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  • Another Marc Bulger Thread

    Okay we have seen all three of our quarterbacks in action and can conclude that Bulger was playing for his life with the offensive line playing like it did.

    I still can't get that 2004 Pro bowl out of my head. With a pay cut I'm sure we can build from the outside in and beef up our offensive line.

    We were quick to shelf Marc because we (me included) thought he was the problem. Although there was some questionable play, he stood up like a man and took some shots. I know Boller and Null are not ones that we can draw a comparison to, but seeing these games it was clear that Bulger needs a line and some receivers if he is ever going to be considered an elite quarterback ever again.

    He is 32 same age as Tom Brady. So he still has a few in the tank if we can keep him healthy.

    Since 2007 his passer rating has dropped but can't we conclude it was because of our offensive line?

    (Reason for post is because I am not in favor of spending lots of cash on drafting a 1st round qb likes of Clausein or Locke anybody for that matter since we have more important needs.)
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    Re: Another Marc Bulger Thread

    It's still Marc's fault !!

    Maineram - ;)


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      Re: Another Marc Bulger Thread

      Really if we want to hang on for a year, get some quality veteran presence from FA at WR. Maybe even get Issac to come be a reveiver coach. We might could wait till next year and get locker. It is really obvious that Marc Bulger isnt the answer, but he isnt entirely the problem either.


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        Re: Another Marc Bulger Thread

        I don't mind keeping Bulger around, in fact I want that. Draft Pike in round two to learn from Bulger.

        As we see, the QB isn't the problem on this team. Poor play calling, subpar receivers, and a decimated offensive line will ruin any QB. I'd rather have Bulger out there than our new guy.


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          Re: Another Marc Bulger Thread

          I think the lack of receivers really made Bulger look bad this season. It also made the offensive line look bad. No one respects our receivers, therefore they will stack the box to stop the run and they will blitz the hell out of us.

          Back when we had Bruce and Holt, no one would dare to blitz us as much as we are blitzed now.

          I think if we can bring Bulger back for cheap and add some receivers that will be respected, Bulger and the offensive line would look much better.

          I just doubt that will happen, though.


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            Re: Another Marc Bulger Thread

            We don't need to bring Bulger back on the cheap. We have enough cap space (if there is a cap) that we will be easily able to sign the free agents we would get and draft picks, and if there isn't a cap....well...worrying about salary is really irrelevant.

            What appeals to me about bringing Bulger back is that he is a seasoned veteran who is decent, can mentor, and most importantly IS UNDER CONTRACT WITH THE RAMS. If we keep Bulger, that's one less thing the Rams have to look for.


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              Re: Another Marc Bulger Thread

              Marc Bulger is not going to accept a pay cut to remain with a team that's won 6 games in three years. Anyone who has watched the Rams know they have a ton of issues. And Bulger is the best QB on this team, even with his struggles over the past couple of seasons. That said, his future lies elsewhere. A fresh start is needed for both the Rams and Bulger.


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                Re: Another Marc Bulger Thread

                Short and sweet!

                sigpic :ram::helmet:


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                  Re: Another Marc Bulger Thread

                  Why wouldnt we go qb 2nd round then keep bulger. Do you really want to throw in a rookie qb week1 with the current line and wr's we have??


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                    Re: Another Marc Bulger Thread

                    Just look at this years draft. Sanchez and Stafford were the two top qb's selected.

                    With that said look at their numbers. I know they're rookies but their numbers are still lousy.

                    The same will happen with the Rams if not worse.We need to draft a qb and give him atleast a year to learn Spags system. While thats happening Bulger needs to start. I believe if we have another good draft and pick up some veteran fa's Bulger could stick around and excel a couple more years.


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                    • NJ Ramsfan1
                      An objective Bulger thread
                      by NJ Ramsfan1
                      If you read the (mostly negative) comments about Marc Bulger on this board, they merely mirror those on other site threads. At least this board has Rams fans on it who all share a common goal: to return to winning football.

                      An apologist is just as bad as someone who is always negative. The Rams made the decision to keep Bulger rather than Warner several years back and it was certainly an understandable decision. Bulger was younger, less expensive and played well, while Warner struggled. Fans, including me envisioned Bulger as an up and coming player who would give us continuity at the position and productive play.

