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  • Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

    Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says Richie Incognito took the high road after the Rams released him, expressing no hard feelings toward coach Steve Spagnuolo or general manager Billy Devaney. Incognito: "We had a great conversation just talking football and life. At the end of the day itís a business decision. Iím a professional ... onward and upward. I passed along to Spags and Billy. I told them theyíre doing a wonderful job. I really do think Spags is doing a great job. Itís obvious what the team needs here, and itís talent. Itís not a lack of coaching. And itís not a lack of desire. Itís just a lack of talent right now. And theyíll get that sorted out. Theyíre the right men for the job."


    Very cool of him. Anyone that keeps saying to fire Spags after one year should also read this.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

    Well calculated reply.


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      Re: Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

      One of the ONLY calculated moves I can remember Cogs ever making.


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        Re: Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

        I'm willing to bet that as difficult as Cogs is as a player/person, he respects those in authority like Spags who earn respect from being tough but fair.


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          Re: Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

          Good for Cogs taking the high road. One thing that is encouraging is that Cogs is saying all this stuff after he was literally fired by them. So it must mean he really believes in what they're trying to do.


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            Re: Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

            What I hear is, "I really hope I can be employed...sooner rather than later..."

            What you see is what you get, but what you see depends on where you stand.


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              Re: Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

              Originally posted by Varg6 View Post
              Very cool of him. Anyone that keeps saying to fire Spags after one year should also read this.
              you are esteeming the comments of a madman!
              LA RAMMER

              It's Jim not Chris


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                Re: Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

                Thats good of Cogs to say, but he needs to be professional about it, what did you expect him to say?


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                  Re: Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

                  The statement should not be for the Spags lovers to misconstrue that Spags has it "going on." This is simple politics and will assist cogs in getting employed in an expeditious manner. Nothing more. Spags will be ultimately held accountable for wins and losses he accumulates and by virtue of the mess he inherited, gets a hall pass for this year only.


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                    Re: Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

                    Ive said it before and Ill say one last time.
                    A VERY PLAUSIBLE MAN IS RICHIE.


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                      Re: Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

                      Wow I would have expected a guy who can't hold his temper to completely bash this team upon his release lol. Nice to see he has a positive attitude; I wish him the best of luck!!


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                        Re: Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

                        I'm sure Cogs was strongly advised to make as diplomatic an exit as possible if he wished to be employed again anytime soon. That he would make this statement is not surprising to me. By his own admission, he's happy he's gone.

                        Good riddance, loser. Thanks for helping the Rams become successful.


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                          Re: Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

                          God you guys are so cynical! I get what you guys are saying but I think he was genuine about Spags and the talent issues.
                          Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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                            Re: Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

                            Nice and it didn't cost us 15 yards for un-sportsman like.


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                              Re: Cogs Statement WORTH reading.

                              Bloke obviously has some issues with anger management but is far from the Conrad Dobler on steroids he's been painted.

                              I hope it works out for him wherever he ends up but I have a strange feeling he'll be making a career out of being a waiver wire pick-up.

                              Knowing our luck however, he'll make the pro-bowl with the bills next season.


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                                Well what is the verdict? We know this kid has probowl ability but is a nut job at the same time. Can Spags lay the "hand of god" on this guy and redirect his un-mentionable career? I think he can for the record

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                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                SEATTLE ó The rowdy folks inside Qwest Field just wanted to party already. They had spent the better part of this flawless football Sunday turning their raucous stadium into a joyful and vulgar open-air madhouse ó laughing and cursing and chanting and cheering all afternoon as their Seattle Seahawks dismantled the hated Rams in a 28-0 rout. And now all they wanted to do to was let the game clock tick down so they could dance in the aisles and spill out into the streets and party some more.

                                Only Steve Spagnuolo wouldn't let them.

                                There were less than two minutes left in his first regular-season game as Rams coach, and Spags kept calling timeouts as if it were the end of some skin-tight playoff game instead of the dying moments of garbage time in an ugly, one-sided shutout that had essentially been over since the third quarter.

