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  • Just Discouraging

    Once again, the Rams found a way to be competitive for a half, then not get anything done in the 2nd half en route to a loss. This one hurts on several counts:
    - We lose yet another conference game
    -We lose to a Seahawks team who had been GOD AWFUL on the road
    -We lose with Steven Jackson putting up decent numbers despite being
    listed as questionable.
    -We lose despite Kyle Boller throwing for 289 yards (to Matt Hasselbecks
    -We had three home games in a row- and lost all of them. This one was winnable.

    It is obvious we are short on talent. But to say we have NO TALENT is inaccurate, and I'm sorry, an excuse, plain and simple. While none of these recievers are superstars, they are serviceable- and did a decent job today. As mentioned, Boller threw for nearly 300 yards, which for a backup is more than acceptable. Jackson gutted it out.

    We lost for the same reasons we always lose- we make the wrong play at the most inopportune times and guys are not consistent. Brown hits a 55 yarder but misses an earlier one. Boller throws for a bunch of yards but has a crucial pick returned for a touchdown. We break down defensively too often. The offensive line gave up 4 sacks. You can't win ball games this way.

    Today was our shot; I honestly don't see us winning again this season.

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    Re: Just Discouraging

    Rams have developed a Losers complexion. They expect to lose. We make the same mistakes week after week. Rams get a score early on , but never follow up with another again till its too late. Ofcourse this team is going to have troubles inthe redzone, Josh Brown's wiff that failed to bail the Rams out early on, took alot of the Rams momentum on which they couldn't recover.

    I've yet to see this team as "53 playing as one", this year!

    Very discouraging indeed!


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      Re: Just Discouraging

      I think next years slogan should read BACK TO BASICS
      It wasnt just the rams playing bad, it was bad officials calls
      When Bollers ball was intercepted and the ref called tripping, there was no tripping, he just had to cover his but for throwing a stupid flag.
      At least this year is over i say give NULL some time in the drivers seat and see if he can produce any spark in this sparkless team.
      Who knows look what VINCE YOUNG is doing with TITANS????


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        Re: Just Discouraging

        Comparing Null to Young is apples and kumquats. Young has been in the league for 4 years, has prior starting experience, and played more successfully at a much higher collegiate level than Null did.

        And of course, Young has a much better supporting cast to work with.


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          Re: Just Discouraging

          Originally posted by dpw1970 View Post
          Who knows look what VINCE YOUNG is doing with TITANS????
          Young was a superstar at texas, was ROY, and has been to the playoff's. Null on the other hand hasnt played a snap in a regular season game, struggled at times vs third string players, and has a lackluster team to play with. In what way would it be good for him to start a game?


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          • Bralidore(RAMMODE)
            Rams Leaning Towards Boller Now?
            by Bralidore(RAMMODE)
            "All week it's looked as though the St. Louis Rams would start rookie QB Keith Null against the Cardinals, but now Fox Sports is reporting that the team is leaning toward starting Kyle Boller, citing concern over the leaky protection offered by the offensive line. Last week, the offensive line, missing three starters, allowed three sacks against the Texans, who have just five more sacks on the season than the Rams. Arizona on the other hand has 38 sacks on the season, the fourth most in the league. So protecting Null from his own line is a valid concern, especially with LT Alex Barron lapsing into his old habits lately. Of course, it's kind of like avoiding sending your child out into the world for fear they'll get hornswaggled by someone calling themselves the "wallet inspector;" they have to learn to deal reality sometime.
            Here's my two cents on why they should start Null. The Rams played with real passion last week, before ultimately being outmatched, but they were a much better team. Do not adjust the chemistry. There's more to it than just Null, but I think his play has been a big part of it. Formula's are complex and adjusting one seemingly little element of it throws the whole thing out of whack.
            After the Null/Boller question, the next pressing issue will be what happens with CB Jonathan Wade. He was the starter along side Ron Bartell when the season began, but was quickly replaced by an emerging Bradley Fletcher. When Fletcher was injured Wade still sat, being replaced by a combination of Justin King and Quincy Butler. Now with Quincy Butler out for the season will Wade get some playing time or will King get more and Cord Parks, recently added to the roster, get more time in Wade's stead? Stay tuned for the battle of the third string cornerbacks!!"--Turf Show Times
            -12-27-2009, 11:04 AM
          • r8rh8rmike
            Round Two: Should The Rams Give Boller Or Null A Chance?
            by r8rh8rmike
            11.03.2009 1:20 pm
            Should Rams give Boller or Null a chance?
            By Roger Hensley

            QUESTION: Despite another rough outing Sunday, obviously the coaches still believe QB Marc Bulger gives the team its best chance to win or he wouldnít be playing. Do you agree with that assessment or do you think itís time to give Kyle Boller - or even Keith Null - a chance to run the offense?

