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  • LB questions

    If we get Suh I think the Dline is fixed, with the up and comers and AC having to play for his job next year.

    55 is the man! Id like to see a LB picked with our 2nd. That way our front 7 would be pretty solid. I guess Vobora is our SLB. I dont think we have anyone since Spoon left on WLB.

    FA the Oline holes, and stick with the Bulger unless something good presents itself.(maybe Null) Philly forums thinks Vick is worth a 1rst rd pick HA!!!!!

    We have like 5 recievers comin back next year surely a few can play.

    TEs for this team are a joke. I hope we part ways with RM.

    DBs well, we'll have to see. Im hoping for Fletcher, but Kings coverage has ALOT of holes.

    I think Spags has proven to be able to get something out of nothing so whatever he does I think next years team will be improved, I just hope its with a solid D that teams dont LOOK FORWARD to playing against.

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    Re: LB questions

    After seeing Witherspoon jettisoned in the middle of the season (and Pisa before that), I get the impression that this scheme does not particularly prioritize the outside linebacker positions.

    The Titans game was ugly, but over the course of the season, I'd say the offense has shown itself to be the team's greater weakness by a wide margin.


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      Re: LB questions

      Pisa was an injury freak, ask Lovie
      Spoon was too much money, I guess


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        Re: LB questions

        Witherspoon has been nothing more than average the past two seasons. He quickly flamed out in Philly after his first game ...

        We need a rangy linebacker to play with Vobora and Laurinaitis. Other than that, I think the scheme so far has been as much a problem as the talent ...


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          Re: LB questions

          2nd round may be a little early for a LB, but then again I say since we have so many holes on this team at this point we need to go BPA every single round!!!


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            Re: LB questions

            Jason Beauchamp out of UNLV in the sixth round. The kid can play.


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              Re: LB questions

              I could see us going with defense with every pick, other than the QB we'll take in round 2. Wishful thinking anyway...


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              • raybp
                Na'il Diggs and LB core, can someone explain...?
                by raybp
                We just signed Na'il Diggs a day ago to help out at linebacker (possibly either side Strong or Weak). He's going to be 32 in a couple of months and has already played 10 seasons, though not all of last year due to injury.

                Can anyone explain how this is an upgrade? Why not have kept Will Witherspoon (another former Panther acquired through free agency). We certainly lost a difference maker on defense without acquiring a difference maker when he went to Philly. Oh yeah and he's 3 years younger than Na'il (plus about 40 more tackles a year).

                Or for you real fans how about when we let go Pisa Tinoisamoa before last season, you remember the guy that had led our defense in tackles the two years prior to 2009??? We got nothing as a result of his release.

                It just seems to me a team that has so much rebuilding to do in key roles, can't afford to release and trade away the few pieces that are working and DO HAVE talent to go with something left in the tank. It's hard to argue that salaries are really the issue when these guys were actually earning their checks.

                Please don't take my word for it, while Pisa and Will were not pro-bowl caliber compare their stats to Na'il and tell me which you think could help this team as a veteran leader in the long haul?

                Unless someone can sit back and enlighten me that these guys wouldn't work in Spags system or were poison in the locker room I cannot imagine that their release was a move in the positive direction for a defense that has ranked near the bottom of the league for most of this decade.

                Hard to 'Believe' in the rebuilding process when the team seems to be sliding further and further downhill.

                /shakes head in disappointment
                Pisa and Spoon
                Diggs and Vobora
                Diggs and Chamberlain
                -04-08-2010, 11:42 AM
              • laram0
                The Linebacker position? Cause for concern?
                by laram0
                On the St.Louis Rams website as of 6/24/08 the following players are listed on the roster that play the Linebacker position.

                Will Witherspoon-(MLB)
                Pisa Tinoisamoa-(WLB)
                Chris Draft-(SLB)

                I'm assuming these 3 will be our starters.

                Quinton Culberson-(SLB) ***Might start over Chris Draft?
                Vincent Hall-(MLB)
                Chris Chamberlain-(WLB)
                Marc Magro-(SLB)
                Tim McGarigle-(MLB)
                David Vobra-(MLB)

                Other than the top 4 looks pretty shaky to me. Depth or lack thereof is certainly a concern for me.
                -07-10-2008, 05:22 AM
              • RamsInfiniti
                For those wondering about Vobora ....
                by RamsInfiniti
                ... he looked really solid to me, considering he was the last player drafted and he was making his first start, pretty much out of position. Maybe I am just too much of an optimist, but he seemed to show more energy that Witherspoon in the middle, and held up at the point of attack significantly better. Now, don't think I am saying he is a better player than Witherspoon, because it is not even close at this point, but Witherspoon looks a bit slow this year and I think he is struggling with injuries, and as we have typically seen in past seasons, Witherspoon seems to wear down as the year goes on because he is undersized ...

                Regardless, I think Vobora can stick on this team. He is listed at 6-1, 236, but he looks alot more stout than Witherspoon, particularly in the lower body. I wonder if he can play the SLB position for us. If anything, he will be a suitable backup at MLB, and certainly has potential to be a good special teams player.

                I was most impressed by his ability to move laterally around the field. He swooped in, seemingly out of nowhere, to stuff Brown for no gain on one running play to the outside. He never really seemed to get lost in traffic, and ALWAYS made contact with an offensive player, which seemed to help free up the other linebackers and DB's to make some tackles in open space. I don't really know what led to the increased defensive performance this week, but we played a solid game against a pretty good offense. I cannot say that Vobora did not play a significant role in that ...

                If anything, this draft class is really looking great, as we know first hand about the potential that Avery and Burton have. Greco looks like his is going to be a good player at guard, King was looking great before the injury, and Chamberlain is a special teams stud already. I like it ....
                -11-30-2008, 04:09 PM
              • Rambunctious
                Why move Witherspoon?
                by Rambunctious
                It seems like a done deal reading all of the posts but I guess I missed the announcement. Are we definitely moving him away from MLB? I just looked it up and he is the same height and weight as Antonio Pierce so I need some schooling on why the change?
                -03-05-2009, 09:29 PM
              • rNemesis
                Who replaces Nai"ll Diggs at LB?
                by rNemesis
                Who is going to replace him now that he is out for the season?
                -12-06-2010, 03:37 PM