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With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

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  • With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

    The Rams have a lot of areas that need an influx of talent. However, the reality is that limited resources (draft choices, free agent $) will mandate that the Rams "stand pat" and go with what they have in at least some areas of the roster.

    Which part of the roster would you be most comfortable "standing pat" (which, you may presume, includes the resigning of existing FAs on the roster).
    Running Backs
    Wide Receivers/Tight Ends
    Offensive Line
    Defensive Line
    Defensive Backfield

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    Re: With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

    For me, it came down to LBs and DBs.

    Assuming Atogwe returns and the Rams improve the pass rush, I think their DBs are good enough. If Fletcher can come back from his injury, that would be a big plus. Otherwise, the Rams will need one of the young CBs to step up.

    The LB corps are very thin. Laurinaitis is set at MLB, but Vobora and Lenon are just "guys" filling the OLB spots. Behind them there two other "guys" (Grant, Chamberlain).

    In the end, I went with LBs. If the DL does its job, mediocre LBs will look pretty good. I'd rather spend resources on another CB. OLBs are more of a "dime a dozen" category, in my opinion.


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      Re: With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

      I went with RB simply because I believe its less of an issue than any other spot on the roster. Sure, a solid backup would be nice, but for most of the other spots, we're talking about getting a new starter. A new starting OLB would be nice, a #1 CB would also help. Same for WR. It seems other than the Punter/Kicker/MLB, RB is one of the few spots that doesn't need a new starting caliber player.


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        Re: With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

        I'm torn.

        I think we can stand pat on our wide receivers but we need to grab a tight end in free agency.

        Obviously nothing needs to be done about SJ but I would like us to get a good number 2 this off season.

        I'll go with running backs.


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          Re: With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

          Personally, I feel we can stand to improve in every area, so I didn't choose an option.


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            Re: With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

            Originally posted by shower beers
            Personally, I feel we can stand to improve in every area, so I didn't choose an option.
            If you take that attitude, then you lose any credibility to criticize the Front Office. While you are free to live in a fantasy world in which every area of the team can be improved in one offseason, the reality is that the Front Office has to make hard choices and prioritize.


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              Re: With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

              I had to go with the DBs. I would like to add a top notch RB to the mix because if you look at the recent trend in the NFL, teams need more than 1 RB to win. Shoot, Dallas has 3.


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                Re: With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

                I would stand pat with the Oline, DB's and LB's. I'm on the fence with the receivers because we have a couple of guys that showed promise. With Lareaunt coming back I think we have plenty of receivers to choose from. We need a decent back to extend Steven Jacksons career, and we need a QB. Bulger would be ok, if he didn't cost so much. Maybe they'll restructure his contract if he doesn't retire. That way we can sign and develop a decent QB. signing one in free agency would be dumb unless we're signing one to replace Bulger. But with the QB's available, who really gives us chance to go deep into the playoffs?


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                  Re: With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

                  I say stand pat with the DBs this season. Assuming we give our defensive line the needed Suhpersizing that can actually generate a working pass rush, some of the secondary's woes should be diminished.

                  Receiver/TE is the second least important to me; let's give the youth another year to mature and make sure their problems are talent and skill based as opposed to immaturity.

                  Backup RB is the third least-while a back to share the load would be nice, we need to lock down some starters elsewhere.


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                    Re: With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

                    I voted to stand pat with the o-line. This group was playing pretty good before the injury bug hit them.

                    A close second for me was the WR position with 3rd being the DB's.
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                      Re: With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

                      i voted wide receivers, only because i didn't read all of the options and didn't see the db's. i think we can afford to stand pat in both areas for the year, unless a guy really jumps out to us in the draft or free agency.


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                        Re: With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

                        RBs. Ogbonaya coming out of college was a good reciever and blocker and I think that has carried over. He still needs to develop as a runner, but that requires more carries. The beast could loose a few a carries and still be dominant.


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                          Re: With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

                          O-line. Don't fool yourselves gang, we need to draft at least one good DB by the 4th round and maybe even sign one more in the FA.

                          LB's will also be a big need. If we grab Suh and beef up the line, teams will be forced to either go verticle on us, or bounce the ball to the outside.


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                            Re: With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

                            I voted for DB's, although I didn't feel great about it. I'm subscribing to the theory that a better pass rush will help them out. Even still, if the front office decided to focus some attention on that area, it certainly wouldn't break my heart.


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                              Re: With limited resources, where would you "stand pat"?

                              It's a toughie given the overall weakness of this team but I went with WR.

                              Honorable mentions to DB .

