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Are the Rams cursed?

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  • Are the Rams cursed?

    Terrible drafting year in and year out with the exception of last year.

    Ridiculous amount of injuries to key players. (most being on IR)

    Rams never getting the calls they need from the Refs.

    It just seems when it rains it pours in the Lou.....

    *weeps silently in the corner*

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    Re: Are the Rams cursed?

    Ya it does seem like we are plagued. We gotta hang in there though. A great quote that I love is, "Bad years produce good futures." I can't remember who said it, but I am applying it to the rams now lol. I mean some may say that our progress will be slow. For example, we may have a 6-10 season next year. If you look at the Miami dolhpins after their 1-15 season, they went 11-5 the next year and won the division. One thing about the NFL is that it is full of suprises. Who knows, we could be SB champs next year, or we may have another one-win season.

    Through all the frustration of being a Rams fan, we gotta stick through it. Trust me, I always make posts bashing our squad right after the clock hits 0:00 on sundays. It's out of pure anger and embarassment sometimes. Hopefully over the off season, Spags will discipline this team and get that mentality out of our heads that we are supposed to lose. As for now, we gotta concentrate on just keeping the rest of our games at least respectable. I don't think us fans or the city of St. Louis can handle another 40 point blowout.


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      Re: Are the Rams cursed?

      Ten years ago, the Rams won a title after finding an MVP QB and a stating MLB on the scrap heap, hitting on several key draft choices (Pace, Wistrom, Carter, Holt, Hakim), and winning the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl on a catch that was made within inches of the sideline and a tackle made one yard from the goal line.

      So, you can believe in:

      1. Blessings and curses;

      2. Karma; or

      3. Outcomes consistent with mathematical probabilities played out over time.

      Your choice.


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        Re: Are the Rams cursed?

        i have to say the jason smith thing scares me.