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"Accent-ing The Positives With Null

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  • "Accent-ing The Positives With Null

    12.15.2009 12:11 pm
    “Accent-ing” the positives with Null
    By Jim Thomas
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    Even in the midst of Sunday’s 47-7 drubbing to Tennessee, the St. Louis Rams’ offensive unit found some humor in the Texas twang of rookie quarterback Keith Null.

    “They love it when I say ‘nek-ked right, nek-ked left,’ ” Null said.

    That’s “nek-ked” as in “naked bootleg” to those who grew up north of Mason-Dixon.

    “That’s one of the things they just love to give me heck about,” Null said. “So they even did it during the game.”

    Right in the huddle.

    “Oh yeah. Every single time I say it, they give me something about it,” Null said.

    But starting left guard Jacob Bell said he liked what he saw and heard from Null in the huddle Sunday at LP Field, accent and all.

    “It was very impressive to see a young guy with such poise in the huddle,” Bell said. “He’s southern as it is, so he speaks slow which I like. I can understand what he’s saying. But he didn’t lose his cool. He had a little laugh in there. He looked like a veteran almost.”

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    Re: "Accent-ing The Positives With Null

    So keith Null has a southern accent?


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      Re: "Accent-ing The Positives With Null

      LOTS to love about Null. I hope he gets the start this week. I don't see anyway the coaches could not give him another start. They have to see how he adapts and adjusts to adversity ....


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      • Bing69
        Where is Null??
        by Bing69
        I was just looking at the rams practice squad on the offical site and cant see Keith Null on it! Has he been snapped up already??
        -09-06-2010, 03:19 PM
      • MauiRam
        Null continues fight for his QB position with St. Louis Rams
        by MauiRam

        In a way, it almost seems unfair.

        Keith Null was the Rams' starting quarterback for the last four games of the 2009 season. The two players ahead of him on the depth chart for most of the season, Marc Bulger and Kyle Boller, no longer are with the team.

        And yet as organized team activities continue at Rams Park, Null is in exactly the same situation that he was last spring: fighting to land the No. 3 QB job.

        "Wherever I end up by the season, I trust the coaches enough to put me in the right position," said Null, a sixth-round draft pick last year from NCAA Division II West Texas A&M.

        Null beat out Brock Berlin to make the 53-man roster as a rookie. Null dressed as the No. 3 quarterback until injuries felled Bulger and then Boller.

        That thrust Null into the lineup Dec. 13 at Tennessee for an NFL debut that was short on personal highlights. Null did throw a touchdown pass, an 11-yard toss to tight end Randy McMichael. But Null also was intercepted five times in a 47-7 thumping.

        The Rams were outscored 122-36 and went 0-4 with Null as the starter, wrapping up their franchise-worst 1-15 season. Null completed 73 of 119 passes (61.3 percent) for 566 yards and three touchdowns, with nine interceptions. His passer rating was a woeful 49.9.

        "I definitely wish I could get another chance to get back in and sort of redeem myself," Null said. "I don't think that I played as good as I could have."

        Coach Steve Spagnuolo agreed. "He had some ups and downs, like you would think in a rookie," Spagnuolo said. "Here's a guy that probably didn't expect to play at all, and we had the injury situation. He made some good plays, and he made some bad ones. I know it wasn't probably as good as he wanted it to go overall.

        "But I do think the reps he got were invaluable."

        Again, coach and player were in agreement.

        "These OTAs, as far as knowing the plays and calling the plays in the huddle, it's way easier than it was last year at this time," Null said. "Having one year under my belt, and then getting to go in and play four games, I'm taking all that with me ... and using that experience to help me."

        The Rams signed veteran quarterback A.J. Feeley to a free-agent deal in the offseason, then spent the No. 1 overall draft choice on Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford.

        Feeley has been getting all the first-team snaps during OTAs, with Null and Bradford alternating with the second and third units. Ultimately, though, Bradford will be starting and Feeley will be backing him up.

        That means that the 6-foot-4, 219-pound Null, 24, seemingly will have to best rookie free agent Thaddeus Lewis to retain his roster spot.
        -05-26-2010, 08:39 AM
      • BEER
        Article on Kieth Null.
        by BEER
        By Jeff Gordon

        Ryan Leaf was one of the most egregious draft busts in NFL history. He went second overall to the San Diego Chargers and failed miserably.

        He alienated teammates, fans and media types. He suffered serious shoulder and wrist injuries. Later, after the Chargers turned him out, he failed to sustain comebacks in Tampa Bay and Dallas.

        Now his protégé is trying to succeed where he failed.

        As an assistant coach at West Texas A&M, Leaf helped develop Keith Null into a hugely productive Division II quarterback. Now Null is getting his shot under much different circumstances than Leaf enjoyed -– as a sixth-round Rams draft pick fighting for the No. 3 quarterback slot.

        Many experts left him out of their pre-draft rankings. Others mentioned him as a potential street free agent, or “camp arm” as they say in the business.

        But Null could become much more than that. He is a big prospect (6-foot-4, 220 pounds) with a big arm and a nice passing touch.

        He offers intriguing physical tools and a productive collegiate background.

        With starting quarterback Marc Bulger missing the rest of preseason play with a broken finger, Null will get additional work as he battles Brock Berlin for the No. 3 job behind Bulger and Kyle Boller.

        Maybe, just maybe, Null could become a true developmental quarterback. His considerable potential could earn him a roster spot if he continues progressing through the preseason.

        Null did not look like a small-town, small-school rube during training camp. He knew exactly what he was getting into when he reported to work at Rams Park.

        Leaf helped get him ready. Null learned from Leaf’s fortune and misfortune.

        “He has gone through it all, to say the last,” Null said. “He’s definitely had a lot of experiences. He has learned from all of those.

        “We really enjoyed each other. I enjoyed having him as a coach and I know he enjoyed having me as a player. We got along great.”

        Leaf’s tenure at the school ended abruptly and badly. He developed a painkiller addiction after his NFL career ended and that led to his arrest on drug charges.

        But Leaf has stayed connected with Null while working through his personal and legal issues.

        “He just called me two or three days ago and left me a message,” Null said. “I actually have to call him back. It’s been pretty busy around here.

        “We talk every two or three weeks, He says in touch. He is very encouraging and helpful for me.”

        Null threw for 5,097 yards in his senior season and capped his career with stellar Division II playoff and all-star game performances. Null threw for 595 yards and seven touchdowns against Abilene Christian in a playoff game and later earned MVP honors at the Valero Cactus Bowl.
        -08-20-2009, 02:53 PM
      • NJ Ramsfan1
        Those that thought Null wasn't ready...
        by NJ Ramsfan1
        ...Obviously knew what they were talking about. No reason to expand upon the obvious. Today's performance speaks for itself.
        -12-13-2009, 04:09 PM
      • realchamp11
        keith null
        by realchamp11
        i dont understand why people thought null was ready to start. He's a rookie and not even from the D1 level. He was/is NO WHERE close to being ready to be a starter
        -12-13-2009, 05:52 PM