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Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

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  • Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

    Cannot stress this enough, but I believe we made a horrible miscalculation in selecting Avery over Jackson. Avery can turn it around but he has had a miserable sophmore year to say the least.

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    Re: Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

    it was a huge mistake to take Avery over Jackson, but hindsight is always golden.

    That being said, there were signs that Jackson was the best PLAYMAKER is the draft, not necessarily the best WR. Make sense?

    I think Avery can develop into a decent, maybe even a very good slot receiver, but you don't spend a pick at the top of round 2 on a #3 receiver.

    I wonder how much Avery's pick deceision was based on Al Saunders input?


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      Re: Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

      It's in the past now, Avery is our receiver and will be for some time i imagine. So why are we bringing this topic up again?


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        Re: Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

        Pointless argument to have. Brought in to two totally different situations.


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          Re: Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

          Originally posted by bruce4life View Post
          Cannot stress this enough,
          Actually, I think that it can be, and has been, stressed enough.


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            Re: Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

            Yeah, put AVery on Eagles and Jackson on Rams and lets see how that works out...

            I hate when people try to do this.

            Avery is good, Jackson is probably better, but If Jackson was that good he would have went in top 10 picks.

            Rams fans are looking to the future ., not the past.


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              Re: Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

              Should we do this with every pick we pass up?


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                Re: Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

                Originally posted by richtree View Post
                Yeah, put AVery on Eagles and Jackson on Rams and lets see how that works out...

                I hate when people try to do this.

                Avery is good, Jackson is probably better, but If Jackson was that good he would have went in top 10 picks.

                Rams fans are looking to the future ., not the past.

                Exactly, looking to the future not the past. BUT, the past does illustrate we are absolutely horrible with our draft selections. Over the past 5 -10 years, how many players that the Rams drafted actually made a mark on the team?
                Less then a handful......Who sticks out like Desean?

                So, for the future, everyone has their bet's that Devaney is the man and this is all behind us. Hope so. We will know shortly.


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                  Re: Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

                  Not to keep this thread alive but I'd be interested to see (considering its the WCO) what Avery can do when he's given the exact same routes as Jackson. Make Avery do the long routes, right? That's what we drafted him for, right? Let's copy exactly what the Eagles are doing with a speedy/short receiver. DeSean is a whole hell of a lot more talented but I bet Avery would do better in copying Jackson's role...
                  Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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                    Re: Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

                    I'm not ready to give up on Avery yet. He had Finnegan beat by 5 yards TWICE in the first quarter yesterday. Once Null underthrew him, second time never even saw him.
                    If a team won their division seven straight times, that would be a NFL record. Now add on that team did it with seven different QB's in seven straight years,that record is unbeatable. To do that feat, you must of had a great Defense. Jack Youngblood was the captain of that defense.


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                      Re: Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

                      The argument is so tired. As are all arguments of this type, each situation is NOT the same ...

                      Avery has had 3 yards or more on a DB running wide open down field at least a dozen times this season ...


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                        Re: Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

                        Well i'l give it to Desean Jackson he can probably dance better than Avery did you see him do the reject in the endzone.

                        Also ask yourself who is a better redzone threat and if Desean Jackson were on the Rams do you think Bulger could have thrown it past 20 yards or Boll er throw it 15 yards with accuracy?


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                          Re: Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

                          Got nothing else to talk about sorry guys. I'd rather beat a dead horse than talk about the sorry state of our team


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                            Re: Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

                            Like many have said, 2 different teams and 2 different playbooks, 2 different quarterbacks, and 2 different teams....


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                              Re: Avery vs. Jackson revisited...

                              Its all about the situation. Say Philly picks Avery. He has stable coaching, a proven system that would help utilize his talents, a freaking awesome QB, and a FO dedicated to getting to the playoffs right from the get go. I'd assume based on this Avery would succeed better than he is right now.

                              However, this is pretty much the exact opposite situation Avery has been put in and it shows. Now with that said I think Jackson is the more talented WR, but I'm not willing to give up on Avery. He just needs more stability methinks.


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                              • AvengerRam_old
                                Donnie Avery, in perspective...
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                After 11 games, here are Donnie Avery's stats, where he ranks among second year WRs this year, and the top Soph. in each category:

                                Receptions: 34 (7th); Davone Bess, Miami - 49
                                Yards: 466 (5th); DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia - 769
                                YPC: 13.7 (7th); DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia - 17.5
                                TDs: 5 (2nd); DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia - 6

                                Now... apart from the obvious - that the Rams probably should have taken DeSean Jackson - what does this tell us?

                                Well, I'd say it tells us that Avery is holding his own among the players he was drafted with. Notably, Avery has been fairly consistent in his first two years, while others have either had Soph. slumps (i.e. Eddie Royal) or emerged this year after extremely quiet rookie seasons (i.e. Mario Manningham).

                                I also think its notable that Avery has fought through injuries to stay on the field, has dealt with a change in offensive coordinators and instablity at the QB position, and has had to play accross from seemingly countless WRs.

