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Has The Money Helped Our Line?

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  • Has The Money Helped Our Line?

    I knew that the O-line had been the center of our attention this off season. However, I was unsure if it had helped any. Our offense continues to struggle, and some people claim that Bulger would do well if he had a line to block for him. How can this be? Well, either our management sucks or this untrue. I truly wish to know, especially seeing as we're getting to the point where the draft is of more interest than the actual season for us. If our line is solid, I believe we should get a quarterback. Being a Sooner's fan, and have the pleasure of witnessing his whole career, I whole-heartedly believe that guy would be Same Bradford. However, with no line to protect him, I would have no problem going after a player at another position such as Suh.

    Finding stats for offensive lineman is not the easiest thing to do. However, I found a site that I believe is more than adequate to server our purpose. I don't know enough about NFL lineman to judge them, and I haven't watched enough even if I had. I think that many posters on this site fall into a similar situation, although I don't expect many of you to admit it. At first glance, appears to be quite a site. So that's what I'm going to use.

    According to this site, our offensive line ranks 19th in the league. That may not seem too amazing, but seeing as we were 28th last season, we've gone from one of the worst, to only slightly below average. Seeing as this site ranks us bottom five in both team offense and team defense, this could almost be seen as a strength. Another good thing is that our biggest investment in the offensive line is still a rookie. Better things are to come for him.

    We have had better pass protection this year. Through 14 games we have allowed 32 sacks. This puts on pace to give up 36 or 37 sacks this season, 8-9 down from our total of 45 last season, and 11-12 down from our total of 48 in the year before that. It would actually be our lowest total since 1999 when we allowed 34. This once again puts us at about average.

    Our run blocking also appears to have improved significantly. In 2007 we averaged 3.98 yards per carry, and then improved that all the way to 3.99 yards for 2008. Keeping with the trend of improvement, we made the jump to 4.52 yards per carry (as of week 13).

    One of the more interesting facts is our ability to run off the left tackle. We were 31st in 2007 with 3.13 yards per carry. We improved to 25th the next season with 3.68 yards per carry in 2008. This year we are first, and by a long shot, with 5.48 yards per carry. Unfortunately the league only averages 13% of it's run behind the left tackle, and we are even lower at 10%. It is undeniably a bright spot, however.

    Another interesting, and perhaps more important fact, is our ability to run behind the right tackle. We are 7th in the league with 4.54 yards per carry. We run the ball here 22% of the time, which is well above the league average of 14%. While this is a major improvement to 2007, it's essentially the same as 2008. It's actually .02 yards per carry less and one rank lower. However, we do run the ball here more often (22% compared to 16%) so I consider this a slight improvement.

    To the left end there has been drastic improvement. Unfortunately that has been negated for the most part due to our inability to run to the right end. Most of our runs are up the middle. That has improved since last year, but is lower than in 2007. All three years have stayed within .25 yards per carry of each other with this year being in the middle. No drastic differences there.

    These stats lead me to conclude that we are headed in the right direction as far as our offensive line goes. Our line is no longer our weak spot, and can longer be accurately blamed for our struggles. It has proven to be average, and our offensive is far from that. The blame most definitely does not go to Steven Jackson, so the quarterback and his receivers must be to blame.

    If you disagree with certain things in this post, feel free to let me know. If you do so respectfully I have no problem with it. I wish to learn, and made this thread to further my understanding of our offensive line situation. Also, please don't let this turn into a Suh vs. quarterback draft thread. We have plenty of those already.

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    Re: Has The Money Helped Our Line?

    our line isnt totally fixed..but it is better...we have our franchise LT & C plus improvement in the Guard positions. we need a RT and depth..but thats a lot better than we had last season..

    if we pick 1st Overall we taking QB is gonna be taken with that pick...Bradford might have been pre-injury but too much of a risk now.

    i think we`ll end up with Colt McCoy with the 1st pick in the 2nd round.


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      Re: Has The Money Helped Our Line?

      We have the core pieces. We just need to add one solid player. I think Greco or Goldberg can man the RG spot. Just need to invest in a very solid right tackle.

      Without a doubt, the O-line has improved. We have our line for several years.


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        Re: Has The Money Helped Our Line?

        If it weren't for all the money tied up in Smith, do you guys think that Barron has done well enough to consider keeping him?


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          Re: Has The Money Helped Our Line?

          Originally posted by Rawr
          If it weren't for all the money tied up in Smith, do you guys think that Barron has done well enough to consider keeping him?
          well..if we had Smith but he was cheaper... No.
          i think Smith has the fire in his belly to be light years ahead of Barron in the future..physically Barron can match Smith but without the real fire and desire that Smith has so its wasted on him really like it was on Jimmy Kennedy.

