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Donnie Avery, in perspective...

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  • Donnie Avery, in perspective...

    After 11 games, here are Donnie Avery's stats, where he ranks among second year WRs this year, and the top Soph. in each category:

    Receptions: 34 (7th); Davone Bess, Miami - 49
    Yards: 466 (5th); DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia - 769
    YPC: 13.7 (7th); DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia - 17.5
    TDs: 5 (2nd); DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia - 6

    Now... apart from the obvious - that the Rams probably should have taken DeSean Jackson - what does this tell us?

    Well, I'd say it tells us that Avery is holding his own among the players he was drafted with. Notably, Avery has been fairly consistent in his first two years, while others have either had Soph. slumps (i.e. Eddie Royal) or emerged this year after extremely quiet rookie seasons (i.e. Mario Manningham).

    I also think its notable that Avery has fought through injuries to stay on the field, has dealt with a change in offensive coordinators and instablity at the QB position, and has had to play accross from seemingly countless WRs.

    In all, I'd say Avery stacks up as a guy who continues to have promise. The Rams need to add more talent at WR, but Avery should be part of the long term plan.

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    Re: Donnie Avery, in perspective...

    what also needs to be remembered is that Avery is playing on a offense that doesnt have the talent like Eagles do, most notably at QB.

    But still, considering the lack of QB talent, to be second in TDs is pretty good.
    I do agree that the Rams need to add more talent at WR, but Avery can become a very good number 2 WR given the chance


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      Re: Donnie Avery, in perspective...

      I was looking at the same thing today AV because I wanted to see where Avery was in regards to last year's production. He is a little ahead in every category, this despite being in a new system, and struggling with injuries and confidence problems, early on...

      He'll be fine in my opinion...


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        Re: Donnie Avery, in perspective...

        he`s also dealed with more pressure than the others..not only from being the first wideout taken but having the pressure of being one of the few truly talented players on a struggling team...Desean has had lots of other talented players the Eagles can go to on offense so he has been able to relax and play his natural game...Royal has had Marshall to take away the top opposing CB away from covering him..and Manningham has had the same kind of deal that DeSean has had.

        moving forward im not sure if he should be counted on as our go to guy in the long run..but used properly he can become one of the most explosive playmakers in the league..he`s already shown he has the ability.


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          Re: Donnie Avery, in perspective...

          I think Avery is doing a good job for a 2nd year player, and as far as the Jackson thing goes, if we had drafted him and Avery went to Philly we would all be saying that we should have drafted Avery. Considering the system that he is playing in I am actually shocked he ranks that high.


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            Re: Donnie Avery, in perspective...

            That's all well and good to a certain extent....not necessarily blaming Avery. However, when you are the first WR taken in the draft.....and this team and it's fans are hungry for be in the middle of the pack in most categories is disappointing.


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              Re: Donnie Avery, in perspective...

              Originally posted by txramsfan View Post
              That's all well and good to a certain extent....not necessarily blaming Avery. However, when you are the first WR taken in the draft.....and this team and it's fans are hungry for be in the middle of the pack in most categories is disappointing.
              That's the point, though. He's not in the "middle of the pack." Over the past two seasons, the only WR from his draft class who has consistently outperformed him accross the board has been D.Jackson. There are some who have outperformed him this year in one category, but not others (i.e. Bess, who has a lot of receptions, but very few yards and TDs). Overall, though, he is among the most productive WRs from his class.

              The question is... will he take the next step? There have been many WRs who emerged as stars in their 3rd year or later. Avery has the potential to be a 70 reception, 1,000 yard, 8 TD guy. If he can reach that level, I'd say he was a good value as a second round pick.
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                Re: Donnie Avery, in perspective...

                yeah he's pretty good, but it still would have been nice to come out with d jackson in that draft. i think he's struggled at times and can play better, if he becomes as consistently good as he has shown in some games he will be a very good receiver for us.


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                  Impact and return game

                  What you overlook is that D. Jackson has had a much bigger impact on the game. He's had 6 TD's over 45 yards (Avery has only 1 over 30); and he is a dangerous punt returner. Avery is solid, but hasn't shown the impact or explosiveness you'd expect for a #1 receiver. If you're happy with him as a decent #2 or #3 then no argument here.


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                    Re: Donnie Avery, in perspective...

                    Nobody is arguing that he has been as good as Jackson. The point is, apart frm Jackson, he's been among the best WRs in his draft class.


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                      Re: Donnie Avery, in perspective...

                      I'd give you rep points for that AV but I don't know how, great post.


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                        Re: Donnie Avery, in perspective...

                        Originally posted by jjigga3000 View Post
                        I'd give you rep points for that AV but I don't know how, great post.
                        Talk about your ..."coals to newcastle"...

                        (But nonetheless, well deserved);)


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                          Re: Donnie Avery, in perspective...

                          Avery looks pretty good to me and i like how Gibsons looking too once he gets his timing down.


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                            Re: Donnie Avery, in perspective...

                            I just think that our WR's need those nifty Andre Johnson receiver gloves that he wore in the Dick's Sporting goods comercials where he catches the submarine sandwhich and the glass of water.

