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Bernie On Spags/Shurmur Playcalling

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  • Bernie On Spags/Shurmur Playcalling

    Not sure if any one saw this from Steven Jackson's website or even if it was on the PD, but heres an excerpt from the article of ""Playing Through Pain"
    Steven's four-game touchdown streak was snapped on Sunday afternoon, but he has still accounted for more than 100 yards of total offense in each of St. Louis' last eight games.|
    All that despite eight men packing the box for a potential run on nearly every play.
    On his Rams Report Card, Bill Coats of St. Louis Post-Dispatch gives S-Jax yet another A-...
    ...Also at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Bernie Miklasz argues that the Rams' offenses' biggest deficiency lies in not exploiting what the defense is giving the Rams by loading up against Steven:
    Here's what I don't understand: Why don't these coaches try to take advantage of the defense smothering Jackson? I give Shurmur and Spagnuolo credit for establishing Jackson as a force; SJ39 had 112 yards rushing Sunday and is up to 1,232 yards for the season. But the Rams should be able to exploit the defense's obsession with Jackson.
    For instance: Where are the play-action passes? How many times have we seen the Rams fake a handoff to Jackson to get the defense moving the wrong way, then burning 'em with a pass?
    It isn't a part of their plan. And that's incomprehensible. We're talking Football 101 here. But when I asked Spagnuolo about the play-action fakes, he suggested that the Rams can do more damage against the anti-Jackson defense by continuing to run Jackson. Interesting. Worse, Spagnuolo also suggested there are no plans to change their ways.
    Just, how can we resolve this playcalling situation? Does Shurmur actually believe what he is doing correct? I can put some faith in him, after all, he is a coach and respect should be given to all coaches. I do believe he doesn't understand how to utilise Avery's speed to get down field from PA passes, Amendola sneaking behind LB'ers again after PA passes. However, Brandon Gibson is great at the curls and comebacks and there was alot of hope when Robinson was playing too. Then again, Shurmur is a rookie coach...i think we could cut him some slack IMO.

    Your thoughts?

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    Re: Bernie On Spags/Shurmur Playcalling

    Shurmur must be fired, his playcalling is abysmal, we hardly ever pass and when we do its a short 2-5 yard pass that accomplishes nothing.


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      Re: Bernie On Spags/Shurmur Playcalling

      Originally posted by Comrade Ram View Post
      Shurmur must be fired, his playcalling is abysmal, we hardly ever pass and when we do its a short 2-5 yard pass that accomplishes nothing.
      Do you really want boller throwing more then 5 yard pass's?


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        Re: Bernie On Spags/Shurmur Playcalling

        Originally posted by Comrade Ram View Post
        Shurmur must be fired, his playcalling is abysmal, we hardly ever pass and when we do its a short 2-5 yard pass that accomplishes nothing.

        I'll say it again

        Shurmer is a DEFENSIVE genius, like his dad.

        look at his Rams' Offensive numbers, those are great statistics for the defensive side of the ball!


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          Re: Bernie On Spags/Shurmur Playcalling

          They better change things. Defenses can put 11 guys in the box and we'd STILL run with Jackson. It's getting embarrassing.


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            Re: Bernie On Spags/Shurmur Playcalling

            Originally posted by Comrade Ram View Post
            Shurmur must be fired, his playcalling is abysmal, we hardly ever pass and when we do its a short 2-5 yard pass that accomplishes nothing.
            Did you not even read the article above?

            It clearly indicates that this is Spags philosophy. This is how he wants it to be. That statement above indicates to me that Spags knows absolutely ZERO about offensive playcalling. Which makes me wonder how someone can be a great defensive coordinator yet be so oblivious to offensive strategy ...

            It's not the first red flag. Earlier this week in his press conference, he indicated he was the one that called the 3rd and 11 draw when we were down 17-6 because he wanted to assure we'd get some points ...

            Spags needs to quit being stubborn, and he needs to wake up and realize this isn't 1970. This team looks like the Chuck Knox teams of the 90's, but without the fairly stout defenses. Until he lets Shurmur do his job and open up the playbook, we'll be a laughing stock ...

            I'm losing a little patience with him, only because he shows an unwillingness to change. It makes me concerned that he will not even attempt to adjust at halftime, or from quarter to quarter, of games. It's a losing strategy, and always will be ....


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            • RamsInfiniti
              Time to shut up about Shurmur and his "conservatism" ...
              by RamsInfiniti
              It's been said time and time again, but here it is from the horse's mouth. From Nick Wagoner today in his game wrapup:

              One thing Spagnuolo did address Monday was the so called “conservative approach” of the offense at the end of the game and after jumping out to a lead. Spagnuolo said he often dictates the way that goes and he says the approach is based on the game and its ebb and flow. It just so happened that in Sunday’s game, he believed in his defense and its ability to get the job done.

              “There may be another game going forward here where we’ll do it differently. That’s all on me. I’ll take the full “blame” if there is blame when you put it that way.”
              -12-27-2010, 02:22 PM
            • FestusRam
              A simple note to all the Shurmur doubters
              by FestusRam
              I, for one, am not really upset about Shurmurs playcalling with the hand he was dealt.

              That hand is the Rams offense. Not a premium starting hand I would say.

              But one thing I think people are looking past is the head coaches game plan. Spags is a defensive oriented coach who believes in ball control and not giving up good field position by the offensive while relying on the defense to cling to those tiny leads. IMO this explains the gameplan pretty clearly and influences Shurmurs playcalling.

