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Spagnuolo "Praying And Hoping" For A Win, Not Suh

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  • Spagnuolo "Praying And Hoping" For A Win, Not Suh

    01.01.2010 3:26 pm
    Spagnuolo “praying and hoping” for a win, not Suh
    By Bill Coats
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    St. Louis Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo didn’t wake up on the first morning of 2010 with visions of Ndamukong Suh dancing in his head. Spagnuolo’s dream is a victory Sunday over the ***** to close out his first season here.

    The draft can wait.

    Spagnuolo wants his 1-14 outfit “to play as a team, basically do what they’ve been doing, which is to have tremendous fight, tremendous resolve. It’s a character group of guys; I’ve always said that. Just praying and hoping to finish out a winning note. That’s what we’re all hoping for this week.”

    Notes & quotes:

    *Barring a major surprise, rookie QB Keith Null will start his fourth consecutive game Sunday. He got the vast majority of the first-team snaps this week.

    *DE Leonard Little sat out again Friday while his knee heals where an infection was drained. He’s listed as questionable for the game. “He hasn’t gotten, obviously, any reps this week. But he’s been doing this a long time, so that doesn’t concern us,” Spagnuolo said. “It’s all about the wound healing. We’ve got 48 more hours, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.”

    *RB Steven Jackson (back) and LB Paris Lenon (toe) also are questionable. Probables are WR Donnie Avery (thigh), LB James Laurinaitis (knee) and DE Chris Long (hamstring). T Jason Smith is doubtful, and CB Quincy Butler (ankle, knee) is out.

    *Roger Allen, an undrafted rookie from Division II Missouri Western State, is expected to start at left guard. He saw his first regular-season action last week after Mark Setterstrom torn his left triceps late in the first half. Getting into a couple of games at the end of the season will “definitely give me a little boost and momentum into the offseason and in camp” next summer, Allen said.

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    Re: Spagnuolo "Praying And Hoping" For A Win, Not Suh

    We already got one win. Don't be greedy!


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      Re: Spagnuolo "Praying And Hoping" For A Win, Not Suh

      Spags wants them to "basically do what they've been doing" and if they do that the 1st round pick is ours and Suh will be a Ram.


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        Re: Spagnuolo "Praying And Hoping" For A Win, Not Suh

        Well, what he suppose to say? "Yeah we all suck pretty bad, so I hope the guys go out and lose this one." I doubt any head coach would say that simply because he has to work with these people on a day-to-day basis, and IMO Spags wouldn't risk the respect that he's earned from them. But I bet that Devaney and everyone else in the FO won't be heartbroken over a loss. I'm totally ok with Spags mentality. Thats what you want in a head coach.


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          Re: Spagnuolo "Praying And Hoping" For A Win, Not Suh

          I have little doubt that Spags and the team want to win, regardless of what might transpire in the draft. They practice, work, prepare and plan every week to get a victory. From the impressions I've gotten throughout the season, Spags is a fighter, and I see no reason why this week, facing a hated rival at home, he'll change his mind set. IMO, ending the season with a win and getting a chance to feel good in the lockerroom after the game is a great first step toward turning things around.

          That said, I'll be rooting hard for a Rams win AND a Detroit win so we can have our cake and eat it too.


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            Re: Spagnuolo "Praying And Hoping" For A Win, Not Suh

            Originally posted by r8rh8rmike View Post

            That said, I'll be rooting hard for a Rams win AND a Detroit win so we can have our cake and eat it too.
            lol yep i'm going to be rooting like a mofo for the Lions come Sunday!!!


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              Re: Spagnuolo "Praying And Hoping" For A Win, Not Suh

              Well, we certainly control our own destiny. If we don't get Suh, it'll be our own fault.


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                Re: Spagnuolo "Praying And Hoping" For A Win, Not Suh

                While I truly admire our coach's desire to win this game,I don't think that this 1 win will propel us anywhere unless we acquire talent to back-up the desire. There may be no garantee that Suh will be the beast EVERYONE thinks he will be. I like his chances. I'll take a loss today in exchange for a stronger team for years to come. I've got to agree with r8rh8rmike and TheRammer, I'll be rooting like crazy for the Lions.
                That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!


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                  Re: Spagnuolo "Praying And Hoping" For A Win, Not Suh

                  First and foremost, Spags has to say that. He'd be roasted for any other answer, so it's a non-issue for me.

                  As for the draft, does anyone remember the 2003 draft following the 2002 season when, in a relatively meaningless game at the end of the year, the 6-9 Jamie Martin-led Rams hosted the 10-5 San Francisco ***** at the end of the year and won the game, propelling them to a 7-9 record?

                  The Rams picked 12th that season (a pick they used on Jimmy Kennedy). Had they lost that game and went 6-10, they would have picked 9th at worst, 7th at best. That would have potentially given them a shot at Byron Leftwich, Jordan Gross, Kevin Williams, Terrell Suggs, and Marcus Trufant (ie. the players that went in the 7-11 range).

                  Don't get me wrong - it's entirely possible that dropping to the second spot would not be bad for the Rams. Perhaps they take Gerald McCoy and still get their DT. Perhaps they take Eric Berry for more help in the secondary. Perhaps they take Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen and find their franchise QB.

