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How many wins to keep Spags?

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  • How many wins to keep Spags?

    A simple question for what I hope is a simple answer. Is it 3 wins? Is it 5 wins? Or is it 8 wins? For me its 8, just for the fact that we are a NFL team
    that should be competitive no matter what.

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    Re: How many wins to keep Spags?

    Whether we like it or not if our Rams win 2 or more games plus play competitive and the losses are close. Spags will be back for his 3rd year.
    Look Linehan went (8-8) then (3-13) and wasn't canned until what game 4 of his 3rd year.

    I really don't think it's going to be a question whether Spags is back for year 3 but you asked. Seriously I have confidence and trust in Spags. He will have us playing much better in year 2. Which will translate into wins!!!!

    GO RAMS!!!!!!
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      Re: How many wins to keep Spags?

      I also think he will and should be back for a third year, to answer you question about how many wins, I don't know that we can honestly say at this point what should be expected of him. It depends for me how much this team improves itself in the offseason through the draft and free agency, and also the general health of the team throughout the season. Lets face it, if the FO doesn't get him the players he needs then it's sort of like trying to water ski in a mud puddle.


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        Re: How many wins to keep Spags?

        Unless he doesnt win a game next year, he will be back for his 3rd year atleast. But i would like to see 5 or 6 wins next season.


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          Re: How many wins to keep Spags?

          ^ agree...


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            Re: How many wins to keep Spags?

            In no way shape or form should anyone tolerate this team winning less than 6 games next year (that we'd accept a 6-10 record shows you just how low the bar has been set). A collective effort from the GM to the coach to the players must be made to find ways to win without using injuries, inexperience and other factors as reasons why they can't get it done. I think Spags will be back for year three no matter what, barring an unforseen set of circumstances. I still have complete confidence in Spags, but that confidence will waiver tremendously if major improvement isn't shown next year. A "3", "2" and "1" win season in succession will do that to you.


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              Re: How many wins to keep Spags?

              How long is Spags contract? Whatever it is, im pretty certain he'll be here that long no matter how many wins / losses we have. Devaney and him have a plan, it takes time to execute that plan, i dont care about how many we win next year, i want to see us getting better and progessing


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                Re: How many wins to keep Spags?

                I fully expect him to be here until at least the end of his 3rd year. These guys are working on implimenting a whole new look and feel for the Rams, that just won't happen of the course of one year and Chip/Lucia know that.

                With or without 'success' next season (I do hope to see more than 4 wins) Spags will be back.


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                  Re: How many wins to keep Spags?

                  For me it's difficult to put a hard number on it because as most have said, it's a rebuilding team, he inherited a mess and most decent teams give a guy more than one year to build.

                  That being so stated, I think it would be a percentage based on these teams: San Francisco, Seattle, Kansas City, Detroit and Oakland. The more of these he loses to, the higher the odds are of him getting cut early.

                  2010 Rams: 53 playing like 11!
                  "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

                  Jack Youngblood


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                    Re: How many wins to keep Spags?

                    Hopefully at least four. I like Spags a lot, I just think we need to give him some talent to work with.


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                      Re: How many wins to keep Spags?

                      I want to see 8 minimum lol..but with this team I doubt it..

                      So I am sure the ownership is thinking maybe around 3-6?


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