          Barron has never been really bad..but his attitude sucks and at the LT position you need players to perform week in week out...i would only consider keeping Barron if we had no other tackles of even decent quality.

          thankfully we do have Smith so its not anything we have to worry about.


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            Re: Has The Money Helped Our Line?

            Originally posted by Rawr
            If it weren't for all the money tied up in Smith, do you guys think that Barron has done well enough to consider keeping him?

            Not for the money he'll (unfortunately) command in the off season. I think he'll be allowed to walk.

            As far as the line goes, we have seen improvement, to be sure. Bell seems to be turning it around, Jason Brown looks to be a solid anchor for our line, Jason Smith showed promise, but was decimated by injuries, which will become less of a problem once his body becomes more accustomed to NFL play.

            Once again, I think our biggest weakness has been health and stability. Once we contain that, I think our line becomes an asset, rather than a weakness.


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              Re: Has The Money Helped Our Line?

              we're getting there...barron will be gone next year, and possibly bell, so there's still going to be some building to do. we need another guard and another tackle, possibly both on the right side, and i think that's something this staff will definitely achieve this year which should mean good things going forward.


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                Re: Has The Money Helped Our Line?

                It will also be interesting to see how Cog's departure will affect the numbers as well.
                "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

                Jack Youngblood


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                  Re: Has The Money Helped Our Line?

                  The problem is that Incognito, while being a good player, has too many personal fouls and left us no choice but to let him go. Jason Smith is a fine player, but he hasn't been able to play much due to injury. Jason Brown has had a very productive season, but I think Bell has underachieved a little bit. In these final games without Bell and a solid replacement for Incognito, we won't be able to see much done from the line.

                  And of course, what happens when a stoppable force meets Alex Barron?
                  "Holding on the offense, number 70. 10 yard penalty, repeat down."


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                  • laram0
                    The O-Line..The O-Line..The O-Line
                    by laram0
                    Our O-Line took alot heat this season from everywhere. They can't pass block, they can't run block..etc..etc..

                    Our last 5 games of the season were all losses but I'm not so sure it was the O-Lines fault.
                    Although there doesn't seem to be an exact science on how to grade the O-Line. I thought the following stats were interesting.

                    Stats for the last 5 games:

                    Rushing Attempts: 162
                    Rushing Yards: 676
                    Average Yards per Rush: 4.2

                    Drop backs by the QB: 180 (passing plays)
                    Quarterback sacked: 8

                    Just how desperately we do need O-Line hope for 2009????
                    -01-07-2009, 05:53 AM
                  • laram0
                    Improve the O-Line, Improve the O-Line, Improve the O-line
                    by laram0
                    Improve the O-line that's what I read all over the ClanRam.

                    I really don't think our O-line was bad at all last season. As a matter of fact I thought they did a fine job. Which leads me to the question....of the 32 teams in the NFL where would "you" have ranked our O-line at the end of last season? 1 being the highest ranking and 32 being the lowest.
                    -05-02-2014, 09:52 AM
                  • RamsInfiniti
                    Improvement on Offensive Line Must Not Go Unnoticed ...
                    by RamsInfiniti
                    Lets take a look at the numbers here:

                    First 11 games - 88.4 YPG Rushing, 3.4 sacks per game allowed

                    Last 3 games - 115 YPG Rushing, 0.67 sacks per game allowed

                    So, what can we make of this? Well, after we talked about the improved line against Miami, the general consensus was to not get excited until the line could put together a few solid games in a row. Well, they have done just that.

                    And the numbers don't tell the whole story. Not only is Bulger not getting sacked, but the amount of pressure has dropped drastically. A hit on Bulger has been rare in the past three games. We're still not getting the major push in the run game than we were in 2006, but at least we have been able to get consistent gains on the ground, at times.

                    So, what can we contribute this to?

                    Well, first, Romberg seems to be a smart player. He has a much more commanding presence over the line than Leckey could ever imagine having. I don't know if this is just because Romberg is so much better than Leckey, or if he just has the experience and respect of his teammaters. One can only wonder if it is a coincidence that the line is playing such better football after he was reinserted into the lineup ...

                    We are also starting to get some continuity. Pace, Bell, Romberg, Cogs, and Barron have now played several games together. Greco has filled in nicely ...

                    Do we really need to make a change at center? Let's see what the last two games show, but I really think Romberg can do the job. Of course, we need to get young at LT, because, at most, Pace may have 2 years left. Hard to tell if Barron slides away when his contract comes up, but RT's aren't that hard to find ...

                    We have some components on this line that can make it successful. If Setterstrom can come back healthy, it would definitely be a boost to the depth of this unit ...

