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Rev. Ike to retire as a Ram?

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  • Rev. Ike to retire as a Ram?

    I've been trying to find a story or at least a snippet somewhere online, but one of the random FOX Sports Radio guys claimed that the Rams are intending to sign Isaac Bruce for a one day contract so he can retire as a Ram. Has anyone else heard/seen this yet?

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    Re: Rev. Ike to retire as a Ram?

    I've seen several comments that Brian Stull of 101.1 St. Louis said this on his radio show, but have not seen any confirmation.

    I'm going to add a question mark to your thread title as this is still speculation.
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      Re: Rev. Ike to retire as a Ram?

      It would be nice hated it to see in in a ***** uniform.


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        Re: Rev. Ike to retire as a Ram?

        I think the Rams are going to step up and make this happen,it would be the right thing to do.


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          Re: Rev. Ike to retire as a Ram?

          I hope so. I just wish they could do both he and Warner (I read teams can only do one player a year for those one day contract things).

          Something else I think they should do is retire #80 with both Bruce and Ellard on the nameplate. I think before they retired Faulk's jersey, they asked Bruce something like "Do you think they should retire #80" and Bruce said something like "Yes, Ellard really deserves it."


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            I just heard this through a friend working with the Score sports network. Apparently Issac Bruce will be signing a 1 day contract with the Rams to retire as one of the greatest to ever wear the horns.

            If anyone finds an online source for this feel free to post it. I for one will be very happy and thankful if this happens. I love my Bruce replica Jersey it hangs on the wall in my bedroom. This guy is one of my favorite players of all time!

            Thanks for the memories Bruce.
            -05-18-2010, 06:14 PM
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