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Rams' QB situation couldn't be any cloudier ..

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  • Rams' QB situation couldn't be any cloudier ..

    Posted Jan. 09, 2010 @ 9:36 a.m.
    By Dan Arkush
    from Pro Football Weekly

    It sure doesn't seem like the Rams' eventual starting quarterback in 2010 is currently on the roster.

    That likelihood became greater courtesy of recent well-founded rumors that QB Marc Bulger could be seriously contemplating retirement after another rough season.

    Bulger, this year's starter until suffering a season-ending fractured shin bone at the end of November, was already considered by many a long shot to return next season after shooting mostly blanks for the third season in a row.

    "But as far as him still being the best quarterback on the team, it's not even close," said one insider of the 32-year-old Bulger, whose release or retirement would save the team a net $4.5 million under the salary cap next season.

    After Bulger went down, primary backup Kyle Boller stumbled his way through two starts before passing the baton to sixth-round rookie Keith Null for the final four games.

    "I'll be surprised if Boller is back," the insider said of the unrestricted free agent and former first-round draft pick of the Ravens who continued to be primarily done in by untimely turnovers.

    "Maybe it could be Null. He certainly got some great experience. He has the size and arm strength, and he's very grounded with a good demeanor. But most of the time, he looked like you'd expect a sixth-round pick from a Division II school (West Texas A&M) to look totally overwhelmed."

    The consensus is that while Null proved he could have a future at the pro level, he remains best suited at this stage of his development as a No. 3 quarterback.

    As for who will enter the offseason filling the No. 1 QB role, it's anybody's guess at the moment.

    If there was a franchise-caliber QB worthy of the Rams' first overall pick in the upcoming draft, he probably would be a no-brainer pick in late April.

    But the consensus is that this year's QB crop is ordinary at best, which continues to make Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh the Rams' most likely No. 1 pick.

    "The best option could be to draft a QB that they like high in the second or third round and get a veteran 'bridge guy' to start next year," the insider said.

    A "bridge guy" like Michael Vick, who had a history in Atlanta with Rams GM Billy Devaney?

    We hear that's one name that figures to at least be discussed.

    Gosh .. I wonder who that insider was .. any guesses??

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    Re: Rams' QB situation couldn't be any cloudier ..

    Whatever it takes to get Null. Lets find a veteran Qb and draft a young talented QB in the 2nd round.

    I would be happy with the following QB's next year starting for the Rams.

    C. Pennington
    C. Redman
    B. Volec
    M. Vick
    C. Frye
    D. Anderson

    Go Rams


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      Re: Rams' QB situation couldn't be any cloudier ..

      I seriously doubt that this insider info is anything but a regurgitation of the usual PD "according to league sources" dreck of which this rumor is the latest example.

      "Well-founded", my patootie. DeSpags seem to run a tight ship as far as allowing the press to know anything they don't want them to know-name a time when The PD has "scooped" a move of theirs.

      Nor is Bulger known for letting dirty laundry be aired in public or tipping his hand to the press or anyone likely to blab to the press. Quite the opposite,in fact. The only episode I can think of had to do with SJ saying MB was upset about Linehan's benching him.And I doubt the poopstorm that stirred up was a lesson unlearned by anyone in The Rams organization likely to be privy to Marc's thoughts if they value their job.

      The only person in a position to have accurate info who has gone on the record is Bulger's agent who said the retirement thing is BS.I also think MB stands to lose a buttload of money if he quits as opposed to being cut.

      This rumor makes no sense at all to me. The QB situation is indeed a mystery but I don't think there's any light being shed here except on the poor quality of reportage on The Rams.


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        Re: Rams' QB situation couldn't be any cloudier ..

        dont waste a pick on a qb in this draft, wait until next year, simple as that. Bulger or another veteran will have to serve as the bridge guy this year. build that D this year in the draft (its littered with good talent) and next year we build on the offense. Our terrible performance on offense this year was a result of untimely injuries to key starters, lack of offensive rhythm and the last of it being sub par play by Bulger (before he ALSO went down). You lose all your starters on offense and its like installing an entire new system mid-season with less skill at your positions. Your going to suck unless you have a tom brady coming off the bench.

        Do people actually still wonder how the offense sucked this year?


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          Re: Rams' QB situation couldn't be any cloudier ..

          Originally posted by Dominating D
          C. Pennington
          C. Redman
          B. Volec
          M. Vick
          C. Frye
          D. Anderson
          No offense, but if any of those guys are our starting QB's we might as well start planning for the #1 pick next year...


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            Re: Rams' QB situation couldn't be any cloudier ..

            i dont mind if Vick comes to stl. It would actually add some excitement while watching the rams offense


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              Re: Rams' QB situation couldn't be any cloudier ..

              Originally posted by RamsFan4ever
              i dont mind if Vick comes to stl. It would actually add some excitement while watching the rams offense
              Incompletions and stupid throws excite me too!:|


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              • MauiRam
                It's time for Rams to focus on next QB ..
                by MauiRam
                Sports Columnist Bernie Miklasz
                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                I don't know how Steven Jackson is doing it. When getting ready to play the Rams, opposing defenses have six days to conspire and scheme and concentrate on one goal: stopping No. 39.

                Defenses are ganging up on Jackson, wanting him to feel a lot of pain in exchange for those yards. But he endures. He will not surrender. Through eight games, Jackson is tied for second in the NFL in rushing, and he's second in combined rushing-receiving yards. Considering what he's up against, that's pretty amazing.

