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Rams Finally Earn High Praise From Fans

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  • Rams Finally Earn High Praise From Fans

    Rams finally earn high praise from fans
    By Jeff Gordon

    The Rams finally did something to earn high praise from their long-suffering fans.

    No, they didn’t score a bunch of touchdowns or win a game in entertaining fashion. That will probably have to wait for another season.

    The team did cut ties with mercurial guard Richie Incognito Tuesday afternoon, turning the page on another unfortunate Rams Park plot line.

    Fans had been calling for Incognito’s ouster since midway through Sunday’s 47-7 loss at Tennessee. His demise came less than 48 hours after he earned two personal foul penalties in Nashville.

    After officials flagged Incognito for throwing a head butt – in a truly immature act – Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo benched him.

    Spagnuolo put him back into the game, giving him another chance. Officials flagged him a second time, making a seemingly marginal call for a post-whistle tiff.

    This time Spags yanked him from the game for good. Richie pled his case on the sideline, to no avail. Spagnuolo didn’t want to hear it Richie’s claims of innocence.

    As a repeat offender, Incognito was a marked man with game officials. His cumulative bad behavior led to that second call.

    Richie had exhausted whatever slack he once had with the NFL crews. He had also exhausted whatever slack he once had with the Rams organization.

    After reflecting on Incognito’s situation, the Rams brain trust decided to release him and move on with their other guards.

    The Rams have sent many veterans packing for many reasons. This time the team cashiered a guy to make an example of him to the rest of the organization.

    This decision to jettison Richie came after the team learned that guard Jacob Bell would miss the rest of the season with a torn hamstring muscle. So Mark Setterstrom and John Greco figure to start now, with Roger Allen III likely to back them up.

    All three players should get a chance to advance their case for 2010 employment here. Incognito will move along, a good bet to latch on a job with another injury-riddled team.

    Knowing the Rams’ luck, Incognito will flourish elsewhere. But that is not the Rams’ concern. Richie had to be punished.

    I would have buried him for a couple of games to see how he reacted, but Rams management had seen enough. There would be no more second, third or fourth chances for him here.

    Richie a fiercely competitive man, but his penalties tend to be of the selfish variety – occurring after the play when an opponent got under his skin. Try as me might, Incognito could not learn how to calm down after the whistle.

    The Rams knew Richie was a hot head when the team drafted him 81st overall in 2005. His college career was marked by violent incidents.

    Previous Rams regimes have willing to gamble on talented players lacking character. From Lawrence Phillip to Claude Wroten to Anthony Hargrove and Pisa Tinoisamoa, the Rams have drafted athletes with background flaws.

    The current Rams regime, led by Spagnuolo and general manager Billy Devaney, insisted they would take the team in a new direction.

    “As a head coach, I will be committed to doing everything possible to bring success to this franchise,” Spagnuolo said during his introductory news conference. “I’m not about predictions, I’m not about bold statements. But we hope that we’re going to be about faith, character, core values and team first. Those will be the four pillars we will hang our hat on.”

    All along, fans wondered where the oft-penalized Incognito fit with the four pillars. The Sporting News recently honored him with the title of dirtiest player in the NFL, as voted on by a panel of players.

    That reputation finally caught up to him Tuesday.

    “As with all other personnel moves, this is what we felt was in the best interest of the team at this time,” Spagnuolo said in the team’s official news release. “We appreciate Richie’s efforts and we wish him the very best.”

    So fans are happy. Another failed project has ended. Another misspent draft pick has been written off. Accountability in the locker room has been restored.

    Other players who fail to keep their composure will do so at their own risk. So amid all these losses, perhaps the Rams are making a little progress after all.

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    Re: Rams Finally Earn High Praise From Fans

    So fans are happy
    I feel all warm and fuzzy myself.:|
    Clannie Nominee for ClanRam's Thickest Poster


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      Re: Rams Finally Earn High Praise From Fans

      This can be a really good thing, we might have something in Greco. Might not even have to go out and get a RG.

      Non Sequitur but when i play madden i always jettison cogs and put in greco anyway, always works out


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        Re: Rams Finally Earn High Praise From Fans

        i believe greco will take over on the left side, with setterstrom on the right. both guys are auditioning for starting roles next year..both have shown promise in the past, and cutting bell in the offseason will probably happen if the cba isn't worked out.


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          Re: Rams Finally Earn High Praise From Fans

          Roger Allen III, whom I was standing a few feet from a couple weeks ago after the Cardinals game, is an incredible physical specimen, and one hella of a nice guy ...

          I would love to see him in action. Truly beastly guy ...


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            Re: Rams Finally Earn High Praise From Fans

            Originally posted by RamsInfiniti
            Roger Allen III, whom I was standing a few feet from a couple weeks ago after the Cardinals game, is an incredible physical specimen, and one hella of a nice guy ...