            JIM THOMAS

            Even with the patchwork receiver corps, the results against Detroit - one of the worst pass defenses in the league - were underwhelming. But the problem with Boller is that he seems to be more mistake prone than Bulger, which leads to more turnovers. Null simply isnít ready to start in the NFL, although it wouldnít hurt to see him in mop-up situations.

            BERNIE MIKLASZ

            Itís time to get ready to draft a quarterback.

            Unless the people running the Rams have lost their minds, Bulgerís time here is winding down. Boller is Boller: a more mobile Bulger, but not an accurate passer and prone to silly mistakes. I donít understand the people who want to throw Null to the wolf pack and see the kid fail. Null came to the NFL from a small-college program that ran a spread offense, and he has received virtually no reps in practice. At this stage of his career, starting Null in a regular-season NFL game is crazily irresponsible. I wouldnít mind it if the Rams worked Null into a fourth-quarter series here in there to get him acclimated, but nothing more than that.

            As I wrote in todayís column, unless the Rams want to get RB Steven Jackson killed, theyíd better get serious about drafting and developing a quarterback.

            JEFF GORDON

            Since the Rams just won a game, there is no reason to change quarterbacks. Had Bulgerís targeted receivers caught more of those balls within reach - like the would-be TD pass to Randy McMichael - his numbers would have looked better. The Rams need to throw more of those passes down the field. This is a check-down scheme, as it stands today, and Bulger is OK doing that. But how many more games can this team win checking down? When Bulger gets hurt again, Boller will get another chance. His mobility is a huge plus, but inaccuracy is a huge problem. As for Null, I would use him at the end of blowout losses to give him a taste of it.

            BILL COATS

            Boller isnít a good fit for the offense, and Null simply isnít ready to start - although Iíd like to see him get some action in mop-up time. Itís become obvious that Bulger isnít capable of reprising the kind of play he showed during his Pro Bowl seasons. Still, heís the best option the Rams have right now.

            KEVIN WHEELER (Host of ďSports Open LineĒ on KMOX)

            It really doesnít matter who takes snaps from center right now. Bulger isnít getting it done, nothing in Bollerís track record suggests he would get it done and...
            -11-03-2009, 01:39 PM
          • eldfan
            Rams' QB situation is muddled
            by eldfan
            BY BILL COATS

            The worst season in franchise history is over, and the Rams' quarterback situation is as cloudy as it was six weeks ago when starter Marc Bulger's year ended with a leg injury.

            Neither veteran Kyle Boller nor rookie Keith Null did enough to assure themselves a significant role in 2010, and Bulger's return isn't guaranteed.

            Null made his fourth consecutive start in Sunday's 28-6 loss to visiting San Francisco. Boller entered when Null came up woozy after being sacked by ex-Missouri star Justin Smith early in the third quarter.

            "I just hit my head on the turf real hard," Null said. "I came off and my body didn't feel right and my head didn't feel right."

            Sacked five times, Null completed seven of 17 passes for 57 yards, with no touchdowns or interceptions. His passer rating was 50.4.

            Boller, who started the first two games after Bulger was hurt before a thigh injury and illness forced him to the sideline, fared even worse. He was sacked three times in going four for 11 for 23 yards, also without a TD or interception. His rating was 44.9.

            "It's just frustrating," Boller said. "It's been a tough year. We've got awhile to rebound here now."

            Quarterback play all season was spotty, at best. Together, the three completed just 57.4 percent of their passes, and threw more interceptions (21) than touchdowns (11).

            Bulger, 32, has four years remaining on the $65 million contract extension he received in 2007. Boller, 28, was brought in on a one-year deal as the backup and wants to return. Null, 24, was a sixth-round draft choice from NCAA Division II West Texas A&M who spent the first 10 weeks as the No. 3 quarterback.

            If any of the three pressed his case for a longer look, it was Null.

            "Having the experience playing and then having the whole NFL season under my belt now is definitely going to help," he said. "I know that it may take some time and some development, but I know that I have the ability to do it."

