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A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

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  • A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

    Not sure how many of you may know this already, I know I didn't until today, but our Brother Randy, aka bigredman, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He is in a cancer treatment center in Illinois and on Mon or Tue this next week he will be having a biopsy done I assume to determine where to go from here.

    Most of us here know what an amazing person Randy is, as he has touched many of our lives in very special ways. If you believe in God, please get on your knees and pray for Randy's healing and comfort.

    Randy if you're reading this, I want you to know that we love you and are praying for you. Hang in there my friend, and try not to harrass the nurses too much.

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    Re: A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

    Prayers and thoughts are with you and your loved ones.


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      Re: A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

      This is terrible news. I will definitely pray to Yahweh for healing for our friend, Randy.


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        Re: A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

        May God bless you BigRed, and I personally will remember you in my prayers.


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          Re: A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

          dont know the words to write randy.

          get well soon

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            Re: A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

            get well soon Big Man


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              Re: A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

              My wife and I will be praying for Randy's recovery.
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                Re: A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

                I've got two links for those who would like to leave Randy a message or connect with him:

       This is the CTCA webpage for Randy, you can see some info and updates about him as well as leave a message.

                Login | Facebook This is Randy's Facebook page.

                I've never met the man in person, but I'm sure that everyone that has been here on the forums have enjoyed his contributions to this place. I'm also sure he'd like to hear from all of you.


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                  Re: A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

                  Randy, although I've never met you in person, just from these forums I could tell what a great guy you are and you are the last person that deserves to go through this. I hope everything works out well for you, I'll definitely have you in my thoughts & prayers. Here's to a speedy recover.
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                    Re: A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

                    Sad news. Randy you are in my prayers. You beat cancer once, try to do it again. My uncle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer years ago and they opened him up to see that it had spread all over. They did no surgery, just chemo every now and then. Uncle Bob has the slow growing kind of cancer and he is still alive and kicking.

                    All the best Randy. Hang in there.


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                      Re: A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

                      I enjoyed spending some time with Randy at the Bash a few years back and my thoughts and prayers are definitely with you Big man


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                        Re: A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

                        I have been aware of Randy's condition for awhile now as I was informed by a mutual friend, but was unsure if I wanted to make it general knowledge.

                        It isn't that he was hiding it, n because it has been on his FB page from the onset, rather that I didn't know if it was my place to announce it.

                        Thank you RFTID for doing this, I am sure Randy appreciates it and Heaven knows one can use all the support they can get in times like this.

                        Like Randy insinuated, cancer is a tough way to get back to one's 'playing weight'. For those who don't know, Randy once was in training camp with the Rams trying to win a roster spot. In fact it think he said it was Cullen Bryant that forgave him the $500 he owed? >8)

                        We're thinking and praying for your recovery, BRM!

                        GO RAMS!!


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                          Re: A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

                          That is worrying news but , as the son and friend of cancer patients in the past, I know how much of a role a passionate spirit plays in the fight against this terrible disease. I don't know Randy personally,either, but anyone who has enjoyed his contributions here knows he has that spirit to the nth degree.

                          My very best wishes to him & his loved ones in this difficult time.


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                            Re: A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

                            Like Tim, I have been aware of Randy's battle but I figured Randy would post it here when he was ready. I also didn't feel it was my place although I cannot say that I wasn't tempted. I suspect Randy hasn't posted it yet because he didn't want to draw attention to himself (which we know is completely opposite of his normal self - lol).

                            Randy is at Cancer Treatment Center outside of Chicago. That particular center specializes in pancreatic cancer. I wish that our CTC here is Tulsa was the one that specialized in that cancer so that we could help Randy and Rebecca (Randy's wife) more.

                            Randy is of the mind set to beat cancer. How can you help? Go to the links posted above and leave messages for Randy. They don't have to be long, just a word to let him know he is in your thoughts.

                            Also, stop by Rebecca's Facebook page and let her know that she is also in your thoughts.

                            Randy did try out for the Rams in the late 70's as a linebacker.


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                              Re: A Brother Needs Our Prayers.

                              Hang in there RED!


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