                                In all, I'd say Avery stacks up as a guy who continues to have promise. The Rams need to add more talent at WR, but Avery should be part of the long term plan.
                                -11-30-2009, 12:26 PM
                              • Nick
                                Donnie Avery or DeSean Jackson? Bad luck or bad draft?
                                by Nick
                                Donnie Avery or DeSean Jackson? Bad luck or bad draft?
                                BY REID LAYMANCE | Posted: Monday, December 20, 2010 11:06 am

                                THE WATER COOLER:

                                In the 2008 draft, the Rams went for Houston wide receiver Donnie Avery at the top of the second round instead of Cal's DeSean Jackson, who went 16 spots later to the Eagles. On Sunday, Jackson returned a punt 65 yards on the last play of the game to give the Eagles a win over the Giants. Avery is on injured reserve for the Rams. Bad luck or bad drafting?

                                BRYAN BURWELL:

                                I wish I could blame it all on bad luck, but this was an organizational decision to bypass Jackson because the decision makers within the Rams front office firmly believed that Jackson's off-field baggage and attitude were a detriment and he wouldn't fit in with the new concept of the direction the organization was heading.

                                But even before Avery's injury, his early production did not measure up to Jackson's explosive contributions to the Eagles. Maybe we will revisit this again next year and see that Avery is the big-play threat general manager Billy Devaney thinks he is. Maybe with Bradford in his second season and with a healthy Mark Clayton and a fully recovered Danario Alexander up to speed on the playbook, things will start clicking for this offense and everyone will believe that Avery is Jackson's equal. But that's a lot of catching up to do. A lot.

                                JEFF GORDON:

                                Bad drafting. The Rams had concerns about DeSean Jackson's make-up, but he was a spectacular collegiate player. Avery offered speed, but coming from a spread offense put him at a disavantage. Avery has had tough luck with injuries, but it's difficult to imagine him matching Jackson's impact if healthy. DeSean has given the Eagles staff some headaches in his time, but there is no denying his game-breaking skill.

                                KATHLEEN NELSON:

                                More of the latter than the former. I went back through the notes from, which had Jackson ranked second among wide receivers, Avery as No. 11, so the Rams valued Avery above nine other wideouts as well. It also indicated that Avery was more likely a third-rounder than a second rounder.

                                One of the knocks on Jackson was that scouts likenend him to "Devin Hester, but he is not in that class yet as a returner." I think he's worked on that shortcoming a little bit.

                                Here's the bottom line: Avery has played 31 games and has 100 receptions for 1,263 yards with 2 kick returns for 40 yards.

                                Jackson: 44 games, 169 receptions, 3,092 yards, 99 punt returns for 1,112 yards and four TDs.

                                It's not even close, even when you subtract Avery's lost season. Jackson played in 31 games, with 124 receptions, 2,068 yards, 79 punt returns for 881 yards and three TDs.
                                -12-20-2010, 09:44 AM
                              • sosa39rams
                                Donnie Avery Done
                                by sosa39rams
                                UPDATE: WR Donnie Avery Torn ACL...out for the season

                                Wait a little before having surgery

                                boy does this suck
                                -08-27-2010, 02:07 PM
                              • macrammer
                                Donny Avery
                                by macrammer
                                34 receptions 454 yards for the Colts.......
                                -11-05-2012, 09:39 AM
                              • 01d 0rd3r
                                Avery Steps to Front.
                                by 01d 0rd3r
                                Like most teams in the NFL, attrition begins to take its toll on rosters around the league the deeper into the season you get. That’s certainly held true in the case of the Rams and nowhere is that more evident than at the receiver position.

                                At a position that was short on experience entering the season, there’s been only one constant. That constant is a blur in blue, wearing No. 17 named Donnie Avery.

                                No matter which quarterback has been under center, the one player that signal caller has been able to count on this year is Avery, the second-year speedster out of Houston.

                                “You get comfortable with certain guys,” quarterback Kyle Boller said. “I just started taking reps with these guys again. Donnie is probably one of the ones I’m more comfortable with because he’s been around for training camp and mini camps and all that kind of stuff. I feel like each and every week we get more comfortable with each other. That’s the name of the game. Timing is what it’s all about.”

                                After an up and down start to this, his second season in the league, Avery has timed his emergence at a good time.

                                It’s difficult for any young player to have an immediate impact but receivers rarely make that much of a difference unless their name is Randy Moss.

                                In the offseason, the Rams’ receiver corps went through an extreme makeover, leaving Avery and fellow second year wideout Keenan Burton as the most tenured players at the position on the roster.

                                But at least entering the year, Avery was surrounded by players like Laurent Robinson and Burton, guys who had been in the new offense installed by coordinator Pat Shurmur for the entirety of the offseason program.

                                Fast forward to now and Avery is the only active wideout on the roster who was also on it when the preseason came to an end.

                                Whether he was ready for an expanded leadership role or not, Avery was thrust into it as the most experienced guy on the team.

                                “I don’t try to go out and yell during the week or go crazy,” Avery said. “I just try to lead by example and go out there, practice hard and hopefully go into the game, play hard and have success.”

                                Since the beginning of the season, the Rams have lost Robinson and Burton to season-ending injuries. Derek Stanley was released to make room for Danny Amendola and the likes of Nate Jones and Tim Carter have made appearances on the roster.
                                The Rams have replaced those players with youngsters like Amendola and Brandon Gibson as well as more experienced guys like Ruvell Martin and Jordan Kent.

                                But none of those players have been around or have the rapport with the quarterbacks like Avery and all of those receivers are quick to turn to Avery with questions.

                                “I just try to calm them,” Avery says of the younger wideouts. “Sometimes, I see them on the sideline with jitters and tell them I...
                                -12-10-2009, 08:44 PM