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St. Louis Rams are mulling options at quarterback

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  • St. Louis Rams are mulling options at quarterback


    FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. Visiting Florida for a meet-and-greet day during Super Bowl week, coach Steve Spagnuolo fielded several questions Friday by a small group of reporters about the Rams' quarterback situation.

    He provided few solid answers, other than to say he has a lot of respect for Marc Bulger, likes Michael Vick and realizes the Rams may have some quarterback options in the draft.

    Asked if Bulger fit in his plans, Spagnuolo replied, "In my mind, Marc always fits because I've got a lot of respect for him ... his intelligence, the way he plays, and his skills. Marc's a good man."

    As for Vick, "I've got a lot of respect for Michael as a player," Spagnuolo said. "Everything I've heard out of Philadelphia is kind of good. We haven't gone down that road in our process yet. I think he's a terrific player."

    Spagnuolo said he really didn't have a timetable for addressing the quarterback situation, but added, "That may direct itself depending on things that happen. And we know what we're all talking about."

    Namely, any possible trades for veteran NFL quarterbacks and the possibility of taking a quarterback in the draft.

    Although they probably would be a consideration only if the Rams traded down, some first-round options at quarterback are available, general manager Billy Devaney said.

    "Oh yeah, absolutely there are first-round guys," Devaney said. "I think there's a couple of them."

    Devaney also made the rounds at the Super Bowl media center Friday a few hours before Spagnuolo was on hand.

    On the topic of first-round quarterbacks, Devaney didn't name names. But the obvious possibilities are Sam Bradford of Oklahoma and Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame. Bradford is rehabbing from shoulder surgery and won't be able to throw at the NFL scouting combine later this month.

    There has been some speculation that Tampa Bay, with the No. 3 overall pick, might trade up with St. Louis to take Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. But Devaney said it's too early for trade talks.

    "Way too early," he said. "And free agency could impact that. We're not close to that point yet."

    If nothing else, Spagnuolo said he learned a lot about Bulger, Kyle Boller and Keith Null, all of whom started games in 2009.

    "I tell you what, good bad or indifferent, nobody wants to go through a season and play three quarterbacks," Spagnuolo said. "But the way I look at it is we know a lot about our three quarterbacks. Kyle is a free agent, but I think Kyle is a pretty good football player. We found out a lot about Keith Null, and we certainly know a lot about Marc. Now, unfortunately, he got hurt. ... We have some options at quarterback."

    On other matters:

    Spagnuolo said he has talked with "two or three" potential candidates for the Rams' wide receivers coaching job and will speak with one or two more candidates early next week before making a decision. Spagnuolo has not talked to former Rams great Isaac Bruce about the position but has talked to Sean Ryan, a quality control coach with the New York Giants who worked with Giants wideouts last season.

    Spagnuolo said he also has held "a series of interviews" for the vacant head athletic trainer and assistant athletic trainer jobs and may conduct one more interview next week before reaching a decision.

    On the offensive line, Spagnuolo said he doesn't have a problem with playing Jason Smith at left tackle next year, but it depends in part on what happens with Alex Barron in free agency. Barron is a restricted free agent in an uncapped year, but unrestricted if there's a salary cap. An uncapped year and restricted free agency probably increase Barron's chances of staying with the team.

    "We think we have some good, young offensive linemen," Spagnuolo said.

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    Re: St. Louis Rams are mulling options at quarterback

    Not to 'beat that dead horse' any more (can't be much left, lol) but I like Bulger better than Vick, Tebow, Bradford and McCoy all put together ... and I'm not really a fan of him (Bulger) either. C 'mon Billy, please take Suh.

    Just sayin'.
    If a team won their division seven straight times, that would be a NFL record. Now add on that team did it with seven different QB's in seven straight years,that record is unbeatable. To do that feat, you must of had a great Defense. Jack Youngblood was the captain of that defense.


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      Re: St. Louis Rams are mulling options at quarterback

      "We think we have some good, young offensive linemen," Spagnuolo said.
      Well .. they're young, can't argue that, but it remains to be seen how good they are .. other than Brown and Bell ..