            I would love to see him in action. Truly beastly guy ...
            He's a big man. Here's a little known fact.......his name is Roger Allen III, not because he is a family namesake, but because he ate the first two versions. True story.
            The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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              Re: Rams Finally Earn High Praise From Fans

              Originally posted by HUbison
              He's a big man. Here's a little known fact.......his name is Roger Allen III, not because he is a family namesake, but because he ate the first two versions. True story.
              Thanks for the laugh...
              I love guys that are competitive and there for his teammates (remember how Marshall used to get it on with guys after the play sometimes) but he just went off in the deep end with this and cost his franchise to much.. thanks for the service Cogs have fun playing for Al Davis


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              • r8rh8rmike
                Rams' Incognito Looks To Repair Image With Fans
                by r8rh8rmike
                BY BILL COATS
                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                Among the goals he's listed for the 2009 season, Rams guard Richie Incognito wants to become "a more mature player." If he were to be successful in that mission, the final piece of the Incognito puzzle probably would be in place.

                Last season, over 15 starts at right guard, the former Nebraska standout established himself as a solid NFL performer. Interim head coach Jim Haslett declared that Incognito was "our best offensive lineman all year, no question about it."

                New Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo, the former Giants defensive coordinator, also is an unabashed Incognito fan.

                "He's the kind of offensive lineman you want to have; tough and physical," Spagnuolo said. "He could play on the New York Giants' offensive line. ... He's that type of guy, and you know I've got a lot of respect for their offensive line."

                But to complete the package, quarterback Marc Bulger pointed out, Incognito, 25, needs to avoid the self-created pitfalls that damaged him — and the Rams — in '08 and during previous seasons.

                "There's been a growing process for him every year, and obviously last year we had some things with him going on," Bulger said during organized team activities at Rams Park. "I'm sure he wishes he could have that back."

                Post-whistle indiscretions, as well as certain frowned-upon tactics during the action, resulted in several unwise penalties called against Incognito. Not only was the team pushed back, Incognito's reputation suffered.

                "There are just a few in the league who take cheap shots, go low at you when they're not supposed to go low, like when you're not looking," former Seattle linebacker Leroy Hill said. "We know who they are. Yes, he's one of them."

                Incognito was slapped with a whopping $35,000 in fines after a particularly nasty outing at Washington: $25,000 for what the league termed "repeated verbal abuse of a game official," $5,000 for a major facemask penalty and $5,000 for an illegal chop block.

                Then there was Incognito's verbal sparring with the Rams' fans. Frustrated by mounting losses and unhappy that a large contingent was traveling from Chicago to see the Rams take on the Bears in late November at the Edward Jones Dome, Incognito blurted:

                "We know how our fans feel about us; that's fine. It's nice to have the other fans here. At least they cheer. Our fans get in their seats, they don't know how to cheer, when to cheer."

                Incognito apologized, but the damage was done. He was booed loudly that Sunday during a 27-3 defeat and added to the hecklers' displeasure by stopping before leaving the field and cupping his hands to his ears, encouraging them to step up their abuse.

                -05-26-2009, 09:51 PM
              • JustinPoole
                Incognito was right
                by JustinPoole
                Saint Louis is filled with fair weather fans and they make me sick. I didnt miss one single game from the time the rams moved to STL up until 2002 or so. The only positive I can see from how the rams have played these last few years is getting rid of all the band wagon fans.

                Im gonna go out and buy myself a richie incognito jersey.
                -03-17-2009, 11:36 PM
              • r8rh8rmike
                Rams' Ritchie Incognito: "I'm a marked man"/The Incognito File
                by r8rh8rmike
                Rams' Richie Incognito: "I'm a marked man"

                By Bill Coats
                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                As popular as Richie Incognito is in the Rams' locker room, where he's venerated as a staunch defender of his teammates, he's equally ostracized around the NFL, where he's regarded by some of his adversaries as an unscrupulous hothead.

                After Incognito was whistled for four penalties, including two personal fouls, in a 2007 game against Arizona, Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett said the NFL "is going to have to do something about (Incognito), because one day he's going to really injure somebody's career. The guy was trying to hurt some of our guys."

                Last year, Seattle linebacker Leroy Hill noted that there are "just a few in the league who take cheap shots, go low at you when they're not supposed to go low, like when you're not looking. … He's one of them."

                As a result:

                — Opponents do what they can to get under Incognito's skin, trying to elicit a reaction.

                "One of the fundamentals of the game is trying to exploit someone else's weaknesses," said CBS analyst Dan Dierdorf, a Hall of Fame offensive lineman with the old St. Louis Cardinals. "You realize where another guy is flawed and how to take advantage of that."

                — Officials constantly keep a close eye on Incognito for any indiscretion.

