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Atogwe possibly done for season

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  • Atogwe possibly done for season

    This is per rotoworld:

    Rams FS O.J. Atogwe may miss the rest of 2009 after suffering a serious shoulder injury in Sunday's loss to Chicago.
    Atogwe, the Rams' franchise player, has two options. He could finish out the year in a shoulder harness -- essentially playing with one arm -- or shut it down and get surgery out of the way early. The Rams would probably prefer Atogwe sit out the final four games considering their 1-11 record, rather than risk an aggravation. He'll seek more opinions before making a decision.
    Source: St. Louis Rams on Twitter


    You'd have to think the most logical decision would be to shut him down for the year. There's no sense in risking further injury to him, especially if we plan on signing him to an extension this off season.

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    Re: Atogwe possibly done for season

    I agree, shut him down and get the surgery now, why take a chance on one of your best players.


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      Re: Atogwe possibly done for season

      Just heard on the radio he has a torn labrum? Sounds like he's done for the year.


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        Re: Atogwe possibly done for season

        Great game Atogwe. Loved the strip in the beginning of the game. It made me think something good was going to happen.

        Might as well sit him or send him off to surgery. No point in making it worse now.
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          Re: Atogwe possibly done for season

          Get the surgery and get it right, now. He'll be ready for OTA's if he does it now.

          I had that surgery and he would be ready in 2 1/2 to 3 months.

          Maineram -


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            Re: Atogwe possibly done for season

            Originally posted by makersncoke
            Just heard on the radio he has a torn labrum? Sounds like he's done for the year.
            isn't that the same injury Pace had a couple of seasons ago ?


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              Re: Atogwe possibly done for season

              mother jdshjasddanjads caskjasdn fkcnx no words.


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                Re: Atogwe possibly done for season

                Originally posted by jkramsfan
                isn't that the same injury Pace had a couple of seasons ago ?
                I think it was.


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                  Re: Atogwe possibly done for season

                  6 turnover on the season, I think. Not a bad year considering the team he is on.


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                    Re: Atogwe possibly done for season


                    So where does that leave our secondary? (besides in ashes)


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                      Re: Atogwe possibly done for season

                      Originally posted by PeoriaRam

                      So where does that leave our secondary? (besides in ashes)
                      Probably about as thin as our WR corps. I am pretty sure Martz did some voodoo curse after he left. We just can't stay healthy.


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                        Re: Atogwe possibly done for season

                        I wonder if we can re-sign him cheaper b/c of this?


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                          Re: Atogwe possibly done for season

                          Just sit him for the year and sign him to a long term deal. The guy has shown he can play.


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                            Re: Atogwe possibly done for season

                            Originally posted by itsguud
                            I wonder if we can re-sign him cheaper b/c of this?
                            We try that attempt, he will book it.

                            He doesn't deserve a pay cut because of a freak injury.


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                              Re: Atogwe possibly done for season

                              Originally posted by jkramsfan
                              isn't that the same injury Pace had a couple of seasons ago ?
                              And Carriker. I hear it takes a long time to rehab.


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                              • r8rh8rmike
                                Atogwe Injury Decision Awaits
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                Atogwe Injury Decision Awaits
                                Monday, December 7, 2009

                                By Nick Wagoner
                                Senior Writer

                                Laying in front of the near 62,000 fans at Soldier Field on Sunday, Rams safety Oshiomogho Atogwe wanted to waste no time in getting his moments before dislocated shoulder popped back into place.

                                So Atogwe asked the Rams medical staff to pop that right shoulder back where it belongs right on the field only minutes after he suffered the injury on the final play of the half.

                                “Where else would you want to have it?” Atogwe said, laughing. “If they did it wrong, I’ve got all these witnesses. It was fine. It wasn’t that bad as far as the pain, I just wanted to get it back in as soon as possible. They did a great job.”

                                What the assembled medical staff couldn’t tell him at that moment was the extent of the injury though Atogwe had a suspicion of the implications that come with a dislocated shoulder.

                                Atogwe had his MRI on Monday morning, the results of which revealed a labral tear in his right shoulder and a small amount of cartilage damage. It’s the type of injury a player can play through but will require surgery at some point.

                                The question now becomes whether Atogwe will have that surgery right away or if he will try to grit out the final four games with a harness on and the eminent possibility that the shoulder could pop in and out of place for the rest of the season.