                      Truth be told, Bulger has underachieved. Much of it can be attributed to a porous offensive line the past two years as well as a losing culture surrounding him- both perfectly legitimate reasons for his struggles. That said, he also has shown no propensity for overcoming obstacles or leading this team through the tough times. I envisioned a guy who might be the type of QB who eventually might be able to put a team on his back occasionally when the situation warrants it. Bulger isn't even close to having shown he's that type of player.

                      Let's recognize that Bulger's struggles are not all his fault- but let's also recognize that the excuses are getting old. He needs to stay healthy, be productive and lead this team, or he'll soon be benched and looking for work. The team invested a lot into him and the returns have been minimal. I've always liked him and want him to succeed, but I'm not spending this season on this board and elsewhere trying to justify poor performance.

                      Just get the job done. The team depends on it.
                      -08-18-2009, 02:04 PM
                    • hawaiianpunch
                      Marc Bulger and his future with out team
                      by hawaiianpunch
                      Hey guys,

                      Now i know its only Pre-season, and Ive only seen Bulger throw 4 passes. But I saw him get sacked 3 times. It was strange cause i saw some guys open one time he got sacked. But i also saw some major pressure. In my opinion I feel bulger is On his way down.

                      This is Where you my friends come into play?

                      What is your take on Bulger for the upcoming season? In my opinion I like him, he's a player who will let his play do the talking. I would like to see him succeed not fail. Although he seems very indecisive at times ever since Linecrap took over, the Damage Bulger took looked Irreprarable. Thoughts on him guys?
                      -08-24-2009, 07:30 PM
                    • Guest's Avatar
                      IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?
                      by Guest
                      Please don't enter this thread to complain about another Bulger thread. Some people here don't like Bulger and they've got just as much right to post here as anyone else. Soo, I'm interested.

                      How do you get rid of Bulger?
                      -11-30-2008, 08:07 PM
                    • dgr828
                      Is this the beginning of the end for Marc Bulger?
                      by dgr828
                      "Heaven can wait!" but not the majority of Rams fans who have become increasingly dissatisfied with the sub-par play coming from the Rams quarterback position.

                      Every excuse in the world has been made to explain all of the failings Marc Bulger has experienced, the past three miserable seasons in Saint Louis.

                      One glaring stats that stands out and seems to be a major problem for Bulger is "Red Zone efficiency". Any Fantasy player will tell you, the most important thing for QB is getting the ball in the endzone, for the score.

                      Even against the Jets friday night, Bulger looks pretty good between the 20s, but in the 1st half of that game the Rams can only come up with FGs.

                      There's even whisperings that Kyle Boller had a better showing and had more "pep in his step" than Bulger, in the game against the Jets.
                      The one TD thrown in that game was by 4th string rookie Keith Null, who was pretty impressive in the limited time given.

                      The so called "Bulger Bashers" along with "Bulger Apologists" are waiting with baited breathe in anticipation to see if the Rams QB can at least string two good offensive series together, let along two good games.

                      Marc Bulger is a player with good character, but what he lacks is a little cockiness or that chip on the shoulders attitude needed to keep opposing defenses in check.

                      How long are we going give excuses such as a poor O Line, inexperienced receivers or a broken down running game for Bulgers' ineffectiveness. Although these are contributing factors, Bulger has no one else to blame but himself for the lack of leadership needed, from the QB, in order for the Saint Louis Rams to have success.

                      AS MARC BULGER GOES, SO GOES THE RAMS......And the last few years have seen them both go to Hell in a Hand Basket!!!

                      I'm afraid, My CLAN Bretheren, This the beginning of the end for Marc Bulger!

                      ~WHAT A LOOOOONG ~STRANGE TRIP ITS BEEN!!! ~
                      -08-16-2009, 09:14 PM
                    • RAM-BO
                      Was Bulger Overpaid/Underpaid?
                      by RAM-BO
                      What yall think?
                      About Right
                      Forgot to make it three options so don't vote for this one
                      -10-25-2007, 05:01 PM