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Rams Leaning Towards Boller Now?

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  • Rams Leaning Towards Boller Now?

    "All week it's looked as though the St. Louis Rams would start rookie QB Keith Null against the Cardinals, but now Fox Sports is reporting that the team is leaning toward starting Kyle Boller, citing concern over the leaky protection offered by the offensive line. Last week, the offensive line, missing three starters, allowed three sacks against the Texans, who have just five more sacks on the season than the Rams. Arizona on the other hand has 38 sacks on the season, the fourth most in the league. So protecting Null from his own line is a valid concern, especially with LT Alex Barron lapsing into his old habits lately. Of course, it's kind of like avoiding sending your child out into the world for fear they'll get hornswaggled by someone calling themselves the "wallet inspector;" they have to learn to deal reality sometime.
    Here's my two cents on why they should start Null. The Rams played with real passion last week, before ultimately being outmatched, but they were a much better team. Do not adjust the chemistry. There's more to it than just Null, but I think his play has been a big part of it. Formula's are complex and adjusting one seemingly little element of it throws the whole thing out of whack.
    After the Null/Boller question, the next pressing issue will be what happens with CB Jonathan Wade. He was the starter along side Ron Bartell when the season began, but was quickly replaced by an emerging Bradley Fletcher. When Fletcher was injured Wade still sat, being replaced by a combination of Justin King and Quincy Butler. Now with Quincy Butler out for the season will Wade get some playing time or will King get more and Cord Parks, recently added to the roster, get more time in Wade's stead? Stay tuned for the battle of the third string cornerbacks!!"--Turf Show Times

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    Re: Rams Leaning Towards Boller Now?

    I just disagree with starting Boller. The only bright side of this season has been SJax and Null improving. I want to see how he handles a good Arizona defense. There's two games left, give it your all and like the OP said, don't mess with chemistry. There's nothing to look forward to in Kyle Boller and everyone knows it. I'll be very disappointed if Kyle plays.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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      Re: Rams Leaning Towards Boller Now?

      Originally posted by Varg6 View Post
      I just disagree with starting Boller. The only bright side of this season has been SJax and Null improving. I want to see how he handles a good Arizona defense. There's two games left, give it your all and like the OP said, don't mess with chemistry. There's nothing to look forward to in Kyle Boller and everyone knows it. I'll be very disappointed if Kyle plays.
      If jacking with chemistry helps ensure we won't waste $60-$70 million on somebody who isn't Suh in the draft, I'm all for it.


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        Re: Rams Leaning Towards Boller Now?

        It would be interesting to see Null start against Arizona. It is the only team that both he and Bulger would have competed against. It would offer a good comparison of skills between the two quarterbacks.

        If they start Boller, I can't say it's all that exciting as a Rams fan. He is obviously not part of the future for the Rams organization.

        I'll be curious as to whether the Cardinals/9ers will be looking to throw a game. I'll bet that division rivals would prefer to not see Suh lining up against them next year.


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          Re: Rams Leaning Towards Boller Now?

          Originally posted by Varg6 View Post
          IThere's nothing to look forward to in Kyle Boller and everyone knows it. I'll be very disappointed if Kyle plays.
          I completely agree. Watching Null progress has been one of the highlights of the season for me. It's something to look forward to in an otherwise worthless, dreadful 2009. Starting Boller is pointless unless you subscribe to the opinion that he gives the Rams their best chance to win, but does he really?


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            Re: Rams Leaning Towards Boller Now?

            3 TDS 9 Picks in 105 Attempts
            64.7% Completion Rate
            1 Fumble Lost

            Boller (after years of experience):
            2 Tds 6 Ints in 165 Attempts
            57.0% Completion Rate
            2 Fumbles Lost

            Might as well groom Null into what looks like the backup spot for years to come, who knows maybe he turns out to be better than a backup


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            • r8rh8rmike
              Round Two: Should The Rams Give Boller Or Null A Chance?
              by r8rh8rmike
              11.03.2009 1:20 pm
              Should Rams give Boller or Null a chance?
              By Roger Hensley

              QUESTION: Despite another rough outing Sunday, obviously the coaches still believe QB Marc Bulger gives the team its best chance to win or he wouldn’t be playing. Do you agree with that assessment or do you think it’s time to give Kyle Boller - or even Keith Null - a chance to run the offense?

              JIM THOMAS

              Even with the patchwork receiver corps, the results against Detroit - one of the worst pass defenses in the league - were underwhelming. But the problem with Boller is that he seems to be more mistake prone than Bulger, which leads to more turnovers. Null simply isn’t ready to start in the NFL, although it wouldn’t hurt to see him in mop-up situations.

              BERNIE MIKLASZ

              It’s time to get ready to draft a quarterback.

              Unless the people running the Rams have lost their minds, Bulger’s time here is winding down. Boller is Boller: a more mobile Bulger, but not an accurate passer and prone to silly mistakes. I don’t understand the people who want to throw Null to the wolf pack and see the kid fail. Null came to the NFL from a small-college program that ran a spread offense, and he has received virtually no reps in practice. At this stage of his career, starting Null in a regular-season NFL game is crazily irresponsible. I wouldn’t mind it if the Rams worked Null into a fourth-quarter series here in there to get him acclimated, but nothing more than that.

              As I wrote in today’s column, unless the Rams want to get RB Steven Jackson killed, they’d better get serious about drafting and developing a quarterback.