                                “We have still got a lot of discussions to be had,” Atogwe said. “I have to talk to some people and see how it feels the next few days. No decisions have been made just yet. I am going to be very prayerful about it and do what’s best for the team as well as my own future career.”

                                Atogwe has only had shoulder issues – an injury common to safeties it seems – a few years ago but that was a partial tear of the rotator cuff in the same shoulder and is unrelated.

                                Before speaking with the press Monday, Atogwe spoke with coach Steve Spagnuolo and will also have a few more discussions in the coming days before he makes a decision on what to do for the rest of the season.

                                Opting for surgery now would not allow for enough recovery time and his 2009 season would end four games early. Should he opt to try to play, the question then becomes whether Atogwe can play at his usual, ball hawking level.

                                “That’s something I will talk to my agent about,” Atogwe said. “The staff here has been fabulous. I will call my agent and see what he says and get some of his advice and input and then from there decide whether we want to take it to another specialist to get a second opinion or just go with what our doctor said but they did a good job in this case.”

                                Prior to the injury, Atogwe was up to his usual tricks, causing a fumble and recovering it on one of the opening plays of the game and forcing another fumble...
                                -12-08-2009, 12:42 PM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                Atogwe: How did we get here?
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                O.J. Atogwe has never come out and publicly complained about his contract. That does not, however, mean he has been reasonable in his demands.

                                Let's review...

                                Atogwe's first contract was a three-year deal signed after he was drafted in Round 3 of the 2005.

                                In 2007, his rookie contract expired. At that point, Atogwe had become a very productive starter, having finished 2007 with 75 tackles and 8 interceptions. The Rams retained him with an RFA tender of about $2M. They likely did not push too had for a long term deal, given that they were negotiating with Steven Jackson at that time (signed just before the 2008 season).

                                Last year, Atogwe became a UFA. Again, Atogwe was coming off a fine seaso (85 tackles, 5 interceptions,6 forced fumbles). The Rams tried to sign him to a long-term deal, even before the season ended. Ultimately, the Rams retained him with the franchise tag and paid Atogwe nearly $7M.

                                I think its fair to say that, at that point, both sides were gambling. Had Atogwe accumulated similar stats in 2009 to those he had in 2007 and 2008, he might have made the Pro Bowl, and he'd clearly command elite FS money.

                                Instead, Atogwe had a somewhat down season, and finished the year on injured reserve. He is now coming off two offseason surgeries.

                                Given these circumstances, the Rams did no wish to tender Atogwe a sum that would lock him in, as doing so could result in paying $7M to a player who might not even be 100% healthy. Instead, the Rams made a low tender and retained a right of first refusal, hoping to sign Atogwe to a long term deal.

                                Those efforts have, at this point, failed, and Atogwe is now a UFA.

                                So... who's to blame?

                                I'd say, nobody is. Both sides have behaved in a rational manner, applying varying degrees of risk aversion.

                                In hindsight, I think one could argue that Atogwe waited too long. He should have signed a long-term deal in 2009 when his value was at its highest. Now, if he is seeking the kind of money he would have received then, he might not only be pricing himself out of the Rams' market, he might also be eliminating several other teams.

                                I do think there is a reasnable middle ground that makes sense for both sides, but I don't know if they'll meet there. If not, I'm not going to blame anyone. I'll just wish Atogwe luck and hope the Rams find their answer at FS on the current roster or among the remaining FAs.
                                -06-02-2010, 09:25 AM
                              • Lesson
                                Your gut feeling about O.J. Atogwe
                                by Lesson
                                I think the Rams either increase his salary by 110% or sign him to a long term deal, what do you think?
                                -06-01-2010, 08:40 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Atogwe hopes to remain with Rams
                                by RamWraith
                                Third-year free safety topped NFC with eight interceptions
                                BY STEVE KORTE

                                ST. LOUIS --After leading the NFC in interceptions this season, St. Louis Rams free safety Oshiomogho Atogwe will be one of the more attractive restricted free agents this spring.

                                The Rams will retain matching rights to an any offer Atogwe receives. They'll also receive compensation in the form of draft picks from any team signing Atogwe depending on what level of one-year tender offer they make to him.

                                The Rams would be wise to tender Atogwe at a first-round level to dissuade teams from pursuing him.

                                "I don't even worry about all of that," Atogwe said of being a restricted free agent. "My job is to come out here and work hard and play, and that all takes care of itself. It's not even a concern of mine."

