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  • Sir Adam Goldberg

    What should the Rams do with the jack of all trades known as Adam Goldberg. Personally, I think we should start next season. Instead of spending a draft pick or hunting in free agency for a lineman we can simply plug Goldberg in at RG. He is arguably much better at guard than he is at the tackle position and really does a solid job there. We will still need an answer at RT but Smith, Bell, Brown, Goldberg sounds like a solid piece of a line to me.

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    Re: Sir Adam Goldberg

    Agreed. We have plenty of holes to spend draft picks and free agency money on. He is solid every time I watch him.


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      Re: Sir Adam Goldberg

      An average RT and a slightly above average RG. He could fill in at both spots.


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        Re: Sir Adam Goldberg

        I think he'd make a better guard than Greco, unless Greco can really crank it up in the off season/training camp.


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          Re: Sir Adam Goldberg

          I think he should definitely be kept around as a back up tackle, and he could defintely win out in a competition for a spot at guard.
          I think a line of Smith, Bell, Brown, Goldberg and a new RT is fine, but i do think that improving both the RG and RT spots would be an ideal scenario.

          But if we cant upgrade RG due to lack of free agents or draft picks, then i think Goldberg would be fine for now


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            Re: Sir Adam Goldberg

            backup quality..should not be starting, i think we can find someone better through free agency or the middle of the draft.


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              Re: Sir Adam Goldberg

              I like this guy.


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                Re: Sir Adam Goldberg

                Yes he is good, but what happens when 3 out of the 4 you just mentioned get hurt next year. It would be nice to have goldberg on the bench because someone else is better than him, and have him fill in at RT or RG as needed.


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                  Re: Sir Adam Goldberg

                  I'd prefer to see him used exclusively at guard. I think that's his better position, and I think he could potentially start there.


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                  • 39thebeast
                    Adam Goldberg
                    by 39thebeast
                    From what i've seen and read about him Goldberg has been doing pretty well and at LT for the matter. He played some good starting RT for the vikings back in the day. He may surprise us and provide us with the best 3rd tackle we have had in years. What do you guys think he can do now for us and possibly in the future.
                    -08-11-2008, 09:34 AM
                  • RamWraith
                    Rams re-sign Goldberg
                    by RamWraith
                    Per Rotoworld:

                    Adam Goldberg-G-Rams Mar. 6 - 5:57 pm et

                    Rams re-signed G/T Adam Goldberg.
                    Goldberg has been a liability when forced into action the last two years, but is a friend of coach Scott Linehan. He shouldn't be a lock to make the club.
                    -03-06-2008, 04:24 PM
                  • TheBritishRam
                    Bill Goldberg???
                    by TheBritishRam
                    Did anyonwe else know that in the 1990 draft the rams drafted Bill Goldberg a NT out of Georgia in the 11th round. (If you don't know Goldberg is a famous wrestler/less well-known actor)
                    -08-11-2006, 05:53 AM
                  • 39thebeast
                    by 39thebeast
                    First off great win

                    Our guards stink it seems like they get more of a negative push than a possitive one. Bell is pretty good in pass protection but gets zero push in the run game. Goldberg isn't particularly good at either. Are Hank Fraley and Grecco really that bad, because Goldberg needs to take a seat. The only logical reason for starting Goldberg IMO is line continuity but outside of that sit him down. Goaline and 3rd a short running plays are always getting blown up.
                    -11-28-2010, 06:41 PM
                  • RockinRam
                    John Greco vs. Adam Goldberg
                    by RockinRam
                    Let's discuss these two players, and who you feel is the overall better blocker of the two.

                    Greco was played a lot more this game, and if I remember correctly, he was lined up against Suh sometimes. He did a good job.

                    It seems like everytime he is in, our run game receives a little boost that is not there when Goldberg is in.

                    Greco also showed good effort in laying out one of the Lions D-lineman who was chasing Bradford.

                    Goldberg on the other hand, is an above average blocker. He can do everything pretty well, but he can't do anything spectacular. Him and Greco nullified Suh for the most part.

                    I would prefer Greco when healthy. I think he adds a bigger and more physical presence to the line.
                    -10-11-2010, 06:16 AM