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  • Just One Question To Ask

    Who the he** has been teaching the DB to cover wideouts. And why does he still have a job? In the past 2 games if the stupid DB were to turn their heads around they would have gotten easy interceptions. This is getting flat out crazy stupid. Maybe we were a little harsh against tye hill as it seems right now none of or corners are playing up to expectations

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    Re: Just One Question To Ask

    i have been very surprised about this as well, our corners never seem to be facing the ball, always looking at the man. Its like they want to have pass interferance called against them. They are trying to judge when the ball is coming based on the WRs movements, but thats not really possible.


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      Re: Just One Question To Ask

      We are the only team in the NFL this season on which a CORNERBACK DOES NOT HAVE AN INT ....

      This is more the scheme than anything in my opinion. Our corners are playing VERY passively ...


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        Re: Just One Question To Ask

        Ya I've seemed to notice that too. In the bears game, Butler had his head completely turned on that deep pass to Hester early on in the first. He could have had an easy INT. And Bartell really has not been playing all that well this year. He has gotten beat multiple times and has had many pass interferences called on him. We most definatly need a new DB coach ASAP.


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        • RamWraith
          My biggest question to Marmalade
          by RamWraith
          What happened to the blitz??

          I am guessing our blitzing has been cut in half if not more since the inception of the Vanilla Marmalade Crème Pie Defense. I am not sure what or where this guy came from and why you would add him to your staff after having eight years to do something in Arizona and having no success. Then with seconds to go you go into a soft zone coverage to set a game tying field goal.

          I never thought I would say this...I miss Lovie. Marmalade is the root of our problem. Martz needs to find some coaches that can actually coach and stop taking on all these coaching projects and friends.
          -09-30-2004, 02:15 PM
        • Anghellic
          Question about Pasquerelli comments
          by Anghellic
          Len P. had written this in one of his articles:

          "Behind all the glitz of the high-octane offense that marked Martz's tenure with the Rams, this has been a dysfunctional franchise, one fraught with infighting and influence-peddling and internecine bickering, and with considerable palace intrigue. There is a sense that everyone has his own agenda, that the various departments rarely work in concert, and that things are frayed at the seams. Someone has to restore order and functionality to the operation."

          My question is, is this true? Or just more unfounded babbling on Pasquerelli's part? I haven't seen anything from the Rams to make me believe this at all, but I'm not really an "insider" so I don't know. I was wondering if maybe people in StL had heard more about it from local coverage or something - that's a pretty big accusation and just had me a little concerned, I'd appreciate any feedback and I apologize if this is already being discussed.
          -01-03-2006, 01:32 PM
        • r8rh8rmike
          Question For Those Who Have Attended A Game This Year
          by r8rh8rmike
          Is the new bag policy a non-issue? I really thought it would be troublesome, but I have not heard about any problems what so ever. I'm curious because I'd like to be prepared to go early if need be.
          -10-01-2013, 04:21 PM
        • Yodude
          Interesting stats that raise a question...
          by Yodude
          Granted the Eagles didn't show up to play, but there were some interesting stats from last nights game that raise a question in my mind.

          Running plays - 44

          Passing plays - 28

          Time of possession: Rams - 41:44 ; Eagles - 18:16

          Penalties - 7 for 55 yards (well below what we've had in our really bad performances)

          Let me say again that I know the Eagles didn't show up, but to me this still raises a question. And that question is, knowing how much trouble the O-line has had with pass protection this year, and knowing what a liability our defense has been this year, what kind of difference do you guys think this kind of game plan would have had on our record this year. I know there are some games where we got destroyed and nothing would have made a difference, but I think there were some games where it could have meant victory instead of defeat.

          At the least I think we wouldn't be praying for devine intervention to make the playoffs.
          -12-28-2004, 10:53 AM
        • thoey
          Question on an Unordered Delivery
          by thoey
          Last week there was a knock at the door and when I opened it, there was FedEx with a Dell box for me to sign for. I knew that we had not ordered anything, so I verified the name and address and it was correct. I signed for it, and then looked at the shipping document. It was addressed to my wife at our home address. The last four of the Credit Card do not match any cards that we have. Contacted external family and no one sent a surprise gift.

          Now, being a nice guy, I called Dell. Talked to "Peter". Finally got down to that they would have FedEx come out and return it to Dell and they would figure out the problem. Well, they were supposed to pick it up yesterday. No FedEx.
          So, the question is, how long do I have to wait until I can just say thanks and start playing with my free toy?

          Link goes to the laptop in question:

          -03-21-2006, 10:50 AM