                                Spags was still pacing the Rams sidelines, and his body language told you he didn't care what the score was. As long as there was time on that clock, he was going to work it.

                                The Seahawks ran a play.

                                Spags called a timeout.


                                The Seahawks ran another play.

                                Spags looked at the ref and called another timeout.


                                Edgerrin James tried to barrel off-tackle, and he was swarmed by a pile of white Rams jerseys for a 1-yard loss, and now Spags was crouched near the 30-yard line, his head set tilted slightly, his hands cupped around his mouth.

                                "KEEP ON MAKIN' PLAYS MEN, KEEP ON MAKIN' PLAYS!" he shouted in a voice that pierced the din of this angry and impatient partisan Qwest Field mob.

                                And then he called another time out.


                                So maybe you're not looking for a pearl to cull out of this disastrous start to the 2009 regular season. Perhaps all you see is another rotten start to another season destined to be as horrible as the last two or three or four. Maybe all you see is the unsightly misadventure that seemed a whole lot like the last four trips to Seattle.

                                But I'm going to try to squint a little bit for you. I'm going to try to block out the blinding glare of this mistake-riddled, self-destructive loss to the Seahawks and try to tell you why the Steve Spagnuolo Era is still headed in the right direction even after going scoreless in Seattle.

                                It can all be summed up in the sight of Spags on the sidelines and in the voice of Spags after the game.

                                When he walked into his postgame interview room, Spags didn't spend a great deal of time fretting over the countless self-destructive miscues that wrecked what started out to be a fairly competitive ballgame. And surprisingly, he did not throw his emotional roller-coaster and ticking-time-bomb...
                                -09-14-2009, 08:34 AM
                              • VegasRam
                                On Second Thought...
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                                Some time within the last year I wrote a post basically suggesting Jim Thomas get a life and get off Spags for firing the Equipment Manager.

                                I was wrong, as the more I think about Spags firing Hewitt while directing that garbage on the field, the more pissed I get. What also drove me crazy was his allusion to having a loving wife and faith in his God during one of his recent pressers after yet another pos loss. I'm happy for you Steve, but really do not give a **** about your personal beliefs. And while I'm on the subject, it's time to relax a bit on the 4 pillars crap, ( suspect in the first place), as the locker room can handle itself just fine at this point.

                                But it got me thinking. It appears to me that the St Louis sportswriters have always been a bit lukewarm towards Spags, (and not Devaney), and everyone, including me, just wrote it off to Spags' style (ala Belichek), since we were still ecstatic at finally having a real front office and coach in place. I'm thinking that when Spags is let go, as I hope, certain stories will surface that we don't hear about now because the writers know they still have to deal with him.

                                But back to Hewitt - he probably pissed Spags off, and that was it. Doesn't anyone else wonder why he gave up so quickly on what we all thought were promising rookies, like Selvie, Hines and Williams? I'm convinced now that he's somewhat of a tyrant, (as are a lot of the vertically challeged), and way too much of a micromanager, (documented), to be a head coach.

                                And, while it won't happen, (the above rant notwithstanding) I would love to have him as the D coordinator, where he could narrow his focus a bit, and free up the Offense.

                                Cheers all - maybe Brandstater can surprise Seattle next week. Keep the Faith.
                                -12-06-2011, 10:33 AM
                              • Dirtyspags
                                Spags a real class act
                                by Dirtyspags
                                Fires the longest tenured and beloved equipment manager.
                                -01-13-2011, 09:48 AM
                              • dgr828
                                SPAGS may be in over his head
                                by dgr828
                                There are millions of excuses for the Rams woes, but the head coach must be held accountable. Even Jim Zorn has the Redskins playing inspired ball!
                                Spagnuolo has done nothing to show that this team is responding to him. More often than not his Rams tend to quit on him before the end of ballgames.

                                Has Spags lost this team already?

                                Could the Rams have made a better choice for HC?

                                Spags must be thinking "What have I gotten myself into!"

                                Should Spags be placed offically on the HOTSEAT?

                                It might be TIME!
                                -11-29-2009, 01:26 PM