                "I know when I'm going out there Sundays I'm being watched," said the 6-foot-3, 324-pound Incognito, the Rams' right guard. "I'm a marked man."

                Incognito, 26, said in the spring that he dedicated the offseason to trying to scrape away that reputation. "Just growing, being a more mature football player and eliminating the penalties," he said. "That's really the emphasis for me."

                Yet Incognito already has re-ignited the furor by drawing two personal-foul calls in the Rams' 28-0 season-opening loss at Seattle.

                Angry fans on sports-talk shows and Internet forums have called for his release, arguing that enough is enough. But first-year head coach Steve Spagnuolo is standing up for his man.

                "I trust Richie — I like his passion," Spagnuolo said. "When the passion leads to penalties, that's not a good thing. But I'd rather have that problem than trying to motivate the guys to love the game of football."

                'I PLAY WITH PASSION'

                No one questions Incognito's love for football. "I care a lot about the game," he said. "I play with passion. I play with fire. And I play to win."

                He's been doing so since he was a youngster in Glendale, Ariz. At Mountain Ridge High he developed into one of the nation's most sought-after linemen.

                He chose Nebraska and quickly earned a first-team...
                -09-18-2009, 12:19 PM
              • r8rh8rmike
                Round Two: Should The Rams Have Cut Incognito Earlier?
                by r8rh8rmike
                12.16.2009 11:46 am
                Should Rams have cut Incognito earlier?
                By Roger Hensley

                THE WATERCOOLER

                QUESTION: Was Richie Incognito’s level of play worth keeping him on the roster for as long as the Rams did, or should they have cut him loose earlier?

                JIM THOMAS
                Coach Steve Spagnuolo gave Incognito two chances. He was benched for a handful of plays after a couple of hot-headed penalties in the season opener against Seattle and had a sit-down with Spags. When Incognito had a similar meltdown in Game 13 against Tennessee, Spags had enough. So it’s hard to argue with the head coach’s approach. Keep in mind, Incognito’s contract would’ve been up after this season, and maybe the team was hesitant to commit big bucks to retain him anyway.

                BRYAN BURWELL
                Incognito had talent, that’s why he stayed as long as he did. You put up with problem children in sports for only one reason — ability. That’s why a good player with problems is an eccentric and a bad player with the same issues is unemployed.

                JEFF GORDON
                Richie played hard. The Rams were trying to rebuild this team with physical play on both lines. In many ways, Richie embodied what Spagnuolo wanted to do with the Rams. But the new coach was also stressing a team-first mentality and ultimately these personal fouls are selfish penalties. When Richie tried to plead innocence on his latest beef, that was the last straw. His remarks to Jim Thomas further proved his lack of self-accountability.

                BILL COATS
                Incognito is a solid offensive lineman, so it made sense for the Rams to give him some slack. They’d invested a third-round draft pick and a fair amount of money in him. After his problems in Seattle in the opener this year, he’d behaved himself until last Sunday’s blowup. So, I’d day the timing was right — particularly conisdering the Rams probably weren’t going to re-sign Incognito after this season.

                KEVIN WHEELER (Host of “Sports Open Line” on KMOX)
                They should have cut him loose sooner because he clearly wasn’t doing anything to help the team win more games. Richie is okay as a player but not good enough to make it worth putting up with his ridiculous lack of self-control, and it’s not like this guy doesn’t have a history of behaving badly.

                A poll of 296 NFL players conducted by Sports Illustrated said he’s one of the dirtiest players in the league, he’s had four games in the last two years where he received multiple personal fouls (two of them this season) and he had a history in college as well. This guy was the first freshman ever to start the season on the offensive line for Nebraska, he was All-Big 12 as a sophomore and despite being one of the best players on the team he was still kicked out of the program for his behavior. That behavior included multiple suspensions for violation of team rules, three assault charges being filed against...
                -12-16-2009, 06:20 PM
              • MauiRam
                Rams' Incognito out to change his ways .. from PFW.
                by MauiRam
                By Dan Arkush
                Picking up on the very positive vibe team sources tell us has been produced by new strength and conditioning coach Rock Gullickson, we hear that no Rams player has been more fired up than starting ORG Rich Incognito. Word is Incognito has set the pace in the weight room this offseason and has really made a strong first impression on new head coach Steve Spagnuolo, who likes his linemen to be as physical as the rules allow. Abiding by the rules, however, has been a well-documented problem for Incognito, whose ill-timed behavioral brain cramps have made him the No. 1 whipping boy for frustrated Rams fans the last couple of seasons. Incognito is on record this offseason as saying he wants to become “a more mature player” — a smart move on his part considering that he’s entering his contract year. “With everything he’s done, I’ll believe it when I see it,” one team insider said. “There’s no doubt he fits Spagnuolo’s mold and has a chance to make a lot of money.”
                -07-10-2009, 08:54 PM