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Jackson Out Vs. The Cards

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  • Jackson Out Vs. The Cards

    title says it all. Samkon Gado will start in his place with rookie Chris ogbonnaya as his backup.

    hopefully we get to see the rookie a bit

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    Re: Jackson Out Vs. The Cards

    We are officially warming up the tank.


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      Re: Jackson Out Vs. The Cards

      12.27.2009 1:46 pm
      Jackson, Hall won’t play against Cardinals
      By Bill Coats
      St. Louis Post-Dispatch

      GLENDALE, Ariz. — In a surprising development, running back Steven Jackson is not in uniform for the St. Louis Rams, who take on Arizona today. Because of back problems, Jackson hasn’t practiced in more than a month, but so far he’d played in all the games.

      Also, defensive end James Hall is absent because of the birth of his son.
      It makes sense to let Jackson sit it out. No use risking his long term health.


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        Re: Jackson Out Vs. The Cards

        True and id like to see our backups maby they can do something with a few more carries today we might as well see if they will be good to make the team next year.


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          Re: Jackson Out Vs. The Cards

          I can tell that he didn't play.

          Oh well, would rather have him get a head start in relaxing.


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            Re: Jackson Out Vs. The Cards

            Originally posted by Mooselini View Post
            I can tell that he didn't play.

            Oh well, would rather have him get a head start in relaxing.
            Honestly, I don't think that Jackson sitting out of this game had that big of an outcome on the final ...

            I think both Darby and Chris O. played very well ...

            While Jackson is one of the best backs in the league, I think both of these youngsters exposed a significant flaw in Jackson's game. That flaw is his indecisiveness on occasion when he hits the line and is looking for a hole. All season long we have been plagued with numerous runs that resulted in losses in the backfield, either because Jackson missed the hole, or was hesitant to hit the hole ...

            Neither Darby or Chris O. had this issue today. Both proved to be shifty and quite dynamic ....

            What Jackson does however, is turns many 2 or 3 yard gains into 5, 6, and even 10+ yard gains. The backups here will never do such ...

            It's a shame that we haven't utilized Darby and Chris O. more up to this point after seeing what they were capable of today. Darby has shown flashes all season, but I'd really like to see Chris O. a little more in the true #2 role, sharing a few more carries with the starter. Darby is a prototypical third down back in my opinion ...


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              Re: Jackson Out Vs. The Cards

              Great move, nothign to lose by letting him sit.

              He has had some back problems, might as well let him call it a wrap on the year.


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