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    Im not good at evaluating talent at the o-line positions, so anyone want to gimmie an idea of if Greco played well today.

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    Re: John Greco

    I like Greco, I have no ideal how he played today,but I think he is part of the future Rams o-line.


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      Re: John Greco

      Originally posted by 01d 0rd3r
      Im not good at evaluating talent at the o-line positions, so anyone want to gimmie an idea of if Greco played well today.
      O-line is my fortay(not saying im the second coming of Jim Hanifan love linemen either side of the trenches, they my favorite players of them all...but had my hands full with other stuff today so although i watched the game..there were plays i missed..i shall watch the game again in full tomorrow and get back to you with my evaluation of his performance.
      i do believe given the same oppurtunities Incognito got, he will be a better player for us, tho i do think at present he is a young Goldberg in that he`s valuable to the team but not yet a lock in the starting line-up for the long term. i do think he will develop into one in time tho..just needs some seasoning and good O-line coaching from Steve & Art. he does have a good work ethic and have fire and desire and although thats not everything for wont get far without it.

      also his girlfriend is a little stunner...only in the NFL could an over 300 pound guy get anyone near decent..let alone model material.


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        Re: John Greco

        Jackson had a nice game, but I think it was more of a great job by Setterstrom than it was a good job by Greco. He didn't play terribly, he didn't let up any sacks (I think), but I'd prefer to have Bell out there playing. Barron allowed a sack or two, Setterstrom had a great game, Brown did very nicely, and Goldberg did very poorly.


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        • Dr. Defense
          Offensive Linemen Next Year
          by Dr. Defense
          So with yesterdays events (Richie leaving town, Bell to IR) coupled with our tackle issues, I think we aren't in that great of a position going into this draft anymore. I think we are in a lot of trouble right now. As it stands, the only real solidified position on this line is Center. Here is who we have right now from linemen other then Jason Brown. Alex Barron, Adam Goldberg, Mark Setterstrom, John Greco, Jason Bell, Ryan McKee, Eric Young, Phil Trautwein, Rodger Allen III, Jason Smith.

          That doesn't look like a good list to me. I have never heard of McKee, Young, Trautwein, Allen III. We don't know what's going on with Smith. He can't get over this concussion and their are reports saying that the Rams are going to put him on IR. Barron is in the last year of his contract, which should excite us. But with all the holes on this team, we might have to keep him. I could see us franchising him for a year to buy some time. Then you have Goldberg who is a journeyman of sorts and doesn't really do one position great, but does everything well. I think he is more of a backup kind of guy. We haven't really seen a lot from Greco. Bell had been to small, and now he lands himself on IR. Hasn't lived up to his contract. Finally we have Mark Setterstrom, who plays well above expectations when he is healthy, but has an injury issue.

          The way I see it, their is a good chance we might see a lot of new faces on this line next year. Really wouldn't suprise me if Round 1 we went Suh, Round 2 we went Qb, Round 3 we went with a nice big offensive guard, some names to throw out Mike Johnson, Brandon Carter, John Jerry.

          We all know that Spags is a firm believer in winning the wars in the trenches, so why not get some big boys to win those fights. Hopefully with we can Richie Icognito Version 2.0. Except 2.0 has the stupidity chip removed.
          -12-16-2009, 07:01 AM
        • RamsFan16
          Thoughts after the game
          by RamsFan16
          First of all... for anyone that thinks Jackson sucks, or doesn't care. Please, explain to me why?

          He was the only one when we were down that was showing any emotion and getting our offense energetic. He kept running hard, and ran angry later in the game. He was trying and trying to break something open, but the holes were completely closed. And when he did hit the hole, someone disengaged from the block and he got tackled right away. He got hit right away on every screen play and started screaming at the team and I presume it was Shurmur late in the game. Jackson is not a negative on this team, he's an incredible positive. And I would never, in a million years trade Jackson. Keep him locked up until he retires.

          For anyone that thinks Jason Smith sucks and is a bust (I've read it a bit when he was in there), your completely wrong. Our offensive line played better while he was in the game, and when we ran to the right side, he was a bulldozer prior to his injury. Next week, when he's back, he's going to be huge for us. I'm excited for him to get back.

          Our defense, is good. But a lot of people will disagree. If you watch the games, you'll see this. It's not just our defense that Tight Ends grab a lot of passes, it's all defense. All the Tight ends that have done that this season are Pro Bowl tightends, All-Pros, or whatever. They're getting paid the big bucks for a reason. Our run defense is improving each, and every game. There aren't many holes for running backs to run through, and when they get through, our Linebackers and Safeties are there to meet them. It seems like every defensive series, they start off defending at the 35 or 40 yard line. Defending a short field, but they've been doing better.

          Now, my short tidbits.

          - Activate ANTHONY SMITH from here on out, I loved when I seen from him today. He played a very solid game, and I love his intensity.
          - Move BRADLEY FLETCHER up the depth chart. If you watched, you seen. He had good coverage and didn't have any passes thrown his way, and made some nice plays in the run game.
          - JUSTIN KING needs to slide down behind Fletcher and Quincy Butler. I said before this game, that this wasn't a good move. And it showed, a 3rd down play given up to Vernon Davis, and terrible coverage against Josh Morgan late in the game, he was absolutely beat.
          - CHRIS LONG is playing very good, he isn't showing the sacks, but he's been getting more hurries, and almost had a sack today. He's playing the run very good.
          - I'm torn on who to start at SLB, it's either Paris Lenon or Larry Grant. Grant was right around the ball each time he came in, and had a sack too. Lenon didn't have any big plays, but didn't give up any plays.
          - JACOB BELL needs to be benched, he keeps getting beat consecutively, I'd rather have Alex Barron at LT and Greco at LG than Greco at LT and Bell at LG.
          - Get the ball to DONNIE AVE...
          -10-06-2009, 10:31 AM
        • Rambos
          Rams Grab Greco
          by Rambos
          Rams Grab Greco
          Sunday, April 27, 2008

          By Nick Wagoner
          Senior Writer

          For the past nine seasons, the Rams have kept an offensive lineman from Toledo on the roster. Facing the prospect of playing without a Rocket for the first time in 10 years, the Rams ensured that wouldn’t happen.