                    I can honestly say for the first time in quite some time, that I am not constantly worried that Bulger is going to get his head knocked off everytime he drops back to pass. And it shows in his confidence. Let's hope this group can continue to mature, cut back on penalties, and be a force similar to what they were in 2006 ...
                    -12-18-2008, 08:35 AM
                  • richtree
                    Rams games come down to personnel - out matched most weeks
                    by richtree
                    Other than when we play the Seahawks or Cardinals our team is out matched with personnel.
                    Couple that with injuries, and we are at the bottom 25% of the league in most.

                    There are 32 teams in the NFL, so 16 would be average.


                    Quarterbacks -- Forget about fantasy football, you can quickly write down 15 guys better than Sam Bradford. IF you think he is higher, you are either a homer, or banking on potential.
                    GRADE - C

                    Running Backs -- Our core even with SJax healthy is at best 12th but probably less. C+

                    Offensive Line -- Not bad, but still not up there with the best. We don't run block well, but overall better than your average line. B-

                    Tight Ends -- Looked to be a strength, but still average. C+

                    Wide Recievers -- Full of guys that are 2's and 3's -- and not much speed or play making ability after the catch. D

                    Defensive Line -- Looks to be a bright spot with the addition of Quinn. We don't rank with the leagues elite, but second tiers . B +

                    Linebackers -- JL and a bunch of fill in OLBs. JL is elite bringing our ourwise average core up to a B-.

                    CornerBacks -- Our depth is one of the worst. Our injuries probably make us 3 worst cores in the league. D-.

                    Safties -- Mikell is a good player, but the rest of our safties our below average.
                    C+ only becuase how much Mikell helps.

                    On Defensive it seems to be a team that lost its upside due to injuries and the lack of developing players QUICKLY. Long has a couple sacks, and JL is a beast, but Justin King is our second leading tackler showing the amount of problems on defense.

                    We are 21st in the league in total yards.

                    The NFL draft is to put players on the field that impact your team. Torrey Smith had an impact all over the Rams, where Pettis and Salas did nothing.

                    If you think the Rams have good players, just ask yourself which Ram player could we trade to another team and get a 1st round pick back, a 2nd round pick back, even a 3rd ??? 4th?

                    Very few.....
                    -09-26-2011, 08:43 AM
                  • eldfan
                    Has the Rams offensive line improved this season?
                    by eldfan
                    Turf show times

                    Despite some new faces in new places up front, the results look disturbingly familiar for the St. Louis Rams' offensive line. On the surface pass protection in the middle of the line has improved over last season, but run blocking seems to be too irratic to make a difference. What's the issue here? Is it a matter of balance or performance?

                    The Rams have legitimate offensive weapon in RB Steven Jackson, so the game plan for defending against their offense is simple: stop the run. Week after week teams stack the box with 8-10 defenders making holes difficult to open for the offensive line. Those teams concede the pass, knowing that the Rams don't have the talent at WR to do much more than chip away with 4, 5 and 6 yard passes.

                    Look at the Rams first half performance against the Colts last week. Jackson had one run that went for more than 4 yards, a 9-yard run on the first play of their last drive of the half. Somehow, the second half, third quarter anyway, was much different. Jackson broke off an 11-yard run on drive that featured two Alex Barron penalties. The next drive started with three consectutive runs of 10+ yards. It was great to see, even though the inconsistency from the first two quarters was maddening.

                    Let's look at some stats.

                    According to FO's OL numbers, the Rams are generating 3.81 adjusted line yards (through week 6) per carry. That's good enough for 19th in the NFL. Last year, the Rams had 3.73 adjusted line yards per carry. Statistically, things are better. But there are some troubling numbers within.

                    In "power" situations (defined as: Percentage of runs on third or fourth down, two yards or less to go, that achieved a first down or touchdown. Also includes runs on first-and-goal or second-and-goal from the two-yard line or closer) the Rams are successful just 44% of the time, ranked 30th in the league. Rams runners are being tackled at or behind the line of scrimmage (stuffed) 21% of the time (ranked 20th).

                    Compare those to last year. Power: 66%, ranked 16th; Stuffed: 19%, ranked 20th.

                    Though it doesn't paint a full picture, the decline in power success certainly does owe something to teams having only to concern themselves with Jackson. How much?

                    Now, let's look at directional stats, adjusted line yards and percentage of running plays through those five directions defined by FO.

                    Direction ALY rank Percentage
                    Left End 6.76 1 8%
                    Left Tackle 5.36 4 4%
                    Mid/Guard 3.74 22 47%
                    Right Tackle 3.97 20 20%
                    Right End 2.30 26 20%

                    Compare that to last season.

                    Direction ALY Rank Percentage
                    LE 2.58 29 9%
                    LT 3.68 25 17%
                    M/G 3.76 26 51%
                    RT 4.58 6 16%
                    RE 3.29 26 8%

                    First of all, why are they not running to the left...
                    -10-27-2009, 01:15 PM