              JEFF GORDON

              Since the Rams just won a game, there is no reason to change quarterbacks. Had Bulger’s targeted receivers caught more of those balls within reach - like the would-be TD pass to Randy McMichael - his numbers would have looked better. The Rams need to throw more of those passes down the field. This is a check-down scheme, as it stands today, and Bulger is OK doing that. But how many more games can this team win checking down? When Bulger gets hurt again, Boller will get another chance. His mobility is a huge plus, but inaccuracy is a huge problem. As for Null, I would use him at the end of blowout losses to give him a taste of it.

              BILL COATS

              Boller isn’t a good fit for the offense, and Null simply isn’t ready to start - although I’d like to see him get some action in mop-up time. It’s become obvious that Bulger isn’t capable of reprising the kind of play he showed during his Pro Bowl seasons. Still, he’s the best option the Rams have right now.

              KEVIN WHEELER (Host of “Sports Open Line” on KMOX)

              It really doesn’t matter who takes snaps from center right now. Bulger isn’t getting it done, nothing in Boller’s track record suggests he would get it done and...
              -11-03-2009, 12:39 PM
            • r8rh8rmike
              With Boller Gimpy, "Excited" Null Gets More Work
              by r8rh8rmike
              12.11.2009 2:29 pm
              With Boller gimpy, “excited” Null gets more work
              By Bill Coats
              St. Louis Post-Dispatch

              Heading into his third Sunday as the St. Louis Rams’ backup quarterback, rookie Keith Null acknowledged his excitement. “It is exciting as the No. 2, being prepared, getting some reps in practice and have a little confidence as you go in,” said Null, who has been No. 3 behind Marc Bulger and Kyle Boller most of the season.

              Bulger (leg) will miss his third game in a row when the Rams take on the Titans in Nashville (kickoff is at 3:05 p.m.). Boller is expected to start again, although the sore thigh that he’s been nursing this week has added a bit of suspense to the situation.

              After a full practice Wednesday, Boller was sore Thursday. So his reps Thursday and today were decreased, and Null’s were increased. Coach Steve Spagnuolo said after practice today that Boller should be ready to go.

              “It’s a little bit better today, but not as good as we really want it to be,” Spagnuolo said. “We’ve got 48 hours, so we’ll see. I don’t want to look in a crystal ball. You’ve got to play with two legs, can’t play with one.”

              Of course, Null doesn’t want to play at Boller’s expense. But he said he’d love to see some action, perhaps late in a game. “I think any time you can get in as a backup and get some experience, it’s definitely beneficial,” he said. “I would take that opportunity, for sure.”

              Notes & quotes:

              *RB Steven Jackson (back) participated in several plays during the early “install” period at practice but didn’t do anything else on the field.

              *T Jason Smith (concussion) has been ruled out for Sunday’s game.

              *These players were limited today: Boller, WR Brandon Gibson (ankle), LB James Laurinaitis (shoulder), DT Darell Scott (neck), WR Donnie Avery (shoulder) and FB Mike Karney (neck).

              *Asked how the Rams hoped to contain Titans RB Chris Johnson, the NFL’s leading rusher, Spagnuolo quipped, “Oh, man . . . get 12 guys on the field?”
              -12-11-2009, 04:42 PM
            • laram0
              Bulger, Boller or Noll
              by laram0
              If all 3 are 100% healthy who would you start for the rest of the season? Why?
              -10-02-2009, 07:15 AM
            • r8rh8rmike
              Are You Comfortable With Kyle Boller As A Capable Back-Up?
              by r8rh8rmike
              There's already been a lot of discussion on this subject scattered throughout the forums, but I can't help thinking about just how effective Boller might be if called upon.

              I like the guy, but I don't think he'll be any different from his days as a Raven. I wasn't thrilled when we signed him, but I thought as a back-up, he might be serviceable. He certainly hasn't given me much confidence so far.

              He's always had the tools. Great arm, good mobility, nice size and strength. The problem is, while he has at times translated all those positives into success on the field, he eventually exposes a lack of poise, inconsistency and questionable decision making, as he did against Atlanta. His center in Baltimore and now with the Rams, Jason Brown, made a statement to that effect when he (Brown) was first signed.

              We could do worse than Boller and I realize that he is still getting used to a new system, but I hope we don't have to find out how effective Boller can be during the regular season.

              That said, he still has two games to make me feel a little more comfortable with him.
              -08-26-2009, 01:44 PM
            • rammiser
              No one is blaming Boller?
              by rammiser
              Man if that was Bulger throwing those int's he would be getting ripped to shreds right now. Can Null possibly be that much worse than Boller at this point? Boller is the same guy he has always been. Inaccurate,inconsistant, but can scramble. Well Bulger haters wanted a qb who can scramble how is that working out for us? We only lost by 10 points to a terrible team. Boller throws a pic when he has a wr wide open and he under throws him. I thought boller was the strong armed qb? Sorry to say put Bulger in that same situation and that's a td not an int. Bulger is so much more accurate than Boller it's obvious.

              I just find it funny no matter who is behind center the results are pretty much the same. This tells me the Rams woes are not solely on the qb. We managed to make Justing Forsett look like Barry Sanders. Our o-line is once again so banged up Boller was being hit before he could even set up in the pocket. Those sacks are his fault though he should be able to get out of the way of those big lineman (sarcasm off). Boller has heart, not any more or less than Bulger but he has less talent then Bulger.

              I say throw Null in at qb if we can't beat Seattle with Boller there isnt a game left on the schedule that is winable. So why not give the kid a shot? I dont care if Boller gives us the best chance to win he has no future as a starting qb in this league. Null on the other hand can at least show us what he can or cant do. Starting Boller anymore is a complete waste of the fans time. Boller has not changed one bit since his days in Baltimore, and will not lead this team to victory. So that being said lets start Null PLEASE!
              -11-29-2009, 10:14 PM