          With the second pick in the third round, No. 65 overall, the Rams chose offensive tackle John Greco, a Youngstown, Ohio native who was a four year starter at Toledo.

          “I have never met Andy, but our coaches always mentioned him playing for St. Louis just because he’s a Toledo guy,” Greco said. “A couple of our guys are getting opportunities to play in the NFL so we are excited and I am familiar with Andy.”

          Adding Greco to the mix fills yet another serious need for the Rams. Heading into the 2008 season, they are counting on left tackle Orlando Pace to return from injury and the still developing Alex Barron to reach his peak ability.

          Behind those starters, the Rams aren’t exactly brimming with talented young prospects who could one day step in as starters. Now, the Rams are hoping that Greco can develop quickly enough to become the No. 3 tackle with the potential to one day be a starter.

          “We view him as coming in right away to add depth on the offensive line,” Executive V.P. of Player Personnel Billy Devaney said. “We’re going to line him up at right tackle, knowing that he gives us versatility.”

          Indeed, Greco will immediately fill in depth as a tackle on the right side with the potential to be the top backup at both sides as soon as this season and perhaps even compete with Barron for a starting spot.

          “Well, he is going to compete right away,” coach Scott Linehan said. “We are just being realistic here. He is adding depth across the board on our line. I think the realistic part is he is going to be competing right away, whether it’s this year or part way through the year, I don’t know. It’s probably too early to say but he definitely has the make-up to compete sooner than later that’s for sure.”

          While Greco will hear all about the comparisons to McCollum soon after his arrival in St. Louis, it’s another former Toledo offensive lineman that has often been the basis of association for Greco.

          That player is former Rocket Nick Kaczur, the starting right tackle for the New England Patriots. Of course, it was easy for Greco to hear those comparisons because they were omnipresent in Toledo.

          Anywhere Greco went in the football facilities, there was Kaczur. There’s the pictures and statues and trophies and soon to be a mural of Kaczur all over Toledo.

          Greco doesn’t mind the comparisons and even Devaney is quick to draw on it.

          “The traits are the same; smart, the toughness, the production,” Devaney said. “I would tell you that Kaczur could play on the...
          -04-27-2008, 08:09 PM
        • lostsoul
          Rams bring back Greco
          by lostsoul
          From Rotoworld:

          Rams agreed to terms with OG John Greco on a one-year contract.

          A three-year veteran, Greco was tagged with an original pick tender prior to the lockout, making him a restricted free agent. The run-blocking specialist will get a chance to start this season, possibly replacing Adam Goldberg
          -07-27-2011, 04:17 PM
        • r8rh8rmike
          Opportunity Abound At Guard
          by r8rh8rmike
          Opportunity Abound at Guard
          Wednesday, December 16, 2009

          By Nick Wagoner
          Senior Writer

          Make no mistake; John Greco and Mark Setterstrom aren’t rookies. In fact, that duo has done what any dutiful backup offensive lineman is asked to do and filled in admirably when the man ahead of him is injured.

          The only difference is that when it happens this week, it will be on a slightly more permanent basis than a play here, a series there or even a quarter or a half.

          Following the season ending hamstring injury to Jacob Bell and the release of Richie Incognito, the Rams found themselves with two openings for new starting guards.

          So the time is now for Greco and Setterstrom to use the next three games, starting this week against Houston, to state their case for why they should figure prominently into the Rams’ offensive line plans.

          “Both of them have played throughout the course of this season so we don’t look at it that way,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said. “Those guys take a lot of pride in stepping up and being the next guy to go in.

          “They are all interchangeable. (Line coaches) Steve (Loney) and Art (Valero) have really prepared that whole group and everybody in this league knows that the so called backups have to be versatile and John and Mark have done that. We are looking for them to step right in and not skip a beat.”

          Of course, in the first practice since those roster alterations (Bell was placed on injured reserve, ending his year); the Rams didn’t even have the luxury of using the line they plan to use Sunday against the Texans.

          Center Jason Brown missed the practice with an illness, leaving Setterstrom to handle the center duties and rookie Roger Allen III to take the repetitions at left guard with Greco on the right side.

          For Greco, Allen and Setterstrom, the next three weeks could provide a big opportunity to provide the Rams with a much better idea of what they bring to the table.

          Considering the nature of the position and the collisions that occur every week, most offensive linemen prepare as though they will start every week. That should make the transition easier.

          Setterstrom, for one, believes things won’t be much different.

          “I don’t think it’s changed,” Setterstrom said. “We are going to go out and try to win the line of scrimmage. Games are won on the offensive and defensive lines. I know we say it all the time but it’s true. Our coach emphasizes it doesn’t matter who is in there, those five guys have to work together. We have to go out and perform and open some holes.”

          Of the trio of guys who could figure into the mix in the next few weeks, none comes with more experience than Setterstrom.

          After starting the final six games of 2006, Setterstrom had looked to establish himself as a key component...
          -12-16-2009, 06:23 PM