                  But at the same time, it's also nice to be able to have a shot at better prospects. In the Rams' case, picking first overall gives them a shot at a guy widely believed to be the best prospect in this class. Perhaps more importantly and less specifically, the first pick in the draft gives the Rams the chance to draft anybody they want. Whomever they view as the best, they'll be able to take him.

                  There's a certain value to that as well, but not one the coach can come out and recognize at the expense of a win.


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                    Re: Spagnuolo "Praying And Hoping" For A Win, Not Suh

                    It doesn't matter how they get there, The Rams need the first pick. It's Suh or bust!


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                      Re: Spagnuolo "Praying And Hoping" For A Win, Not Suh

                      We have lost so many games since 3 seasons, this one could be the most advantageous for us. We really need Suh even if I hate lose against the whinners.
                      Si vous croyez en vous, que vous avez de la fierté, et que vous ne lâchez jamais, vous serez un gagnant.
                      Le prix de la victoire est chère, mais la récompense en vaut la peine.


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                        Re: Spagnuolo "Praying And Hoping" For A Win, Not Suh

                        Why the hell are the Niners making this soo hard?

                        I want us to at least have a chance at winning, but we come up short...but not actually WIN the game! I want Suh


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                          Re: Spagnuolo "Praying And Hoping" For A Win, Not Suh

                          Originally posted by Fortuninerhater View Post
                          Well, we certainly control our own destiny. If we don't get Suh, it'll be our own fault.
                          It'll be because our team did what they are supposed to do, and that is to WIN.

                          It is all moot if Detroit also wins, but I will NEVER want the Rams to lose a game regardless of any cost/reward scenario.

                          GO RAMS!!


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                            From the start of his tenure in St. Louis 15 months ago, coach Steve Spagnuolo was clear on his vision for the Rams. He wanted to build a winner on the foundation of a strong defense and a powerful running game.

                            As recently as mid-February, not long before the NFL scouting combine, Spagnuolo reiterated a variation of that win-in-the-trenches philosophy.

                            "I've said this from the beginning, you build from the inside out," Spagnuolo said. "You start with the linemen and move your way out."

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                            Team sources recently told the Post-Dispatch that there was indeed a point during the offseason when Spagnuolo wanted to go defense with the first pick.

                            But that no longer appears to be case. As early as late February, Spagnuolo insisted that despite his defensive background, he could pull the trigger on a quarterback with the No. 1 overall pick.

                            "I'm broadening my spectrum, my thought process," Spagnuolo joked at the combine. "I know we all get labeled as head coaches — defensive guy, offensive guy — but when you sit in this particular seat that I'm blessed to be in, you've got to look at it as a team."

                            So if Spagnuolo as head coach says that quarterback is what's best for the team at No. 1 overall, then that's what will happen, trenches be damned.

                            There are practical reasons to feel this way, as one veteran NFL coach bluntly points out.

                            "Steven Jackson's a great player, but the Rams' issue is they have absolutely no game-changers on the football team," said the coach, speaking on the condition of anonymity. "Jackson's it. … They have no game-changers on offense. No game-changers on defense."

                            It has taken years for the roster to deteriorate to this point, the coach said. "And there ain't a guy that's been there that isn't culpable to some degree for it, including the present group."

                            Which feeds into why you take a talented quarterback prospect (Bradford) over a talented defensive tackle (Suh or McCoy). Simply stated, the quarterback position can change the game more than any other position.

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                          • TakeSuh
                            please take suh
                            by TakeSuh
                            this is the first time i have fallen in love with a player, ive watched his highlights both juinor and senior year, and i wonder, how the hell did no one know about this guy his juinor year. if mccoy was an all american sophmore year with 6 sacks 13 tackles for loss and one interception, why wasnt suh an all american his juinor year if suh had 7.5 sacks, 19.5 tackles for loss 3 passes blocked 2 interceptions returned for touchdowns, 3 touchdowns and 1 blocked kick?

                            YouTube - Ndamukong Suh Heisman Highlights
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                            almost sums up his entire career, (missed some key tackles and plays)
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                          • TakeSuh
                            suh: beast or manbeast?
                            by TakeSuh
                            YouTube - Ndamukong Suh Heisman Highlights
                            you decide the last highlight is from last years colorado game where he picked off a pass and returned it for a touchdown to seal a win for the cornhuskers.
                            -02-02-2010, 09:54 PM
                          • Canadian Rams Fan
                            Ndamukong Suh
                            by Canadian Rams Fan
                            I just finished watching some highlights of Ndamukong Suh, and I must tell you the guy is a beast. Unbelievable footwork and domination. I think that this guy will be something special. I was going back and forth for a while on quaterback or D.T after watching this I must say I am all about Suh.

                            The guy just looks dominant. He will so disruptive I.M.O offenses will have no choice but to game plan for him leaving every one else on the D.L to roam free. This will definetly make for Spags crown jewl. I.M.O too good to pass up. Next up lets go take a look at Jimmy Clausen.
                            -01-02-2010, 06:59 PM
                          • Nick
                            Oh, Ndamukong Suh...
                            by Nick
                            Look, I've gone to great lengths to defend some of Suh's past transgressions, but this is getting beyond ridiculous. Guy has all the talent in the world and a head that's screwed on three rotations too tight or something. I hope he turns it around, but looks like he's still trending downward....
                            -10-11-2012, 05:24 PM