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The confidence of the enemy

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  • The confidence of the enemy

    I want everyone to stroll on over to and go to their forums. Find the thread that says "can we beat the rams at home?" and look at the confidence level of that team. The confidence level of that fan base is astounding, they honestly think they will get blown out. Now thats not to say they are bad fans, they are also going through a rough year. But i dont ever remember us think we were gonna lose to a team with the same kind of record we had(seahakws, jags, lions,redskins) all of these teams had similar records to ours when we played them and to my knowledge most of us though these game were at least winnable.

    So here is my question. Has years of losing conditioned us to accept it and somehow always look for the win? Does that last sentence even make sense? Or do teams that are used to winning(bears,patriots,colts,steelers) so not used to losing that their confidence plummets?

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    Re: The confidence of the enemy

    Losing is contagious. When you lose all the time, people expect the worst. This is the difficulty coaches face in trying to turn around a franchise. Guys expect to lose, wondering "what will happen next to prevent us from winning?". It's human nature. Conversely, winning breeds confidence and thus, more winning. This is true at all levels of sport. As a coach, I've seen both ends of the spectrum.

    I must admit, as a fan it is difficult to think we're going to win each week. We say it, hope it, will it to happen, but objectively without saying so verbally know its a tall order. Reality sets in.

    My brother is a big Bears fan. I can tell you they are thoroughly disgusted with their season, given the fact that they paid handsomely for Jay Cutler, and he's played poorly. Many feel he is being poorly coached and not being given play sets to utilize his strengths as a player. And people have been down on Lovie Smith for a couple of years now.

    Even with all that said, it's hard to believe that fans would be so adamant that a 1-9 team would come into their stadium and blow the doors off the Bears.


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      Re: The confidence of the enemy

      If we won that New Orleans game, I guarantee you we'd be on a streak.
      Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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        Re: The confidence of the enemy

        I remember going over to their message board a few years ago and posting up that I thought the Rams were going to win. They thought I was crazy, but it turned out to be a close game. We did lose though. They were pretty nice after the loss. That return guy killed us in that game....was his name hester? Got a couple of TDs for them.

        Maybe I will go over say hello. I have not wandered on to many other teams message boards this year.


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          Re: The confidence of the enemy

          I went over and said hello. Confidence of the fans is shot. They are hoping to have Lovie removed, and some say the players are not motivated. Maybe the odds are better than we realize.


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            Re: The confidence of the enemy

            Originally posted by UtterBlitz View Post
            I went over and said hello. Confidence of the fans is shot. They are hoping to have Lovie removed, and some say the players are not motivated. Maybe the odds are better than we realize.
            Ya i didnt post anything, but the confidence over there was very poor. Support for lovie must be at an all time low. Then again i would be mad to if we traded two first round picks(is that right?) for jay cutler and he didnt preform.


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              Re: The confidence of the enemy

              Poor Lovie....I liked him when he was here. I thought he did a good job for us as a DC.


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                Re: The confidence of the enemy

                I'm sure their confidence is shot.

                We are totally used to it. When we win a game, we go help old people cross the road, we give children balloons at parks, we save kittens from trees.

                But when we lose, it's just another Sunday. It is contagious and we have been diagnosed to the highest degree.


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                  Re: The confidence of the enemy

                  Originally posted by Mooselini View Post
                  We are totally used to it. When we win a game, we go help old people cross the road, we give children balloons at parks, we save kittens from trees.
                  I put on my cape and boots and go fight crime for a few hours. How bout you?


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                  • ButterCup8119
                    Losing trend?
                    by ButterCup8119
                    Hello everyone!
                    I was thinking about the Rams and the current record, and especially yesterday's game. I do not want to stir up controversy, and I am sorry if I offended anyone with my "bandwagon fan" remark yesterday. I guess we were all upset about the game. I hate to see the Rams lose, and I am sure everyone else here does also.
                    Anyways, what I am getting to in this post, does anyone here think that losing could be a trend? Meaning, if a team loses one week (badly), that they just don't play up to potential the week afterwards? Almost everyone thinks that the first Seahawks game last year (where the Rams made that awesome comeback) really started a downhill turn for Seattle's entire season. Could that still linger in the minds of Seattle's returning players? I have heard before that the game of football is 90% mental. I don't know if that is true, but if it is then all Rams fans should hope that our team can overcome yesterday's loss because we can all agree that for whatever reason, it was bad.
                    I don't mean to sound negative or ramble. I just wanted to see what everyone thinks.
                    I personally still think that on February 5th, 2006, I will be watching Mike Martz holding the Lombardi Trophy. GO RAMS!
                    -10-03-2005, 12:29 PM
                  • AvengerRam_old
                    "Rams will lose big again..." "No... that's just what they're expecting us to do."
                    by AvengerRam_old
                    This week, we will witness the epic battle between conventional wisdom and cliche.

