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  • Travelling To Away Games?

    Hi, i'm looking ahead to next season (early i know). I'm planning on making my first trip to see the rams ( i live in the UK and my brother is a raiders fan) and was wondering weather there are many travelling fans as the matchup between these two would be played at oakland ?
    Anyway i was wondering how to go about buying tickets, through the rams or raiders?
    Also are fans kept apart from each other or is it just seated anywhere?

    Any other tips for going?

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  • bigredman
    Rams at Oakland Raiders Dec. 17 2006
    by bigredman
    Ok all you sissy Mary's. Do you have what it takes to see a Ram's game in the Coliseum? Bigredman and RamsFanTilIDie do, and we'll be wearing our colors. That's right. We the man, we the man! RamsFanTilIDie and I will be staying at the Hilton Pleasanton at the Club in Pleasanton, CA Saturday night, December 16th, (7050 Johnson Dr., Pleasanton, CA). We will be going to the game via Bay Area Rapid Transit train on Sunday, December 17th. We have tickets in Section 318, Row 13, seats 5 and 6 (around the 45 yard line, upper deck). Please PM me if you would like to party with us the night before the game in Pleasanton. We can also try and hook up with you on the morning of the game (exchange cell phone numbers). Come you have the gonads?
    -11-11-2006, 05:27 PM
  • blueeyedmonkey
    SF/Oakland Area fans?
    by blueeyedmonkey
    Hi all,

    I am a relatively new fan. I have a few close friends here in LA and spread wide across the landscape. A few of us are headed up to Oakland to go to this Sunday's game. Anyone else heading up there? We are hoping to find out which hotel they are staying at so we can meet their bus to show some support. Anyone have an idea of where they usually stay in the area?

    ~T :ram:
    -09-18-2010, 11:56 AM
  • ramsanddodgers
    Time to crack down on NFL hooligans
    by ramsanddodgers
    Once again NFL commissioner Roger Goodell seems intent on breaking with the head-in-the-sand approach of his predecessor, Paul Tagliabue.

    For years as drunkenness and violence escalated at NFL stadiums the league's policy was, uh, good luck with that.

    But on Thursday Goodell announced he will be issuing a fan conduct policy that will hopefully forestall the nuclear option of banning alcohol at NFL games. After all, of the many revenue streams in pro sports, can any possibly be as lucrative as the stream of domestic beer selling for $8 a cup?

    "We want everyone to be able to come to our stadiums, behave properly, enjoy this experience but don't ruin it for others," said Goodell. "We will be focusing on that, including the implementation of an NFL fan conduct policy which we will have out prior to the season."

    If Goodell's new policy holds franchises accountable for the conduct of their fans the way he will now hold them financially accountable for the behavior of their players you can bet teams will crack down in a meaningful way.

    Here's a taste of what Goodell might consider improper behavior. Or perhaps this. For more disturbing images of what Goodell might define as ruining it for others go to YouTube and plug in "Raiders Chargers fight."

    McAfee Coliseum in Oakland and Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego might as well be octagons for all the impromptu mixed martial arts that break out when the Bolts and Raiders throw down. But unconscionable fan behavior is not a recent development.

    In 1995, when unruly Giant fans pelted the field and knocked the opposing equipment manager unconscious with ice-balls, the league might have thought it had a problem.

    In 1997, when over 60 fistfights broke out at Veterans Stadium in a nationally televised game, prompting Philadelphia to assign a municipal court judge to the stadium on game days in '98, the league might have thought it had a problem.

    In 2000, when that Raider fan stabbed a Charger fan, the league might have thought it had a problem.

    In 2001, when Browns fans showered the field with plastic beer bottles, the league might have thought it had a problem.

    In 2003, when three Charger fans beat a Jaguar fan into unconsciousness, the league might have thought it had a problem.

    And on and on until Goodell inherited an almost league-wide problem.

    But until now the NFL was loathe to admit that it had a drunken fan epidemic. So while it may be overdue, give Goodell credit for trying to improve his product by finally acknowledging one of its shortcomings.

    Maybe Goodell decided to take action because of the collective effect of so much anti-social behavior. Or maybe it was the Mardi Gras North that broke out at Gate D in the Meadowlands last year where kids at Jets games...
    -05-26-2008, 10:38 PM
  • RamsInfiniti
    What is wrong with the fans?
    by RamsInfiniti
    I would assume that most of the posters on this board are truly diehard and would go to the game at whatever cost, if at all possible ...

    With that said ...

    What is wrong with the fans in St. Louis?

    1300 tickets still left? We are only 1 game into the season and the "fans" are giving up? I realize that for the majority of the third quarter and all of the first quarter, we play like horsecrap against the Panthers. Problem was, I saw fans leaving in the third quarter!!

    I don't live in St. Louis. I live way down in Alabama and I got a chance to finally come to the game last year against the *****. I was amazed at how QUIET the dome was. Where is the passion? Where is the fight?

    I don't understand how there could possibly still be tickets available! Nothing would stop me from going to the game, especially if I could get tickets for cheap. I wish I was able to drive to St. Louis this weekend, but it's just not possible ...

    WE NEED SOME NOISE IN THE DOME THIS WEEK! The morale is this team is seemingly low, and we need a 12th man. Come on!

    I might be the biggest homer ever, but I am sitting down, jumping around, screaming, and yelling at my TV every week, whether we are 6-2 or 1-7. I feel that I am a real fan, and I will support this team, every week, until I die. As a matter of fact, I haven't missed a single game in 6 years now, and sometimes it's hard to find a way to get them out of market. Now I have DirecTV, so I see em all, but I can't tell you how many crackshack bars I've been to in an effort to support my Rams ....

    REMEMBER!!! We were 4-1 last year and lost several in a row. It's still early, and we can turn this around just as well: I have no doubt we'll rebound against the ***** ...

    Rams 20, ***** 17 ...
    -09-12-2007, 08:26 AM
  • sschen33
    Rams fans going to Cincy?
    by sschen33
    Just wondering if anyone here was going to the game in Cincinnati in a few weeks. I know this year's been bad, but I'd still like to make it to a road game. The Bengals have been iffy this year, and it'd be nice to see the friends and family I have there for the holidays as well. Anyway, just looking to see if anyone else was thinking about going....It'd be nice to see where other Rams fans might be in the stadium. I haven't bought tickets yet, but I'd rather not be completely surrounded by orange and black.
    -11-26-2007, 03:57 PM