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Are the bears who we think they are?

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  • Are the bears who we think they are?

    What's the Rams chances playing in Chicago with only the BEAR necessities?

    Jay Cutler and crew have had a rough time the past few weeks, losing to Arizona, Philly and Favre.
    Rumors have it that Lovie Smith is on the hot seat and poor Orlando Pace is just about on his last legs. One wonders how our old friend, Pisa is doing in the Windy City.

    Hopefully the Rams can find a way to muster up enough strength to go on the road and play like they have nothing to lose!
    Ramfans will have to grin and Bear it in order to shake the effects of a Grizzly 1-11 season.

    A healthy Steven Jackson should have continued success against a weaken Bears defense minus Brian Urlacher.
    Rams need to cut down on the penalties and when it comes to turnovers, DON'T FEED THE BEARS!
    The Bears aren't who we think they are, if the Rams play it right its a Beary winnable game.

    I'll say Rams get the win, Bearly, 21-20.
    A Rams win is sure to give everyone here a BEARY BEARY CHRISTMAS!!!

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    Re: Are the bears who we think they are?

    I applaud you for actually posting something positive and meaningful for once. I lift my post ban.... until next time:|


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      Re: Are the bears who we think they are?

      Pisa is on IR and Pace looks like nothing more than a shell of the BIG O we knew and loved.

      I don't know playing in Chicago is the difference in my mind. If we were home I would like our chances.

      GO RAMS!!!!!!
      sigpic :ram::helmet:


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        Re: Are the bears who we think they are?

        With Lance Briggs likely out to boot, I like this game. Just be prepared for a healthy dose of Forte and we could pull one out!


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          Re: Are the bears who we think they are?

          Chris Williams is getting the start at left tackle this week with Kevin Shaffer at RT. Pace is nursing a groin strain. Just so you know. GO RAMS!


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