                I don't know if we can fully comprehend the difficulty of being a targeted running back on a bad football team. Jackson is getting it done in an offense that cannot throw the ball with any consistency. Without the threat of an aggressive downfield passing attack, Jackson won't be able to hold the dogs off forever. Those eight-man fronts will eventually grind him down.

                And that must change.

                Unless the Rams get serious about developing a new quarterback and upgrading the skill level at wide receiver, Jackson will limp away to an early retirement. He'll be pummeled into a premature breakdown.

                Jackson is a franchise piece. But without adding a franchise quarterback, the Rams will waste the remaining prime years of his career.

                As I've written before, I have no interest in a futile and foolish Marc Bulger vs. Kyle Boller debate. They are not the future. And while I understand why fans want to see rookie Keith Null, it would be irresponsible to start him. Null played small-college ball, ran a spread offense, doesn't receive practice reps and hasn't had much time to learn a pro-style offense. Why set up the kid to fail? Besides: Null was OK in the preseason, but let's not get carried away.

                The Rams should invest a premium 2010 draft pick in the quarterback position and get on with the future. There's no guarantee that Sam Bradford, Tony Pike, Jimmy Clausen, Jake Locker, Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy or any other top QB prospect will turn into a franchise-altering starter in St. Louis.

                And though we've seen rookie quarterbacks Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco immediately step in and thrive, a growth period is the norm. And that maturation process can be difficult. I took a look at some Hall of Fame quarterbacks, and their early struggles were profound.

                Terry Bradshaw completed 38 percent of his passes and threw six TDs and 24 interceptions as a Pittsburgh rookie. John Elway completed 47 percent with seven TDs and 14 interceptions as a Denver rookie. In his first two seasons in Dallas, Troy Aikman passed for 20 TDs and 36 interceptions. In his first three seasons in San Diego, Dan Fouts completed 49 percent of his throws, with 15 TDs and 33 interceptions. And there are many other examples.
                The Rams can't be afraid to...
                -11-03-2009, 11:41 AM
              • RamsFanSam
                With the 196th overall pick in the draft, the Rams select Keith Null, QB, WTAMU
                by RamsFanSam
                Overview to follow soon.

                Height: 6'4"
                Weight: 220
                College: West Texas AM
                Conference: Lone Star
                Hometown: Lampasas, TX
                High School: Lampasas

                Analysis to follow soon.

                Here's what I have found so far, since the overview isn't available, nor is the analysis. Be patient, I will find something....
                -04-26-2009, 02:00 PM
              • dave626
                What about keeping Bulger as a starter
                by dave626
                I am not in any shape form or fashion a Bulger fan, however if we keep him as the starter for 1 more year and let Bradford (assuming and hoping we draft him) stand next to Feely for a year and absorb what he can from both of them I think may, in the long run, benefit Bradford a great deal.

                I dont think throwing Bradford or any other QB out there in the first year is the way to go no matter where they are drafted, I would much prefer a mentoring situation to be there, and to increase his chances of holding a clipboard his first year we would have 2 QBs in front of him, and at this point I still think Bulger would give us our best chance to win in 2010.

                Null could be on the PS for a year and bring him up next year after Bulger moves on, as the 2nd or 3rd QB.

                Bulger will probably go down at some point during the season and while Feely is playing Bradford could be learning from Bulger on the sidelines instead of Null, and come next year we have our QB and are in a much better position to take the BPA. In this draft I think we have to address the QB with the first pick, I believe the drop off in talant is just to great to wait until the 2nd or 3rd round.

                So let me know what you guys think, who knows maybe thats the reason Bulger is still on the roster with a starters contract.
                -03-20-2010, 02:32 PM
              • DieHardRamsFan1381
                whos gonna be the qb of the rams in 2010
                by DieHardRamsFan1381
                i hate to say this but its time for a change at the qb position. i mean marc was great for a couple years but after that he became a second rate player at best. we should have had a new qb after the 2008 season. bulger is at best now a decent back up. then you got are other 2 qb kyle boller and keith null 2 guys who have the skills of ryan leaf. the problem im at is who is out there for the rams to draft or pick up in free agency. i mean the first overall pick is gonna be suh no if ands or but. so maybe with the 2 round pick we could get someone out there im sure there will be some decent qbs left. id like to see them maybe pick up mccoy or tebow i mean tebows got all the skills he just needs to sit a season or 2 and pick up on everything just like aaron rodgers. but i dont think the rams have time to wait on a qb to develope. then theres free agency but theres really no starting qb out there the rams could pick up. someone tell me whos gonna be the qb in 2010?
                -02-21-2010, 06:49 AM
              • RamsInfiniti
                To put an end to the Nulpul decision ....
                by RamsInfiniti
                And in my opinion, any further posts suggesting Null start this year should be considered off-topic, since it's a non-issue ...

                Billy Devaney indicated on the radio today that in no way shape or form would Null be getting an open tryout. Nor would Null be getting any playing time unless something drastic happens. Looks like they are looking at bringing back Brock Berlin. If this happens, fully expect Berlin to get the reps if Boller were to go down ...

                It makes very good sense as to why they wouldn't throw Null out there. Devaney plain and simple said it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the team. For those that don't understand that, realize the Null gets very few if any reps in practice. He has very little grasp of the speed of the NFL game. Putting Null out there would be prohibitive to the growth and development of every single player around him, both offense and defense. This offense would be very limited in what they could do, and consequently very ineffective placing the D in a bad situation ...

                Hence, it just isn't going to happen ...

                SO DROP IT!

                BTW, the rest of the season is NOT a "wash" as some have called it. I am sorry to say, but uttering this statement immediately puts your football IQ in question, because every game and every second is important to players that are on a franchise in rebuilding mode ...
                -11-24-2009, 04:14 PM