                            Really what I'm saying is just a few less drops and I'll be happier than a pig in slop.


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                              Re: Donnie Avery, in perspective...

                              I'm a little disapointed in Avery. He was the first receiver to be taken in his class and now IMO it's looks like he was taken to high. The Rams may need to take a receiver high in the 2010 draft to be a # 1 that I was hoping Avery could fill. I am not sure if Avery is a # 2? When Laurent Robinson comes back next year he might take the # 1 or two role depending on what the rams do in the draft. He seems to me to be a # 3 kind of like Az Zahir Hakim use to be without the KR.


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                                Guys I know that I've been gone for a minute (just got married & I've been in AV's part of the world on my honeymoon), but today as I was watching ESPN & NFL network they've been doing a top 5 of the WR's in the league. Sure we have guys like Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson Guy's at the top of the list (and you can argue who's #1 and who's #2), but what caught my eye is you have guys like DeSean Jackson & Miles Austin making the list (depending on which list you look at), and these are guys have been in the league just as long as Donnie has.

                                When you look at Miles Austin you see a kid that came out of the blue to become a game changer; w/ DeSean you see a guy we could have drafted (but we took Donnie instead) nevertheless DeSean is a guy you have to gameplan for each & every sunday whether it be at WR or in the return game. So what is it? Injuries, the lack of a quality QB, his need to improve his size & strength to be able to get off of the line of scrimmage, etc; what do you believe is keeping Donnie from moving to the level of elite WR's in the league? Or is he simply not a #1 reciever (although he is almost the same stature & speed such as Miles Austin, Steve Smith, Santonio Holmes, etc.)(other proven #1's)

                                Given that we have a new QB & a rookie heir apparent (who will no doubt have his share of bumps & bruises in the league) how long do we give Donnie to produce, or do we look for a stellar WR in the first round of the 2011 draft such as: A.J. Green or Julio Jones to be our WR of the future?:helmet:
                                -07-14-2010, 12:28 PM
                              • 01d 0rd3r
                                Avery Steps to Front.
                                by 01d 0rd3r
                                Like most teams in the NFL, attrition begins to take its toll on rosters around the league the deeper into the season you get. That’s certainly held true in the case of the Rams and nowhere is that more evident than at the receiver position.

                                At a position that was short on experience entering the season, there’s been only one constant. That constant is a blur in blue, wearing No. 17 named Donnie Avery.

                                No matter which quarterback has been under center, the one player that signal caller has been able to count on this year is Avery, the second-year speedster out of Houston.

                                “You get comfortable with certain guys,” quarterback Kyle Boller said. “I just started taking reps with these guys again. Donnie is probably one of the ones I’m more comfortable with because he’s been around for training camp and mini camps and all that kind of stuff. I feel like each and every week we get more comfortable with each other. That’s the name of the game. Timing is what it’s all about.”

                                After an up and down start to this, his second season in the league, Avery has timed his emergence at a good time.

                                It’s difficult for any young player to have an immediate impact but receivers rarely make that much of a difference unless their name is Randy Moss.

                                In the offseason, the Rams’ receiver corps went through an extreme makeover, leaving Avery and fellow second year wideout Keenan Burton as the most tenured players at the position on the roster.

                                But at least entering the year, Avery was surrounded by players like Laurent Robinson and Burton, guys who had been in the new offense installed by coordinator Pat Shurmur for the entirety of the offseason program.

                                Fast forward to now and Avery is the only active wideout on the roster who was also on it when the preseason came to an end.

                                Whether he was ready for an expanded leadership role or not, Avery was thrust into it as the most experienced guy on the team.

                                “I don’t try to go out and yell during the week or go crazy,” Avery said. “I just try to lead by example and go out there, practice hard and hopefully go into the game, play hard and have success.”

                                Since the beginning of the season, the Rams have lost Robinson and Burton to season-ending injuries. Derek Stanley was released to make room for Danny Amendola and the likes of Nate Jones and Tim Carter have made appearances on the roster.
                                The Rams have replaced those players with youngsters like Amendola and Brandon Gibson as well as more experienced guys like Ruvell Martin and Jordan Kent.

                                But none of those players have been around or have the rapport with the quarterbacks like Avery and all of those receivers are quick to turn to Avery with questions.

                                “I just try to calm them,” Avery says of the younger wideouts. “Sometimes, I see them on the sideline with jitters and tell them I...
                                -12-10-2009, 08:44 PM
                              • sosa39rams
                                Donnie Avery Done
                                by sosa39rams
                                UPDATE: WR Donnie Avery Torn ACL...out for the season

                                Wait a little before having surgery

                                boy does this suck
                                -08-27-2010, 02:07 PM
                              • schut39
                                Time for Donnie Avery to step it up
                                by schut39
                                With Laurent Robinson out for the season, Donnie is now our #1 receiver. He had an excellent rookie season and I hope that he can improve those numbers this year. I am looking forward to seeing what he does today against the *****. How about you guys?

                                -10-04-2009, 10:28 AM
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                                Donny Avery
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                                34 receptions 454 yards for the Colts.......
                                -11-05-2012, 09:39 AM