                    Conventional wisdom says that the Rams are a team in disarray, with marginal talent, and poor leadership. Conventional wisdom says that a team like this will crumble at the sight of the defending Super Bowl Champions. Conventional wisdom says the Rams will lose, and lose big.

                    Cliche says that a team is never as bad as it looks when it loses, and never as good as it looks when it wins. Cliche says that any team can win on any given Sunday.

                    Which force will prevail?

                    Well, I think the team will show surprising fire and enthusiasm this week. The have been embarrassed and ridiculed, and they won't allow a repeat performance to occur on their home field.

                    The Rams are going to win this game.

                    What then, I ask you, will the conventional wisdom conclude?
                    -09-11-2008, 08:43 AM
                  • RockinRam
                    After Two Decades of Agonizing Rams Football...No Remorse and Other Thoughts
                    by RockinRam
                    Look. I get it. The non-call on the PI will live in infamy as being one of the most blatant misses by an officiating crew for a long, long time. And I understand the Saints fans anguish. If we were in their situation, we would likely be saying and complaining about the same things.

                    But do I reaaaaally care?


                    And neither should Rams nation. For the fans that have stuck with the team through the small amount of highs and the massive amount of lows over the past 20 years, this is the moment we’ve been dreaming of. Every Sam Bradford check-down pass, every ex-Titans cast-off performing poorly, every Jared Cook dropped catch, every time the camera panned to Scott Linehan standing around looking confused on the sideline, every time we felt so sorry for Steven Jackson for sacrificing his body for a horrendously performing franchise, every time Craig Dahl looked like he was running through quicksand to try to tackle someone, every time Jason Smith got beat, every time Alex Barron false started…we would tell ourselves in our head that one day the Rams would be winners and that our current struggles would be worth it. Or at least I would.

                    And now the time has finally come. Not only have the Rams made it to the playoffs in back-to-back years, we are going to the SUPERBOWL. Honestly, it is still pretty surreal to me. How are we finally this good? Are we prominent again? Or is this fleeting and the football gods are just teasing us? Whatever it is, this is our time to enjoy the moment and bask in the glory of some of the most legitimate football I have seen this team play since I became a fan.

                    For those that are still trying to lead the crusade against the naysayers who claim that we don’t deserve to be in the Superbowl, I say just let it be. We indeed deserve to play on February 3rd. The Saints, for all their complaining about the refs, did not seem to complain when they had zero penalties called on them until 5 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter. Let them cry out. I would too if I was starting to realize that my future HOF QB is no longer the same talent that he was and was looking to place blame on anything else but my team.

                    But you know what? What a time to be alive as a Rams fan. And what a time to be a member of this board. I think we’ve all gone through some highs and lows together. I know I have personally been pretty hard on people or would get in frequent quarrels. Looking back, I think its because we all care so much about this team that we even care enough to argue over an internet board.

                    This board means a lot to me. Growing up (and still today), I am basically the only Rams fan that I know. None of my friends are Rams fans. I still remember attending my first Rams game during the 2017 season in Los Angeles and walking around feeling honestly a little weird. I had never been surrounded by that many Rams fans before. Over the course of my fandom, this has...
                    -01-22-2019, 08:27 AM
                  • Bar-bq
                    Same Old Sorry Ass Rams ... Fans
                    by Bar-bq
                    Firstly, an apology.

                    I've been less active on the boards than usual. University is coming to a close for the year and I've been heavily involved in a competition being run by Optus, Australia's second largest telecommunications company, in their search for a music journalist. If you'd like to, you can give me a helping hand to win the dang thang by signing my petition at Max's Music Blog : Optus Sound Scribe

                    I'd like to talk today about enculturation. It's a word that refers to the process by which the individual acquires values and behaviors by learning what the culture deems is valuable. Learn by experience, lead by example etcetera. Now, think about that in the context of what we've seen around the message board in the past fortnight.

