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The key to rams success

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  • The key to rams success

    I personally think that the key to success will be this offseason. Pick up a good leader and QB in Jason Campbell. Also we could use a big name WR like Brandon Marshall, Miles Austin, or even Vincent Jackson. This would change the entire pace of our offense and open up a better running game with SJAX and even give us a passing game. Then in the draft we take Ndamukong Suh. And try something out like trading your 2nd and 4th for a 1st in the 20's or even draft a good OLB in the 2nd round. What do you guys think?

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    Re: The key to rams success

    The key? My friend, they cannot even find the damned lock and are diving in the sewer to find the key that was lost.


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      Re: The key to rams success

      The keys to the season: Suh, better trainers, someone not quite as idiotic as Incognito and WINS.

      Incidentally... my first post since I joined, looks like the old cookie problem has gone for good.

      Never mind on point 3.
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