                                Asked whether he wanted to remain with the Rams, Atogwe said: "I definitely enjoy being here. I don't know what my future holds. I'm just going to continue to count my blessings and see what happens."

                                Atogwe said the Rams' 3-13 season didn't dampen his desire to return to the team.

                                "It's not like we were a 3-13 team with guys who didn't like each other or guys who just didn't care about their jobs," Atogwe said. "There wasn't that feeling at all. We just had some bad breaks, and we didn't capitalize on some opportunities we had.

                                "It's not a situation where we have a bunch of losers in the locker room. I'd love to come back here."

                                Atogwe picked off his eighth pass of the season in the Rams' 48-19 season-ending loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

                                Atogwe returned the interception 52 yards late in the third quarter for his first NFL touchdown.

                                "I wasn't really able to enjoy it because I was feeling so bad, but I hadn't had a pick six since maybe high school," Atogwe said. "It's definitely a long time coming and something I'll cherish."

                                Atogwe played against the Cardinals despite battling a stomach virus.

                                "It was never a situation where I wasn't going to play," Atogwe said. "It was just how much could I take, how much could I get through. I was throwing up all day, all morning. The team needed me, and I'm just here to serve."

                                Atogwe's eight interceptions ranked second in the NFL behind the 10 grabbed by San Diego's Antonio Cromartie.

                                It's also the most interceptions by a Rams player since Dexter McCleon had eight in 2000.

                                "It's a great honor," Atogwe said of leading the NFC in interceptions. "There's a lot of great football players in the NFC and AFC. I'm truly blessed."

                                Atogwe, a third-round pick in the 2005 NFL Draft out of Stanford, said his personal accomplishments in his...
                                -01-02-2008, 03:24 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Atogwe steps up as a takeaway artist for the Rams
                                by RamWraith
                                By Jim Thomas
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                Oshiomogho Atogwe's nickname is "O.J.," but an update may be necessary. Something along the lines of "O.J., the Human Takeaway" may be more appropriate.

                                Atogwe got off to a slow start this season because of a hamstring injury that sidelined him for most of training camp and the preseason. But beginning with an interception against Buffalo in Game 4, Atogwe has been a takeaway waiting to happen.

                                In seven of the past 10 games, Atogwe has been responsible for at least one takeaway, either in the form of an interception, a fumble recovery, or a forced fumble recovered by a Rams teammate.

                                "O.J.'s a heck of a football player," coach Jim Haslett said recently. "I think people are starting to recognize that. The guy's a ball magnet. He does a great job punching the balls out."

                                Say what you will about the Rams' struggling defense, it's hard to argue with Atogwe's numbers. In 13 games this season, the Rams have 17 takeaways. Atogwe has been responsible for 10 of them.

                                He has four interceptions, recovered two fumbles, and four of his forced fumbles have been recovered by teammates. Atogwe returned one of those recovered fumbles 75 yards for a key touchdown in the Rams' 19-17 victory over Washington.

                                "My mother told me a long time ago: 'Everybody has their time,' " Rams cornerback Jonathan Wade said. "Whatever you're doing, you have a time that's your time. You wonder how Ed Reed will end up year after year with eight, nine interceptions? How Ray Lewis has 100-something tackles?

                                "There's no way to explain it, I don't think. It's just his time. He's very focused; very anointed by God right now."

                                Atogwe didn't seem all that "anointed" coming out of Stanford in 2005.

                                "When he first got here, he didn't have the best ball skills," Haslett said. "He worked on it and worked on it."

                                Atogwe made it a point — and still does — to come in on Tuesdays, the players' normal day off during the regular sesason, and work on those ball skills.

                                "It was one of the weaknesses that I felt I had — that I wasn't making a lot of plays as far as interceptions on the ball," Atogwe said.

                                On Tuesdays, equipment assistant Matt Taylor operates a JUGS machine that spits out football after football Atogwe's way.

                                "He'll do anywhere between 200 and 300 balls, and I'll just catch them," Atogwe said. "He shoots them to me from all different angles."

                                Slowly but surely, Atogwe's hand-eye coordination improved, and so did his interception totals. After recording just one interception in limited playing time as a rookie, Atogwe picked off three passes in 2006, his first season as a starter. Last...
                                -12-11-2008, 04:09 AM