                    For the most part, I've seen a lot of complaining. A whole lot of fed up, unsatisfied Rams fans who are past the point of caring about 'almost' wins and moral victories. Fans who want us to win now and to win big.

                    It's because losing is a part of our culture as Rams fans at the moment. Naturally, when you're losing, the instinctual reaction is to fight it with everything you have in a last ditch effort to stay above water. I get that. I understand that a whole lot of you can't stomach yet another Rams loss. So you fight it because it's enculturated; you do stupid things like blaming it all on the kicker and the rookie QB. Who's next? Long Snapper Chris Massey? Boy howdy, doesn't he need to go.

                    Point is, when you're this accustomed to losing, there's a threshold you cross where placing blame on the kicker just makes sense. Partly, it's because you can't make the age old argument that we don't have a WR corps. Partly, it's because the defense has played pretty well the past two weeks. Mostly, it's just because we lost. Inexplicably, to a bad team, by less than a TD. Two weeks in a row. Two very winnable games. Somehow, we just lost. Ryan fumbles away a sure TD, Brown misses the FG, and you get the feeling that losing is enculturated in the Rams' locker room too. So you, as fans, go out and laud the kicker for not making the play: not because you're intolerant, impatient people, but because you're just sick and tired of losing.

                    But at some point, you need to take a look in the old, cracked mirror. At what point does it become acceptable to say that Sam Bradford needs to do more than he already has done two games into his NFL career? Or; failing that, at what point do you become the same old, sorry ass Rams Fan you were last season?

                    Because it's absolutely ludicrous that some of you are turning a blind eye to progress. Yes. I'm aware. Goose egg in the W's column. Well done. We have a roster with one holdover from the Martz era, and another two or three from the Linehan era. At best, there are seven guys who have been with this team for more than two seasons. Jackson, Long, Ryan, OJ, Bartell, Bell, Jones. We now have...
                    -09-23-2010, 12:21 AM
                  • Bar-bq
                    Next Season
                    by Bar-bq
                    I'm sorry, but those of you who have begun posting about the merits of "next season" have disheartened me. Really, who are you? We have fifteen weeks of football left to play, and you'd best be damn sure that win, lose or worse, I'll be hoping for the best for my team.

                    It was far from a promising start.

                    No pass blocking.
                    No run blocking.
                    No Leonard Little and Orlando Pace went down hard.
                    No effort players.

                    You've heard it all before.

                    On top of that, every first day pick from 2000-2004 is no longer with the team. Alston, Byrd, Wroten. Gone Gone Gone. Hill- still showing little development. Leonard- Looks like a luxury. Klop- Will be lucky to see much of the field.

                    Bad drafting equates to poor on-field success. There's no two ways about that.

                    But "next season"? come on! Tell me you don't bleed blue and gold. Tell me you didn't love every minute of the 1999 season. Tell me you didn't just jump upon the bandwagon for the good times.

                    You more than have the right to criticize. Be critical of anything you want. But to simply bypass the merits and demerits of an entire season in anticipation of greener pastures is absurdity. I guarantee you, without withstanding this season, without drawing and learning all we can from this season, next season will inevitably promulgate a return to the drawing board. again. The time is nigh to learn from what we've done wrong today. To correct what we can and struggle on with what we can't...until we can.

                    All the optimism has vanished. What it breeds is an atmosphere of losing. Players don't want to play for a losing franchise with no legitmiate backing behind them. The fans, after all, are willing to cast them aside after one game. Yes, there's a lack of effort. But we're not beyond hope. We're one game into the season. What point there is labeling yourself a "fan" of a franchise when you're willing simply to overlook the potential for success...for learning- for betterment THIS season?

                    There are fifteen games to go, and it is my opinion that we will win all fifteen of um (toot toot et al). And if we lose, it will be the next fourteen. Down to one. Because this dedication impels the opportunity to learn. To have the capacity to look forward to next week in light of the myriad of possibilities for success.

                    I most certainly do.
                    -09-08-2008, 01:07 AM