DETROIT (Aug. 29, 2005) -- The St. Louis Rams resembled the team that won the Super Bowl five years ago and the Detroit Lions looked like the NFL's worst team since 2001.

                Marc Bulger accounted for two touchdowns, Isaac Bruce had 85 yards receiving and a score and Steven Jackson ran for 108 yards and a TD to lead St. Louis to a 37-13 exhibition victory over Detroit.

                "Coach (Mike Martz) kind of challenged us this week to come out against Detroit and play well and we did that on both sides of the ball," St. Louis' Torry Holt said.

                "I have been saying all along that as long as our offensive line protects the quarterback and the defensive line plays well, this will be a good football team. I think we displayed that."

                The game was similar to the last one featuring the Lions on national television in prime time, a 35-0 setback against St. Louis on Oct. 8, 2001.

                Detroit has lost an NFL-high 48 games the past four years, while the Rams have been a playoff-caliber team since winning a title.

                With a crisp passing game along with Jackson's speed and power on the ground, the Rams (2-1) led 21-6 at halftime, a score Lions coach Steve Mariucci said would be important entering the game.

                The Rams were so dominant on an 11-play, 90-yard drive in the first quarter they didn't have a third down.

                Bulger was 11-of-14 for 167 yards, threw a TD pass and ran for a 7-yard score, untouched on a sneak. Jackson ran for 64 yards on his first of 14 carries, and scored on a 3-yard run. Bruce caught five passes for 85 yards, including a 31-yard TD catch.

                A pass rush that came from all angles stifled Detroit's first-string offense, which hasn't scored a TD in three preseason losses. When Joey Harrington had time to throw, he either missed receivers or they dropped passes.

                The Lions' starters finally got into the end zone, but two linemen were called for holding, negating the TD. Detroit ended up settling for Jason Hanson's second field goal late in the first half.

                Harrington was 9-of-18 for 106 yards, and Kevin Jones had 38 yards rushing on nine carries.

                "It was just one of those nights where things kind of piled on top of each other," Harrington said. "We missed blitz pickups, we missed throws and we missed routes. When you get into a funk like that, it's tough to break out."

                Jeff Garcia was signed to push Harrington, but he had another lackluster effort, going 2-for-9 for 34 yards with a fumble.

                When both teams put reserves in the game early in the third quarter, St. Louis was still superior. Jamie Martin threw an 11-yard TD pass to Madison Hedgecock to put the Rams ahead 34-6 late in the third quarter when Ford Field was almost...
                -08-29-2005, 09:42 PM
              • RamWraith
                Player Q & A
                by RamWraith
                Player Q & A
                Wednesday, October 6, 2004

                QB Marc Bulger

                (On Seattle’s defense)
                “They’re real good, they all know their responsibilities. Their linebackers hit the line pretty good and they are aggressive. Their corners are real good, and can play a lot of man and match up one-on-one. Their defensive line is really good, we all know what Grant (Wistrom) can do from his time here. All around, they don’t have any weaknesses.”

                (On Seattle DE Grant Wistrom going against T Orlando Pace)
                “Hopefully we won’t notice it. Hopefully Orlando can just do what he has been doing and neutralize him. Grant’s a good player, and I’m sure he’s going to make a few tackles. But hopefully “Big-O” can take care of him this week.”

                (On his statistics)
                “I think the offense is just playing good as a whole right now. We have to score more points, but the numbers don’t mean anything if we aren’t winning games.”

                (On the offense not scoring in the second half against the *****)
                “We only had four possessions or so in the second half. We wanted to come out and finish strong. But when you are on the road, and have that big of a lead, you don’t want to be overly aggressive and give them a way to get back in the game. It got to the point where we didn’t have to be as aggressive.”

                (On the offensive line)
                “They were doing well in the preseason. The first week or two, was a little awkward, I think, working together. But Scotty Tercero, who has been around for a couple of years now, he has worked with (the starters), and the way (Chris) Dishman played, these guys aren’t first or second year guys. These guys have played in the league for some time, and it was just a matter of them working together, then we knew they would be ok.”

                (On the Rams’ running game)
                “We had six or seven runs over 10 yards, that gets those linebackers aggressive and it opens up the play action. I think it was evident, watching Isaac (Bruce) get behind the linebackers in that big zone, that’s pretty much what you are trying to get, and it worked last week.”

                (On getting a win against the Seahawks)
                “I’m 0-1 (at Seattle). It would be nice to win there. It would be nice to win anyway. But like I said, they are supposed to win the division, they are undefeated, they have a good offense and good defense, so it will be a good test.”

                DE Tyoka Jackson

                (On playing against former teammate Grant Wistrom)
                “I’m looking forward to seeing him. He is a great guy, and we have a lot of respect for him, so it will be fun seeing him. It will be a little weird seeing him in a different uniform, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to him going against Orlando (Pace) for four quarters, that should be fun to watch too.”

                (On if the defense is still...
                -10-07-2004, 05:40 AM