            Null added that he would return in the spring "with a lot more confidence. Now I have a heads-up on how to do things, how to prepare. I still need to learn a lot more in that area, but it's a start and I'm on the right track. ...

            "I want to hang around here as much as possible (in the offseason), be around the coaches, be around the facility, do everything I can possibly do to try to get better."

            All the better to position himself for a run at a full-time job.

            "I think the best situation would be to have a chance to compete for that No. 1 spot, and that's what I want," Null said. "But I did start off as the third-string guy this year, so ... anywhere better than third string...
            -01-04-2010, 05:29 AM
          • RamsInfiniti
            Rams coaches MUST do the right thing and start Null again this week ....
            by RamsInfiniti
            It's not necessarily about W's and L's right now. Is it possible that Boller gives the Rams a slightly better chance to win games than Null? Sure.

            Fact of the matter is, Null is green. Very, very green. But there is tons to like about this guy. On all accounts, his teammates are impressed with his poise in the huddle. The coaches are impressed with his toughness, physically and mentally. They believe that he can get through the adversity of his rough first start.

            If that is truly the case, they MUST start him this week. They have to give Null the opportunity to overcome adversity. They will learn alot by throwing him into the fire again, and seeing what he can do after having a week to adjust to the speed and psychology of the pro game. This time he will do it in friendly comfines in front of a quiet home crowd.

            This coaching staff would be making a grave mistake by starting Boller this week, regardless of whether or not he is healthy. They have to take another shot on Null. If he fails miserably, then maybe you sit him the next week, and let him recover mentally before throwing him into the fire again.

            Here's to hoping they do the right thing. I have faith that they will.
            -12-16-2009, 12:05 PM
          • r8rh8rmike
            A Rams Game Worth Seeing
            by r8rh8rmike
            12.22.2009 3:42 pm
            A Rams game worth seeing
            By Andy Dapron

            Once again, I joined the vast majority of Rams Nation on Sunday that was unable to make it to the Edward Jones Dome to watch the Rams take on the Houston Texans, and that couldnít follow them on TV either, thanks to the local television blackout. Just like three weeks ago, when the Seattle Seahawks swooped in to massacre the Rams in St. Louis, my only practical option for following the Rams was my radio.

            Unlike three weeks ago, I was actually disappointed that I wasnít able to witness this game with my eyes.

            Before I go any further, let me say that I realize that continually saying ďAlmost!Ē like itís something to be proud of can get tiresome, especially when the Rams have ďalmostĒ won about half a dozen times, compared to only one actual win. No amount of almosts can substitute for actual wins, but hey, when youíre starving, that half-eaten, week-old bagel can start looking pretty tasty.

            So, even though the Rams ultimately fell to Houston 16-13, losing for what feels like the zillionth time in a-zillion-and-one tries, this game did get me excited, and not just because the Rams *almost* pulled it out. Among the things I would have enjoyed seeing:

            ēSteven Jackson turn in another gritty performance. Okay, so it actually is making me nuts seeing our hands-down, undisputed best player continue to be exposed when I know heís battling something as serious as a back injury, and the Rams arenít playing for anything more than personal satisfaction. At the same time, those dismal circumstances are what make his gutsy (and still usually productive) performances over the past few weeks downright inspiring. His 82 yards rushing and 41 yards receiving led the team in both categories.

            Iím reluctant to highlight anything other than Jacksonís work ethic and dedication to the Rams, since thatís whatís really setting him apart as a leader on this team, but I canít overlook the way he stood his ground to Texans safety Bernard Pollard. In the fourth quarter, Jackson was blocking a blitzing Pollard on a pass play. Pollard threw a punch. Jackson lost his helmet, and apparently sustained a bloody lip and a bruised face, but he didnít back down. I point that out, not because I want to see players fighting (Richie Incognito doesnít work here anymore), but because I think itís indicative of the fire in Jacksonís heart ó a fire that hopefully will spread among the Rams as Jacksonís time here progresses. In a season where Jackson has every reason and excuse to pack it in, he obviously hasnít.

            ēA stellar performance by WR/KR Danny Amendola. The former Texas Tech standout nabbed his first touchdown in the big leagues Sunday, all the more notable because it was the Ramsí only touchdown on the day. However, it was as a return man that Amendola really made his mark. He amassed 159 yards on five kick...
            -12-22-2009, 07:20 PM