                              Take away Long & you're screwed vs the pass & run.

                              Take away Jason Brown & you're screwed in pass pro & the run game.

                              Take away Lau & the LB corps becomes a bad joke.

                              Take away SJ....well, do I even need to say it ?...

                              Take away the best WR or DBer and I don't think the team would get drastically worse. In fact, I think this year's performance showed that to be true.Ultimately, WR got the nod because of greater overall depth, much of which should be coming into its prime next year.

                              QB is just a mysterious void,imo, with any of the current options,albeit for very different reasons.


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                                Personally I see it as:
                                QB - no starter currently
                                DE - One open position currently
                                DT - I believe only Ryan is a starter caliber currently
                                WR - We don't have a true #1 YET* I believe in Gibson and Robinson
                                OLB - We are still weak at this position
                                OT - We gotta replace Barron
                                RB - Just need a change of pace back
                                TE - help wanted
                                CB - I believe we have 1 CB and 3 nickel backs
                                S (assuming we keep OJ)

                                I would almost place DL and WR as being equal. I fear for Bradford (if thats our guy) if we don't have Wr's who can get open. In which case I would prefer to address this sooner. I do believe that our DL is weak and the LB's behind it are not strong, so if we don't go QB #1 I would prefer to beef up the D.
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                                Sam (Strong Side LB)
                                Will (Weak Side LB)
                                We are good at LB, need to focus on other areas
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                                A week ago I took a look at offensive needs. Now I'd like to take a look at where we stand on defense.

                                Defensive Tackle
                                Current Options: Clifton Ryan, Darrell Scott, Gary Gibson, Adam Carriker, Lajuan Ramsey, Leger Douzable
                                Evaluation: The early losses of Gibson and Carriker make this position difficult to evaluate. Before AC even went down for the season, Gibson was already taking reps with the first team. I really don’t know whether Carriker is good or not because I can’t remember the last time he wasn’t slowed by some injury or another. Ryan had a pretty decent season, although not reflected in the stats. Scott had a very quiet rookie season. Ramsey and Douzable had their moments but would have been fringe players even on our team if not for the injuries.
                                Off-season Priority: Medium-High. We have a lot of young players at the position who at some point during the season showed promise, but once again we finished near the bottom of the league in both run defense and sacks. Our defense will not be strong without strong line play.

                                Defensive End
                                Current Options: Chris Long, Leonard Little, James Hall, C.J. Ah You, Victor Adeyanju
                                Evaluation: Long has made strides in his game each season and may yet quiet his doubters if he gets some help. Little is 35 and, although still productive, is not the force he once was. His contract is up, and he may retire. Hall will be 33 next month and is also likely near the end of his career. His contract is up, and he may or may not be back for the 2010 season. Ah You's most memorable moment in 2009 came when he blocked a field goal on a play which was called back because we had 12 men on the field. He saw some playing time in a reserve role and recorded one sack. Adeyanju may have fallen out of favor with the new regime, as he was often inactive on game day. He, too, may leave as a free agent.
                                Off-season Priority: High. Three out of five could leave, and we didn't have much of a pass rush even with them. Also, we have a defensive coordinator whose defense relies on pressure. Bad news.

                                Middle Linebacker
                                Current Options: James Laurinaitis, Dominic Douglas
                                Evaluation: “Viral” Laurinaitis was all over the place wreaking havoc on opponents. Yes, he occasionally got caught out of position, but he still had a great rookie season. Douglas joined the active roster in mid-November, a few weeks after he had most recently been cut from the practice squad.
                                Off-season Priority: Low. If Laurinaitis ever succumbed to injury, we could probably slide over one of the guys competing for the strongside position or something.

                                Outside Linebacker
                                Current Options: Paris Lenon, Chris Chamberlain, David Vobora, Larry Grant
                                Evaluation: On the weak side, Lenon is sort of the classic journeyman. As a starter for the Lions, he led the team in tackles...but an above-average starter for the Lions might still be...
                                -01-22-2010, 08:19 PM
                              • The Optimistic Lamb
                                Unresolved Issues:
                                by The Optimistic Lamb
                                Looking at the Rams Roster we seem to have collected a promising collection of starters. And where we still lack we seem to have a plethora of competition.

                                But what puzzles me is that at some positions I see huge need. Specifically OLB and RB.

                                Who we got at OLB? Na'il Diggs??? Our compensation pick (Josh Hull)??? Chamberlin???

                                At RB we only have Darby and Ogbonnaya to back up Jackson. Is this a reflection of the Ram's faith in Ogbonnaya???
                                -04-29-2010, 09:56 AM