              Either way I understand people criticizing our offense but let's face it. We didn't have an offense that can put away games this year and I didn't expect to have one. I'm happy with 7 wins.

              Next years a totally different hand though and I'm sure Spags will come out of his defensive shell and prove it all to us die hard fans.
              -01-06-2011, 12:55 AM
            • RamsInfiniti
              Jackson injury unleashes the beast in Shurmur!
              by RamsInfiniti
              So this is what it took? And it seemingly makes sense now. If you go back to preseason, when Jackson played sparingly, you'll see a Ram team that was more willing to take shots down the field, a Ram team that was a little more creative ...

              Now don't get me wrong, I'm not even slightly implying that the Rams are better without Jackson. I just think Spags and Shurmur get far too conservative when he is in there because they feel he can carry the entire team on his back ...

              When Jackson went down, they had no choice but to open it up. They began throwing to the middle of the field. They spread out into 4 WR sets on numerous occasions. Quick slants, quick screens, Bradford changing out of runs into quick passes, it was awesome to watch ...

              Here's to hoping that Jackson makes it back soon and that Shurmur and Spags don't forget what got them to where we got today. In my opinion, this offense can be very competent. We learned several things about players today. While Brandon Gibson looked a little shaky at times, we saw that this kid can get open. While Kenneth Darby may not be a world beater, we saw that he is very effective in open space, and should be utilized more often. I'd like to see Darby and Jackson in the backfield together ...

              I was skeptical. The losing was wearing on me. I didn't know if this coaching staff had "IT" ...

              Boy, did they ever change my mind yesterday!
              -09-27-2010, 05:04 AM
            • r8rh8rmike
              Shurmur Gets The Most Out Of Rams' Offense
              by r8rh8rmike
              Shurmur gets the most out of Rams' offense

              BY BERNIE MIKLASZ
              Thursday, November 11, 2010

              Other than Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, I don't think any manager or coach in St. Louis takes more heat than Pat Shurmur. The Rams' offensive coordinator rarely seems to be on the popular side of public opinion.

              I've gotten on him for, among other things, failing to adjust the game plan in the second half. And for being reluctant to call enough down-field passes. And for trying to play it too safe when the Rams have a lead. Usually these acerbic critiques come after the Rams have lost a frustrating game. The second-half breakdowns at Oakland and Tampa Bay come to mind.

              During calmer moments, I appreciate Shurmur. I'll be honest: I think I was slow to come to understand his wisdom and philosophy with this particular offensive cast. And that's my fault.

              This does not mean that we agree with all of his choices. I think Shurmur could be more creative. We'll get into some of that later.

              But allow me to try and explain why I've come to respect Shurmur's work.

              The Rams don't have an explosive offense. We can have fits of distemper and holler for deep passes and a tricked-up game plan. But what, exactly, would be accomplished if Shurmur tried to go with a vertical offense? It would be stupid. And harmful. The Rams don't have the receivers to play home-run derby. They lack the element of danger.

              Shurmur has referred to what he does as 'small ball ... lots of bunts and singles." And absolutely he's right. The Rams average 9.79 yards per completed pass. That's last (32nd) in the NFL. According to STATS LLC, the Rams' average number of yards at the point of the reception — what the receiver does after making the catch isn't included — is only 4.4 yards, which ranks 31st. Translation: lots of short passes.

              But if this is small ball, the Rams are doing a fine job of executing it.

              And there is true value in this approach.

              No. 1, Shurmur is keeping rookie quarterback Sam Bradford out of harm's way most of the time. Only 5.5 percent of the Rams' attempts to pass end in a sack. That's among the lowest sack rates in the NFL this season. That's also the lowest sack rate by a Rams offense since the team moved to St. Louis in 1995. Reducing sacks not only minimizes the number of hits on Bradford, it also helps the Rams avoid drive-killing negative plays. A passing game that gets rid of the ball quickly also gives young offensive tackles Rodger Saffold and Jason Smith a chance to develop under more reasonable circumstances. Saffold and Smith have allowed only three sacks (combined) this season.

              No. 2, Bradford is developing a rhythm and confidence in the West Coast offense. This has been a superb experience for Bradford to learn how to master the shorter pass routes that form the foundation...
              -11-11-2010, 10:55 AM
            • AvengerRam_old
              My Case For Pat Shurmur
              by AvengerRam_old
              I've read here (and elsewhere) posts calling for the firing of Rams Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur. I am 100% against that idea.

              You have to look at this with two starting premises:

              1) The Rams don't have an overabundance of talent on offense; and
              2) It often takes time for players to adjust to a new offensive system before it starts producing results.

              Given, those two facts, I think that, rather than looking at the Rams' statistical ranking or, worse yet, hindsight criticisms of specific instances of playcalling, we should ask a simple question:

              Has this offense improved over the course of the year?

              The answer is "yes."

              Here are the Rams' offensive stats for the first 5 games of the season vs. games 6 through 10 (based on per game averages):

              Category/Games 1-5/Games 6-10

              Rushing Yards: 113.8 124.8 (+11.0)
              Passing Yards: 167.2 204.0 (+36.8)
              Total Yards: 281.0 328.8 (+47.8)
              Points: 6.8 14.4 (+7.8)

              Shurmur is a well-respected coach. In fact, in a recent article, Don Banks suggested that he could (despite the Rams' troubles) get some consideration for HC vacancies this year. The Rams should give him time to develop his system and build and offense with players that fit his schemes. There simply is no reason to start over with yet another OC based upon what has transpired this year.
              -11-24-2009, 09:59 AM